Get Out of My Uterus: Talking Societal Pressure to Have Children on Stiletto Moms Radio (VIDEO)

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Married or committed couples get asked repeatedly over the course of their relationship when they will start a family. For some, they are not ready. For others, they don’t want children ever. Still, many are actually trying to conceive but facing difficulty, yet get to have to deal with the intrusive queries from well-meaning family and friends.

The cost of having children also weigh heavy on many young couple’s minds and a lot of people still want financial stability in their lives before going down that path. Some single women get tired of waiting for Mr. Right and decide to have a baby on their own.

Others are more traditional and because of religion, their Faith or other reasons decide they will not have a baby out of wedlock or a committed relationship.

Some opting out of raising a baby alone know the struggles of single parenthood and others were raised by a single mom or dad and know how difficult it was for them and do not want to subject their would-be offspring to the same challenges.

All of these complex issues were discussed on a recent episode of Stiletto Moms Radio.

I was a guest on the show and had a great lively, animated and very REAL conversation with the host, Neneh Diallo, and her other guest, Nina Perez of Mom Rising.org. who penned a popular blog post, “Stop asking me when I’m going to have a baby, because I just can’t afford it.”

The full show is 45 minutes. Watch or listen in the background! (AND SUBSCRIBE to STILETTO MOMS RADIO for future Shows)


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