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Eco-Friday: 4 Things you Can ReUse While Pregnant

 Reusing items is one way to “go green,” since doing so produces less waste and ultimately means less resources are used to manufacture new items. Here are a few items you can reuse during pregnancy to reduce your – and your baby’s! – carbon footprint.
1. Reusable water bottle – It’s vitally important to stay hydrated during pregnancy! Instead of buying bottled water, invest in a high quality and eco-friendly reusable water bottle so you can fill up at home and keep water with you while you’re on the go.
2. Food storage containers – During pregnancy, it’s important to keep a light snack with you while you’re out and about in case hunger strikes. Be sure to keep your snacks in reusable food containers rather than disposable plastic bags.
3. Maternity clothes – If you don’t already have maternity clothes from a past pregnancy to reuse, consider finding what you need at a thrift store, garage sale or consignment store. You might even have a no-longer-pregnant friend with some maternity clothing to get rid of.
4. Items for baby – Since you’ll be doing plenty of shopping for baby now, during your pregnancy, start thinking about how you get your baby off to a eco-friendly start in life. Cloth diapers are reusable – you can even use them for more than one child! Some cloth diapering moms also use reusable cloth wipes for clean up at changing time. You can also reuse toys, clothes and larger items like cribs and play yards. You might have these items still on and from when older children were little, but even if this is your first baby or if you got rid of those items before, you can still reuse by shopping at thrift stores, consignment shops, garage sales and looking out for general freebies. Family members and friends might also have items they’d like to unload.

As you can see, there are many ways to make use of reusable items during your pregnancy. Many cities even have entire consignment shops dedicated to items and clothes for pregnant moms and babies, so you can be green even without having to search and search through thrift store racks and garage store piles to find what you need – unless that’s something you enjoy, of course!

STUDY: Pregnancy is the Most Traumatic Thing the Human Body Endures


File this also in the category, “No, Sherlock”

Pregnancy is the most traumatic condition the human body endures, a new Michigan University report states.

It’s harder than running a marathon even, according to the study which compared a post partum body’s recovery to an injured athletes’s recovery.

The researchers used MRI equipment that is usually used for sports industries and examined the full scope of trauma that a woman’s body experiences during childbirth.

Those images from their observations showed that close to 25% of women had fluid in the public bone marrow or fractures similar to those athlete often suffer. The results revealed that 41% of women had pelvic muscle tears.

These tears explain why your body takes longer than the typical and traditional 6 weeks recognized as the average recovery period.

“We have this thing where we tell women, ‘Well, you’re six weeks postpartum and now we don’t need to see you—you’ll be fine.’ But not all women feel fine after six weeks nor are ready to go back to work, and they aren’t crazy,”  University of Michigan School of Nursing associate professor Janis Miller told Mom.me, “Women with pelvic injuries often feel like something isn’t right, but they don’t understand why and can’t get answers from physicians.”

Such injuries can lead to bladder issues and organ prolapse. And no amount of Kegel exercises can fix that.

There are lessons in these findings for doctors and women. Physicians should not use a cookie-cutter approach when accessing post partum recovery and giving women the all-clear to return to pre-pregnancy activities; and new moms too should be aware they need more time to heal and not beat themselves or rush it.

h/t Mom.me

Continue reading more about recovery in HuffPost Parents UK.


Fun Pregnancy Facts & Stats You Never Knew (INFOGRAPHIC)

It’s December! Are you ready to get pregnant? No, seriously.

Did you know the last month of the year is also the most popular month to become pregnant?

Want to learn more?

Prenatal diagnostics company Ariosa Diagnostics, maker of the Harmony Test, put together an infographic with more trivia: Pregnancy by the Numbers.

It includes facts and stats about pregnancy for expecting moms – everything from average weight gain and morning sickness, to epidurals and c-sections, the most popular times to give birth (hint: think nine months from now. )

Check it out:   

A Pregnant Woman’s Guide to Surviving Thanksgiving without Knocking Someone Out


So you’re heading to your cousin’s home upstate for Thanksgiving this year and as much fun as the season is for reconnecting and reuniting with family, it’s also known for being tense, sometimes. You may experience old grudges barely buried rise from the dead for discussion again at the dinner table. Nosy meddling elders will ask a bunch of inappropriate questions. You’ll get tons of unsolicited advice on names, parenting tips, and a bunch of do’s and don’ts.

Being pregnant and having extra hormones, a shorter fused and less patience and one snide remark about how wide your butt has gotten could send you over the edge. Woooosah! You can survive it all with these few tips:

  • Practice your Fake Smile now that you conjure up to prepare yourself for the onslaught of well-meaning, albeit personally invasive questions. (Are you sure you’re not having twins? So you’re sticking with that name, huh? Are you done or are you gonna try for one more? You look like you’ve gained a lot; maybe you shouldn’t eat that?)
  • Carry one of those small stress ball that you can squeeze to ease the tension when inevitably someone thinks its funny to compare your belly to the Butterball . You don’t want to knock anybody out and ruin Thanksgiving.
  • Wear something light. In fact, layer. A maternity tank, under a shirt, under a light sweater should do so you can unpeel as you get warm. The homeowner probably had the oven on all day cooking and baking.  A big belly and sweaty under breasts are not a good combination. Save the cute sweater dress for Christmas tree shopping.


  • 4. Go easy on the sugary foods. If you haven’t already had your gestational diabetes test yet, you’re gonna want to skip the sweet potato pie and the apple pie… and the pumpkin pie. Having to prick your finger three times a day  all because you lost your mind and went and elevated your sugar 1000 percent is not the business. No ma’am.
  • Take any offer of someone who gets up so you can have a comfy seat. That may be the last time you see your obnoxious cousin exercise good manners. Besides, pregnancy is for maximizing in and all empathy perks you can get.
  •  As for footwear, you’re going to want to skip the heels and go with some ballet flats, boots or low wedges. Your center of gravity is off with your growing belly. Sky high heels+ a plate of food +a preggers woman = an accident waiting to happen.

You’re going to get a lot of unsolicited advice, a couple of jabs and maybe a tacky joke or two coming at you and it may get overwhelming. Go in getting ready to hear it all but don’t take it personal, they only mean well. You can pick friends, but you can’t pick family.


photo: Starcast

Chrissy Teigen and 5 Other Women Who Love Their New Curves from Pregnancy (5 ESSAYS)

chrissy teigen

Model Chrissy Teigen is loving the new curves she is developing while pregnant and she is being vocal about it. The FABLife TV host is also sharing regular bump progression photos in social media with her fans and followers. Most of the feedback is positive.

“Hello new thighs!” Teigen wrote in the comment section to the above photo shared recently.  “You appeared out of nowhere but I am not mad at it!”

It’s wonderful to read about her embracing her new body because many women dislike their pregnant bodies and never adjust to the new curves, sagging and extra weight that become permanent.

Jillian Michael infamously told Women’s Health Magazine in 2010 that after working so hard to lose tremendous amount of weight, she didn’t want a baby to “ruin it”. There are others out there who are fearful of pregnancy because of the changes.

But not all are, I managed to find five women who wrote amazing and powerful first person narratives this year and recently about their respective evolution to love their postpartum Body. Check them out:

Parenting – How I Learned to Love My Postpartum Body 

Emma’s Mama Blog – Why I love my post pregnancy body

Mommy Nearest Why I Love My Body More After Having Kids

Pausivity – My Post-Baby Body: Add curves, fat, stretch marks… AND LOVE

Off Beat Home Being pregnant is changing my body and I LOVE IT

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Post-Pregnancy Bounce Back: Do These 2 Full Body Post Natal Workouts At Home

get your body back bellyitchblog.com

Getting back into shape after having a baby can be a challenge but it doesn’t have to be. I think the hardest thing is starting. With new parenting responsibilities and fatigue from lack of sleep, many new moms struggle to find time to even work out and to go to the gym.  Having an in-home routine you can do when you  first wake up or perhaps after dinner or an hour before bedtime, perhaps  while watching TV may do the trick.

But everything takes time.

“I believe that embracing your current shape while working towards a more toned one is the best approach, especially if you want to stay motivated and engaged with an exercise and eating plan.” says Samantha Clayton Senior Director of Fitness Education at Herbalife.

Clayton, who is also a mom herself,  offers two basic workouts will help you to kick start working towards having a more toned, strong and healthier physique all around.

Setting a realistic goal and time frame will help you avoid feelings of failure and allow you to actually enjoy the body changing process, Clayton advises.

herbalife clayton

  1. FULL CORE ROUTINE – Follow these 5 moves to strengthen your entire core

Time: 20 Minutes

Equipment: Exercise Mat or Comfortable area on the floor

Start the workout with 15-20 perfect form CRUNCHES. Begin by lying face up on the floor with your knees bent. Contract your abs to curl your shoulders towards the pelvis, keeping your hands behind or beside the neck or crossed over your chest. Be conscience to use your abs and not your head to lift your shoulders off the floor, hold for a second then return to starting position.

Next, 30 seconds of BICYCLE AB CRUNCHES. Remaining on the floor, stretch your legs out straight and place your hands behind your head. Raise your legs one at a time so that your thighs are perpendicular to the ground, and your calves are parallel to the ground, but keeping your feet together. Contract your abdominal muscles alternate bending your right leg and straightening your left similar to the motion you’d make while pedaling a bicycle. Use your abdominal muscles to crunch your body forward so that your elbow can reach your knee.

Moving on to a 45-60 second SIDE PLANK. Place your hand on the floor under you and straighten your supporting arm, raising the top half of your body off the ground. You can raise the other arm straight over you or let it rest on your side to help with balance. Keep your legs straight, letting the lower half of your body rest on the side of your bottom foot. Repeat on the other side for another 45-60 seconds.

The LAYING DOWN LEG RAISE works the deepest of the core muscles. Begin lying on your back on a mat. Place your hands under your butt to stabilize your pelvis, then without letting your lower back lift, pull your knees toward your chest, and then straighten your legs back to the starting position. To increase the difficulty, do leg raises on an incline bench. Do 10 raises 3 times.

The VACUUM can be done almost anywhere: sitting up, laying down, in bed, at the office or even while driving your car. All you have to do is suck your belly in as far as you can, and hold. Make sure you are pulling your abs in as if they are meeting your back. When you hold your tummy in hold it in for 10 to 15 seconds then release. Try to continue breathing and don’t hold your breath. Gaining muscular control is the key of this move.

fat burning

  1. ULTIMATE BODY WEIGHT ROUTINE – To burn calories, build muscle and effectively improve your cardiovascular fitness level, training in a circuit style is the way to go.

Time: 30-40 minutes. 3 sets, repeated 2-3 times.

Equipment: Just your body weight

SET #1 = “Simple 20’s” Perform 20 of each exercise, do a modification if necessary, no rest in between each move but you can rest for 2 minutes after the set.

20 squats

20 modified push-ups.

20 lunges alternating legs

20 Burpees without jumping

20 bicycle- abs.

SET #2 = “Tough 10’s” This second set is a more advanced version of each exercise but for less reps, try to push yourself to do 10 of each move with no rest. Rest for 3-5 minutes after the set.

10 holding squats (hold at the bottom for a count of 5)

10 Full push- ups

10 walking lunges

10 burpees with a jump

10 straight leg toe touch abs.

SET #3 = “Holding 15’s” For the third set hold each move for 15 seconds, remember to breathe while holding.

Wall squats

Plank holds

Hold lunge position

Bridge pose holds

STUDY: A Little Caffeine While Pregnant Doesn’t Hurt Baby

The list of things for pregnant women to avoid is long. And to make matters worse, at a time when fatigue seems to be at an all-time high, medical experts recommend limiting caffeine intake.

But mothers-to-be can take solace in a new study that suggests consuming moderate amounts of caffeine during pregnancy will not affect their child’s intelligence.

Continue reading

Magic Potion: Rub On Some Breast milk To Cure These 17 Health Conditions

Bellyitch Rewind

Aaaah nourishing breast milk.  Great for giving a newborn nutritious nutrients and passing on critical antibodies crucial for their healthy growth. But did you know that breast milk is great for solving eye irritations for any person, not just the baby? Did you also know that hospitals use donated breast milk to soothe the scars of burn unit victims?

Yup! It’s that miraculous source from the heavens that keeps on giving. Who knew you could recycle breast milk?
Researchers reveal that there are lots and lots of uses for breast milk that many people probably were clueless about, Check out some other uses:
1. Pink eye breast milk (eye infections). You can put a few drops of breast milk into baby’s eyes or any family members who are suffering from pink eye. The breast milk will keep the area clean and will initiate healing. You can do this as often as possible.
2.Eye puffiness or redness. Wonderful for removing puffiness and is used just as you would cows milk for the same purpose. Dab on with some cotton wool.
3. Opening a stuffy nose. Breast milk is natural and a great alternative to medications which might even make the situation worse. Just squirt a few drops into baby’s nose while he is lying down, then use a bulb to suction the excess out from his nose.
4. Sore throats and mouth sores. Swirling some of the breast milk around in the mouth and even gargling with it can help. Even a breastfed baby can be given some breast milk in a cup to rinse out the mouth.
5. Eczema and other skin rashes. Breast milk will keep the skin clean and will prevent flare ups. Just apply a layer of breast milk to the area and allow to air dry.
6. Dry skin. Using breast milk as a moisturizer.
7.Cradle cap. Just apply to baby’s scalp a few times per day.
8. Breast milk diaper rash. Using breast milk to treat and prevent normal nappy rash.
9. Breast milk ear infections. Squirt a few drops inside the ear for healing and some pain relief. (can be used for infants and grown-ups)
10. Insect bites. Rub a small amount on the bite to relieve the itching and promote the healing process.
11. Chicken pox. Apply the breast milk on the skin to relieve itching just as you would any other ointment.
12.Warts. Apply daily on the wart until it dries up and falls off.
13. Treating sore nipples. Putting some breast milk on your nipples can often heal them faster than any over the counter nipple cream. It can also prevent cracking by keeping them supple.
14. Immune boost. Older children can be given a glass of breast milk or more everyday to boost their immune systems and keep them from becoming ill.
15. Ease cold/flu symptoms. Get over your cold quicker with some liquid gold breast milk. Drink as much as you can.
16. Make-up remover. Breast milk can naturally and easily remove eye make-up.
17. Skin cleanser. Breast milk will gently cleanse your skin and can prevent acne because of its antibacterial properties.

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What Was Really Going On Right Before Kelly Clarkson’s Impromptu Pregnancy Announcement


On a recent interview with CBS This Morning, singer and second-time mom-to-be Kelly Clarkson reveals what was going on with her when she lost it and announced her pregnancy. It wasn’t purposeful to do it that way and then. She was on stage during a concert on one of her tour stops singing her hit “Piece by Piece.”

“I couldn’t get through it and I was crying so hard,” Clarkson told Gayle King during her interview. “I thought, ‘These people are going to think I’m on drugs. I’m about to lose it like a pregnant person. I gotta explain.’ And then it just came out.”

The multi-platinum Grammy Award-winning songstress was one of the unfortunate ones to have severe morning sickness  and have it past the first trimester when it normally goes away for most people.

“I’m familiar with all-day sickness. I have to get IVs and fluids because I get so dehydrated. It’s really bad,” the American Idol alum revealed. This pregnancy is much easier, she’s said. And in the end, the “Fight Song” singer says she’s had a pretty smooth and easy first year as a parent to daughter, River Rose, with husband Brandon Blackstock.

Clarkson says she’s had a great year as a parent and River Rose is a daddy’s girl, looks like her dad and share characteristics in a CBS interview from this May. Check it out:

h/t Celebrity Baby Scoop