Chrissy Teigen and 5 Other Women Who Love Their New Curves from Pregnancy (5 ESSAYS)

chrissy teigen

Model Chrissy Teigen is loving the new curves she is developing while pregnant and she is being vocal about it. The FABLife TV host is also sharing regular bump progression photos in social media with her fans and followers. Most of the feedback is positive.

“Hello new thighs!” Teigen wrote in the comment section to the above photo shared recently.  “You appeared out of nowhere but I am not mad at it!”

It’s wonderful to read about her embracing her new body because many women dislike their pregnant bodies and never adjust to the new curves, sagging and extra weight that become permanent.

Jillian Michael infamously told Women’s Health Magazine in 2010 that after working so hard to lose tremendous amount of weight, she didn’t want a baby to “ruin it”. There are others out there who are fearful of pregnancy because of the changes.

But not all are, I managed to find five women who wrote amazing and powerful first person narratives this year and recently about their respective evolution to love their postpartum Body. Check them out:

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Mommy Nearest Why I Love My Body More After Having Kids

Pausivity – My Post-Baby Body: Add curves, fat, stretch marks… AND LOVE

Off Beat Home Being pregnant is changing my body and I LOVE IT

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