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STUDY: Pregnancy is No Reason To Delay Cancer Treatment



Pregnant women who are diagnosed with cancer do not need to delay treatment or end their pregnancy, a new study found.

The study included 129 children in Europe whose mothers were diagnosed with cancer during pregnancy, as well as a control group of 129 children born to women without cancer. The children’s physical and mental health were assessed when they were 18 months and 3 years of age.

Among the children whose mothers were diagnosed with cancer during pregnancy, 69 percent were exposed to chemotherapy before birth, about 3 percent to radiation therapy and 5.4 percent to both chemotherapy and radiation. A small number were exposed to trastuzumab (Herceptin) or interferon (less than 1 percent each), while about 10 percent were exposed to surgery alone.

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SRC’s Medical Grade Compression Leggings Supports, Eases leg & Back Pain (WIN A PAIR $199)

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Achy hips, poor circulation in the legs, back pain when walking or even rolling over in bed. All of these aches and pains are common symptoms of pregnancy.

Scientists have figured out that there is a pregnancy hormone called Relaxin that your body releases which loosens the joints and muscles. It doesn’t do this for no reason. It is nature’s way of preparing your body for birth.

Obstetrician and other doctors recommend support undergarments with compression technology.

Australia-based SRC Recovery makes pregnancy compression shorts and leggings just for this problem.

Both are made with breathable fabric that help keep moisture away from the skin. They are uniquely designed for pregnant women and have a fabric panel to support under the bump, the pelvic floor, the lower back and legs.

All of SRC Recovery’s products are made from patented medical grade compression to provide support and increase circulation to the muscles.

They ease pregnancy-related pain and keep you more mobile. In case you are still staying active during your pregnancy, wearing these leggings makes exercising more comfortable

src pregnancy leggings

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