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Hilaria Baldwin Is About to Have Her 4th Child in 4 Years and Does It So Well!

Hilaria Baldwin is nearing the end of her fourth pregnancy in four years.

The supermama and celebrity yoga instructor gave People Magazine an exclusive interview which also included a  maternity shoot featuring her three children:  4-year old Carmen, 2-year old Rafael, 19-month old Leonardo.

In the interview, Baldwin, whose husband is actor-director Alec Baldwin, shares what has enabled her to balance so many little kids, her work and busy life.

“We make it fun. We don’t have an agenda,” the 34-year old revealed. “The moment when I try to make my kids line up, which I will try sometimes, it never works out. Just playing, capturing them in their element. It’s more about creating a relaxed environment.”

She talked about nesting and recycling and upcycling.

 “It’s my third boy in less than three years so there wasn’t a lot to do,” she said. “Hand-me-downs from my other children. I’m recycling the crib from before so it was a very easy thing.”

Good stuff

Read more about her the interview and see more photos inside PEOPLE!

photos: courtesy Eroula Dimitriou for PEOPLE

Hilaria Baldwin Celebrates Third Trimester With a Bikini Lingerie Selfie

To celebrate entering her third trimester Hilaria Baldwin took to her social media and gave her followers a bump update. And 4-year-old daughter Carmen helped mark the occasion adorning her mother with some stickers.

The creative kiddo is seen in the picture placing heart-shaped stickers in fun colors and patterns along Hilaria’s bump while the expectant mama is taking a mirror selfie wearing just a black bra and underwear.

“Hello, 3rd trimester! Carmen is decorating her baby brother.” Hilaria says. “Every single time I do this, I can’t believe the elasticity of the human body.” She goes on to admit, “It’s hard, and I get tired (especially with three on the outside), but I feel so lucky to have experienced this in my life. I always tell people that their bodies are capable of so much-and given the right care and fuel, you can really feel good and strong from the inside out.”

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Daphne Oz and Hilaria Baldwin share Healthy Eating Tips on Dr. Oz

Two of our Bellyitch alums were featured on The Dr. Oz Show this week talking healthy eating and snacking.

The Chew co-host alum Daphne Oz and celebrity yoga instructor and author  Hilaria Baldwin shares tips and suggestions and recipes. Daphne is expecting her third child with husband JohnJovanovic.

On the show which took place this Wednesday, September 2y, Baldwin discussed how she switched up the family diet to accommodate her husband Alec Baldwin’s “Pre-Diabetes” diagnosis.

I live in a family of pre-Diabetic so I could relate. Watch:

Also, I’ve been a fan of Mediterranean snacking on dried fruit, nuts, figs, seeds and grains lately so I’m definitely going to be making the healthy almond butter snacks that Daphne, whose written several best-selling cook books, featured on this week’s show!

Catch the video clips on the show’s YouTube channel or show channel here!


Hilaria Baldwin gives Birth, Shows Postpartum Belly 24 Hours Later

hilaria baldwin

Congratulations to Hilaria and Alec Baldwin on the birth of their third child, a son, the couple named Leonardo.

As the professional yoga instructor did after giving birth to her other children, she shared a mirror selfie of her post-delivery bump, after just 24 house after welcoming her newborn.

“I took this yesterday when Leonardo was about 24 hours old,” Hilaria, who is married to Alec Baldwin, wrote alongside the snap. “I did the same thing right after Rafael was born. It always makes me a bit nervous to do something like this, but I feel that in the age of such strong body shaming, I want to do all that I can to normalize a real body and promote healthy self esteem.”

I took this yesterday when Leonardo was about 24 hours old. I did the same thing right after Rafael was born. It always makes me a bit nervous to do something like this, but I feel that in the age of such strong body shaming, I want to do all that I can to normalize a real body and promote healthy self esteem. Many of you know that I love to show the process of life’s experiences on the body and I am a firm believer in how a good diet and the right balance of exercise make us happy, healthy, and strong. So from here on, I want to dedicate the majority of my #366daysoflivingclearly #hilarialcm daily posts to getting back in shape and I invite you to do it with me ❤️??. Common questions last time were: Did I have a c section?: No, I pushed him out Where are all the pads for bleeding?: I took them out briefly to snap this pic as there is a limit to how much you need to see ?. Where am I?: in the hospital room bathroom #glamour Oh, and no filter. Just brightened it up a bit.

A photo posted by Hilaria Thomas Baldwin (@hilariabaldwin) on

She continued:

“Many of you know that I love to show the process of life’s experiences on the body and I am a firm believer in how a good diet and the right balance of exercise make us happy, healthy and strong,” Baldwin added. “So from here on, I want to dedicate the majority of my #366daysoflivingclearly #hilarialcm daily posts to getting back in shape and I invite you to do it with me.”

It’s all in the vein of keeping it real and being authentic and showing the other side of the glossy post-baby magazines! Bravo!

Hilaria Baldwin Covers Fit Pregnancy

fit pregnancy hilaria

Third-time mom-to-be Hilaria Baldwin covers Fit Pregnancy magazine’s August issue.

Inside the covers of the magazine, the celebrity fitness trainer and yoga instructor poses with her two children with veteran actor, 1-year old Rafael Thomas and almost 3-year old Carmen Gabriela.

hilaria bfit pregnancy 1

Baldwin revealed the cover on her Instagram page this week, Thursday, July 14.

“I’m so excited to share the August cover of @fitpregnancy with you! There’s nothing better than bringing my two (soon to be three!) babies to work with me.” she captioned the photo. “I hope you enjoy this look into my crazy life and some pregnancy, fitness and parenting tips. As always, I’m so grateful to you all for joining me on this journey #366daysoflivingclearly #HilariaLCM”

Among the various topics covered in the inside story, Hilaria talks about not having her body to herself due to back to back pregnancies she and Alec planned because he was advanced age 58. She was in her late 20s when they married.

“Between three pregnancies and breastfeeding, I’ve not had my body to myself in years” the Instagram star revealed. “It’s easy to find that overwhelming. But as much as pregnancy brings aches, pains, sleeplessness, and all kinds of very uncomfortable things, there’s something so special about the fact that you can create life. I look at Carmen, and I think, ‘I made you.’ I mean, my husband had something to do with it too, but the incubation, the growing, the delivery—that’s my job, and it’s incredible.”

Very cool! On news stands now!

Let Hilaria Baldwin Show you How to Exercise Whilst Preggers or With a Brand New Baby

the baldwims
If you are expecting, just having a baby or balancing a few tiny ones and wondering how you can sneak in some exercise, you should certainly follow Hilaria Baldwin on Instagram. She uses her feed to share adorable photos of her children, snippets of her cool life and lots of quick exercise videos.

The celebrity fitness instructor, who is famously married to actor Alec Baldwin, is also great about deflecting and ignoring all of the “hate comments” she gets periodically.

I love what she wrote recently in response to one commenter:

” …Lets begin with your words: “shameless” “perfectly puckered” “pretend to be perfect” “not real”. I am sorry I don’t have any “warts” now, as you told me if I showed them I’d be “cooler”…I have never done a cosmetic procedure and I rarely wear makeup. So what is wrong with my pictures? I am just me. I take pics in all sorts of places….At the laundromat, right before bed, exercising, tired, pregnant, makeup free… I took pics throughout my pregnancy with Rafa and a day after he was born. No filter, no retouching…because I want to show real. And here I am playing with my little girl–no makeup other than a little mascara. I was having a perfectly fun, innocent time. Can’t we all just support each other? We may never meet and you can have any opinion of me you want, but I find that when we project negativity, we miss out. I know I open myself up to all sorts of body shaming when I post like this. So why do I do it? Because I WANT TO BE REAL. These are REAL moments of my life, and regardless of how I look, I am allowed to share them. I don’t want to change myself in order to try to please others. Then I would not be me. I have accepted myself with all my imperfections and weird eccentricities. And I am enjoying my life–which is ultimately what it’s all about, no?”

Amen, sister!

And now, here is a few of our favorite shares from her:




Workin out with all three of my babies!!! A few push-up secrets and tips: 1. You don’t have to lower very far to get benefits. You just have to make sure that your arms stay engaged and activated. I can’t lower very far at this point in my pregnancy and I still stay strong from these mini push-ups. 2. There is no shame in dropping your knees down. Most people who do full push-ups do them incorrectly, so check your ego at the door and use your knees for support. 3. Keep your core engaged! No back arching. 4. Have fun! This isn’t torture and when you see results, it’s like your birthday every day ??! 3 sets of 10! #366DaysOfLivingClearly #HilariaLCM Oh and ps…I’m heading out to an event…hence the getup ?? A video posted by Hilaria Thomas Baldwin (@hilariabaldwin) on




Get Hilaria Baldwin’s Isabella Oliver T-Shirt Maternity Dress

Mom-to-be yoga instructor and celebrity trainer Hilaria Baldwin loves Isabella Oliver. The gorgeous mom to 1 1/2 year old daughter Carmen Gabriela with husband actor Alec Baldwin. She’s been seen sporting the comfy yet stylish brand of maternity dresses at red carpet events, while out and about and other occasions. It’s a much loved brand of Bellyitch as well.

You can cop this elegant and forgiving Ruched T-Shirt Maternity dress for $159 and can wear it in a more formal setting as Hilaria is seen wearing at a March 10 charity event, the 6th Annual Bent On Learning Inspire! Gala at Capitale in New York City.

Check back in on this post later because I am going to see if I can score my readers a discount on this dress.

photo: Getty

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Hilaria Baldwin shares Pre-Natal Yoga tips on TODAY

If you didn’t know, YOGA and PILATES have a beef going on. Yup, you’re either a Yoga person or a Pilates person and if you’re in a class with a distinguishing instructor, you may hear a slam against yoga in a pilates class, and vice versa.
I’m a Pilates person, but I was delighted to see second time mom-to-be and past Bellyitch interview subject Hilaria Baldwin drop in to chat with TODAY‘s Hoda and Kathie Lee recently. The celebrity yoga instructor and personal trainer talked a bit about her family, hubby Alec Baldwin and pregnancy. She also shared some boss yoga tips for moms-to-be who want to stay fit but maybe cannot get to a gym. 

Check it:

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Hilaria Baldwin shows you how to have a stretch mark free pregnancy

We’ve been down this road before, but… another super svelte celebrity pregnant woman with a tiny bump has decide to take a photo of herself in her underwear.
This time it’s Hilaria Baldwin, yoga instructor and wife to actor Alec Baldwin  since 2012. The couple are parents to Carmen Gabriela, born August 2013. 

In a recent photo the fitness professional shared with her fans and followers in Instagram, she wrote:

“#HilariaHealthy2015 skin care…I have been nervous to post anything like this because I hate receiving negative opinions…However, so many of you ask me about my skin and staying stretch mark free during pregnancy…I think it may be worth putting myself out there.”
She added, “So I LOVE creams…I have shown you a few here that arein a wide price range so it will appeal to as many as possible on different budgets….Let me say that the most important trick to good skin is diet (some genetics too), but staying hydrated inside and out is extremely important…I moisturize daily (multiple times a day while pregnant), wash my face morning and night, exfoliate in the shower, but mostly try to drink tons of water and eat clean.”
I am very happy that she added the disclaimer about genetics. For example, my mother had four kids and never developed any at all, partially because she has excellent elastic skin. All three of her daughters (including me) got stretch marks during their respective pregnancies, despite adhering to rigorous usage of various balms and creams all claiming to help you avoid stretch marks.
And although she posted this image to show off the effect of moisturizing, clean eating and plenty water and their role in a stretch-mark free pregnancy, I’m certain some attention will be paid to how tiny she is. Most women pack on pounds when pregnant and definitely do not look so contained. But then again, many do not perform yoga all pregnancy neither adhere to her healthy diet and exercise routine either. 

Still…we’ve been down this road before—> SEE HERE!

Anyway, do you have any opinions on any of this?

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Hilaria and Alec Baldwin Are Expecting 4th Child in 4 Years

Alec Baldwin and Hilaria Baldwin announced today that they are expecting their 4th child in 4 years.

The yoga instructor shared the news on her Instagram page today.

“Our Baldwinitos are getting a new teammate this spring,” she captioned a photo of the entire family on the floor with some of her children hugging and kissing her belly. “I’m gonna make them a special cake to tell them if it’s a boy or a girl…I’ll post it tomorrow midday. We are so excited!”

The new baby will be welcomed by siblings 4-year old Carmen, 2-year old Rafael, 2 and 13-month old Leonardo. Hmmm. We’re seeing a pattern here with names akin to famous paintings.

Baldwin is also dad to 22-year-old daughter, model, Ireland, whom he shares with his first wife, Kim Basinger.

Photos: Instagram