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5 Ways to Hide A Pregnancy Before you’re Ready to Announce the News

By now, most people know to conceal an rely pregnancy until the 12th week when the likelihood of miscarriages goes down significantly!

There are different ways to hide a bump by wearing A-line clothing, sheath dresses, baggy sweaters and maxi tops and dresses. 

But there are other tell-tale signs that are even harder to hide like hurling! Doh!

Here are 5 tips for hiding a pregnancy:

1. Hiding morning sickness. You may have one challenge to not be caught by a co-worker throwing up in the bathroom. If you work in a multi-level office environment, use the bathroom on another floor. Chances are the people from those other floors won’t know who you are or won’t recognize the shoes to the woman losing her lunch in the stall next door. 

2. Shielding alcohol avoidance. You may be known to NOT skip a drink offer. So if it would be uncharacteristic of you to say no to booze, take the glass when offered and pretend to sip it. Then replace the liquid with alcohol-free version when no one is looking. If it’s white wine, replace it with apple juice if convenient. If it’s pure vodka, water works. If it’s rum and coke, get just the coke.

3. Covering up the Early Pregnancy Look. There is a certain look that women who are suffering from morning sickness get: glazed eye, red nose, puffy cheeks are indications of vomiting and dealing with nausea. It’ll be hard, but just try. Also, don’t look too dumpy because that is a dead give-away that something is up. Keep your hair coiffed and keep wearing make up even if you’re feeling queezie and not up to it. If you have to heave, reapply your make up so you don’t look so green coming out of the restroom.

4. Disguising the hand on the tummy posture. You may feel the uncanny urge to rest your hand on your tummy. It’s an unexplainable phenomenon. Try to be conscious where your hands are and make an effort to keep them at your hips or another natural place OTHER than resting on your tummy…LIKE A PREGNANT WOMAN! A couple of years ago, when Mariah Carey was pregnant and before suffering her miscarriage, many outlets, including this blog, reported that she MUST have been pregnant based on that photograph alone! (see right)

5. Dressing to Hide a growing bump. Finally, dress in chunky but hip sweaters or A-line or empire waist tops or dresses to take the focus away from your tummy. Keep it fresh and trendy so it appears that you are wearing those tummy hiding outfits for style, not for the convenience of hiding a pregnancy you don’t want someone to know about.

Good luck!

STUDY: Excessive weight gain During Pregnancy Could Lead to Lifelong Obesity

Gaining excessive weight during pregnancy can lead to obesity issues throughout life for women who are already at risk, according to a new study.

Researchers found that putting on too much weight while pregnant can cause excess body fat and pounds that remain, as reported by AJMC.

Columbia University researchers evaluated about 300 women, all of whom were African-American or Dominican, between the years of 1998 and 2013. The study group was at risk of becoming obese due to socioeconomic factors and unhealthy dietary patterns, according to the authors.

The participants had an average body mass index (BMI) of 25.6 prior to being pregnant, just slightly above the Centers for Disease and Control Prevention guidelines for being overweight. Five percent of participants were underweight, 53 percent were at a healthy weight, 20 percent were overweight, and 22 percent were obese.

The study suggests that 64 percent of these women put on more weight than the 15 to 20 pounds recommended by health officials. The women were then monitored for seven years after giving birth.

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13 Classic Pregnancy Comfort Foods

13 comfort foods bellyitchblog.com

When you’re pregnant, you get so much advice about what to eat, how to exercise and what to do to stay healthy, but sometimes, you just want to vege and chill out and engage in some good old comfort foods. You’re back is achy, your ankles are swollen, your face has broken out, you have heartburn and your sciatica is acting up and you might just want to forget it all and indulge in some comfort treats.

Here are 13 classic pregnancy comfort foods to whip up on those days you just want to let go and enjoy a hearty meal or snack.

Check out Classic Pregnancy Comfort Foods

by Brie Brie Blooms at Mode

The Reason Why Doctors Downplay Female Patients’ Pain in the ER

Because women survive the pain of childbirth, generally, doctors and emergency room triage health professionals perceive all women of having a higher threshold for pain, a recent piece in The Atlantic relays.

Sheesh… That’s got to suck more for those women who don’t even have child.

In the Atlantic article, writer Joe Hassler how his wife was treated during a recent health emergency.

His anecdotal story is backed by research.

Hassler writes:

“Female pain might be perceived as constructed or exaggerated”: We saw this from the moment we entered the hospital, as the staff downplayed Rachel’s pain, even plain ignored it. In her essay, Jamison refers back to “The Girl Who Cried Pain,” a study identifying ways gender bias tends to play out in clinical pain management. Women are “more likely to be treated less aggressively in their initial encounters with the health-care system until they ‘prove that they are as sick as male patients,’” the study concludes—a phenomenon referred to in the medical community as “Yentl Syndrome.”

Aaah Sexism!

The entire piece is a good read, albeit lengthy, it’s still worthwhile.

Read it HERE!

These are the Healthy Fats You Should Be Eating While Nursing


When you are breastfeeding, you are told all the things you shouldn’t eat. Common wisdom says the milk you produce will be reflected from your diet which could then impact your newborn’s digestion. It is said nursing women should avoid gassy foods, for example.

But what about the foods you should be eating?

Breastfeeding is a great way to also burn off calories and unpeel some pregnancy weight gain. And while you’re doing it, there are some healthy fats you should eat. What a great gift from nature, huh?

Check out Boost Baby's Brain Power: Healthy Fats to Eat While Nursing

by Tend Editor at Mode

STUDY: High Blood Sugar in Pregnancy leads to Heart Defects in Baby

Pregnant women with high blood-sugar levels – even if it is below the cutoff for diabetes – are more likely to have babies with congenital heart defects, says a new study.

“We already knew that women with diabetes were at significantly increased risk for having children with congenital heart disease,” said the study’s lead author James Priest, postdoctoral scholar in pediatric cardiology at Stanford University School of Medicine in California, US.

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SURVEY: What Pregnant Women Really Eat (INFOGRAPHIC)

what pregnant women really eat survey

Eighty Percent of Women Admit to Taking Chances with Risky Foods;

Sixty Three Percent Are Not Meeting Daily Recommendations for Fruits and Vegetables

American Baby revealed last month exclusive results from a recent survey on the eating habits and preferences of pregnant women.  The findings from the survey, which polled more than 2,300 pregnant and new moms, are featured in a special report, “What Pregnant Women Really Eat,” in the October 2015 issue of American Baby and online a tamericanbaby.com/pregnancy-nutrition.

Almost all moms polled, 70 percent, said they started eating healthier when they became pregnant, however 63 percent are not eating the recommended 5 to 9 daily servings of fruits and vegetables. A shocking 12 percent eat one or fewer servings a day. Many are restricted by extreme food aversions due to pregnancy.

“Time constraints, aversions, and convenience are the top reasons moms-to-be are missing out on beneficial nutrition,” said Mindy Walker, Executive Editor, American Baby. “There is some good news though: 92 percent say no to alcohol, 77 percent are eating breakfast every day, and 84 percent are following the recommended guidelines for caffeine, all of which are critical to a healthy pregnancy.”

Cravings were common among the survey respondents. Eighty four percent reach for foods like ice cream, chips, pretzels, chocolates, cookies, and candy. While these indulgences are common, a staggering 8 in 10 women also admitted to taking chances with risky foods. The study found that 48 percent have eaten cold deli meats, 32 percent have had undercooked eggs, meat or fish, 20 percent have had premade deli salads, and 7 percent have eaten unpasteurized cheese. All of these are considered off-limits because they may contain listeria, which can lead to complications during pregnancy.

“Pregnant women often aren’t given the tools they need to make smarter decisions,” says registered dietitian nutritionist Jennifer McDaniel, R.D.N., a spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. “If they aren’t told the reason behind a nutrition recommendation, the message gets lost or ignored because they don’t know why it’s important.”

The survey also revealed that 61 percent of moms are concerned about weight gain during pregnancy and over one third started their pregnancy obese or overweight. Surprisingly, of those moms who were overweight, an astonishing 87 percent said their physicians expressed no concern about it, shocking given that a high body mass index increases a mom’s risk for gestational diabetes, high blood pressure, and delivery by C-section.

Methodology / Respondent Profile

The What Pregnant Women Really Eat Survey was conducted online April 14 – May 12, 2015 among 2,339 U.S. women who were expecting or has a baby one year of age or younger.  Qualified respondents were recruited through a variety of channels including Meredith’s magazine reader panels, websites, e-newsletters, and social media accounts.


American Baby, along with Parents, FamilyFun and Ser Padres, makes up The Meredith Parents Network portfolio of parenthood brands. American Baby celebrates the thrill of “I’m having a baby!” with millions of young women and helps them make the life-changing leap into motherhood confidently. From decoding prenatal kicks to encouraging first words, American Baby surrounds readers with easy how-tos and friendly support so they can achieve their goal: a healthy pregnancy and a happy baby. We also show readers how to nurture themselves as women in their new role as a mom. With informative features, inspiring reads, and irresistibly cute gear, American Baby delivers!


The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics is the world’s largest organization of food and nutrition professionals. The Academy is committed to improving the nation’s health and advancing the profession of dietetics through research, education and advocacy. Visit the Academy atwww.eatright.org.

This infographic summarizes the findings:

what pregnant women really eat


STUDY: Pregnancy is No Reason To Delay Cancer Treatment



Pregnant women who are diagnosed with cancer do not need to delay treatment or end their pregnancy, a new study found.

The study included 129 children in Europe whose mothers were diagnosed with cancer during pregnancy, as well as a control group of 129 children born to women without cancer. The children’s physical and mental health were assessed when they were 18 months and 3 years of age.

Among the children whose mothers were diagnosed with cancer during pregnancy, 69 percent were exposed to chemotherapy before birth, about 3 percent to radiation therapy and 5.4 percent to both chemotherapy and radiation. A small number were exposed to trastuzumab (Herceptin) or interferon (less than 1 percent each), while about 10 percent were exposed to surgery alone.

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SRC’s Medical Grade Compression Leggings Supports, Eases leg & Back Pain (WIN A PAIR $199)

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src pregnancy leggings

Achy hips, poor circulation in the legs, back pain when walking or even rolling over in bed. All of these aches and pains are common symptoms of pregnancy.

Scientists have figured out that there is a pregnancy hormone called Relaxin that your body releases which loosens the joints and muscles. It doesn’t do this for no reason. It is nature’s way of preparing your body for birth.

Obstetrician and other doctors recommend support undergarments with compression technology.

Australia-based SRC Recovery makes pregnancy compression shorts and leggings just for this problem.

Both are made with breathable fabric that help keep moisture away from the skin. They are uniquely designed for pregnant women and have a fabric panel to support under the bump, the pelvic floor, the lower back and legs.

All of SRC Recovery’s products are made from patented medical grade compression to provide support and increase circulation to the muscles.

They ease pregnancy-related pain and keep you more mobile. In case you are still staying active during your pregnancy, wearing these leggings makes exercising more comfortable

src pregnancy leggings

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Contest open worldwide! I mean not just limited to the US and Canada as other contests! Woot!  There are many ways to enter and some each day!

SRC Pregnancy Leggins