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How Kim Kardashian Dropped 70lbs After Delivering Her Son, Saint

kim k

I was checking out my snapchat and saw a media outlet share Kim Kardashian‘s secret to dropping 70 pounds. It wasn’t surgery but diet and exercise.

She later shared those same tips with PEOPLE more recently. Essentially, the reality TV star did it through adopting the Atkins40 diet which requires consuming a balanced diet of about 1,800 calories a day and limiting carbs.

“I think dieting is so important to weight loss, whereas, I didn’t really ever think that before,” the business mogul said. “I thought, ‘Oh, I can work out, I can just eat whatever I want.’ But you have to work out all the time.”

It worked.

“[I] eat a lot of fish and turkey,” Kim said about her new diet. “It’s a full modified thing. I worked with [Atkins] in them sending me their snack stuff. And there would be this trail mix with M&M chocolates with peanuts, so there was stuff that makes it [so] you feel like you can live. And [you’re] not like super restricted to anything.”

She did lapse a bit after losing the initial 55 pounds.

“I started going to Disneyland and taking my kids and eating Churros and all that really crappy stuff that I love, but then you feel so s—– after you eat it, when you’ve been doing so good,” she opened up.

She said she hits the gym at 6am before her children get up and has been inspired by baby sister Khloe.

“[Khloe] does these workouts with these sauna suits underneath,” Kim revealed. “And she’s just…I’ve never seen someone so focused. I saw her naked two days ago changing and I was [like], ‘Oh, my God. You are my body icon.’ She’s never been more on fire.”

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kim k

For Real this Time: Disney Introduces Its First 100% Latina Princess (TRAILER)


Disney’s first Latina princess is here and so is the trailer to the television series she stars in: Elena of Avalor.

Princess Elena Castillo Flores is empowered, a skilled sword fighter and is set to gain political control over her kingdom. No, she is not the typical damsel in distress princesses of yesteryear who waited in a tower to be rescued by Prince Charming. (No offense Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella and Snow White). Really, ever since Brave, princesses haven’t been the same [See Brave‘s Merida, Rapunzel and Frozen‘s Anna] (smile)

On the cusp of ascending to the throne as Queen, Elena, the rebel does the dirty work to protect her land. She’s pretty bad a*#@!

Yeah, we said it!

Elena will be voiced by actress Aimee Carrero (Young & Hungry), who was born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic before moving to Miami, Florida.

aimee carrero
Unlike other Disney Princesses introduced in a motion picture, Elena of Avalor is a TV series which starts July 22nd.

And unlike “Sofia the First“, Disney’s first attempt at a Latina princess before facing backlash that she was too white, Elena is 100% Latina and has deep olive skin tone, and is not of mixed heritage as Disney was forced to reveal about Sofia amid the firestorm. (Read about that controversy HERE)

Others lending their voice include: Jenny Ortega (Jane the Virgin); Chris Parnell (Saturday Night Live); Yvette Nicole Brown (Community), Carlos Alazraqui (Disney Junior’s Sheriff Callie’s Wild Wese), Emiliano Diez (George Lopez) and more.

Watch the trailer here:


Check out Why We’re Obsessed With Disney’s New Latina Princess

by Monica Marino at Mode

6 Ways to Get Your Child To Cooperate with You


Children live in an adult world that requires patience, and has strict rules. They don’t always want to play along with the structure that is required for their parents to have a good and successful day. Tantrums are inevitable at times. But parents can arm themselves with some awareness tactics in advance to head off any problems in advance. Here are 6 ways to get your child to cooperate

1. Help map out the day as best you can for your child.  Often, parents have an idea of what the day will be like, but fail to communicate those plans to their child.  When possible, help her envision your day by communicating it with her either that morning or the night before.  Younger children will need this to be repeated, so it can help to recap it a few times.  It is true that plans might change, but changes will be easier if she knew what the plan was in the first place.

2. Give warnings when time is coming close for transitions to take place.  Children tend to live entirely in the present, so they are usually completely engrossed in the activity they are involved in at any given moment.  This is obvious for younger children, but is also true of older children.  By giving your child warnings when you need to leave in 10 minutes, your child can begin to finish with what she has started.  Timers can be a big help for these warnings for both you and your child.  A timer can not only keep you on track to follow through with the time you allotted, but will also give your child an auditory clue to listen for.

3. Provide your child with choices so that she feels in control of the situation to some degree. It is very difficult for your child to be at the mercy of the adults in her life.  Often times, the errands or activities she is being forced to participate in are not activities she would choose to do. You can ease this frustration by making small parts of the day her choice.  Small children do well with two or three choices.  “Do you want to wear the blue boots, the red shoes or the purple clogs?”  Older children can help you decide where you will go first or what music you will listen to along the way. Simple choices can make the difference between a cranky child who drags her feet and a cooperative child who does what is asked of her.  Giving teens the choice can relieve some of the pressure too.  “The garbage needs to go out before 6AM tomorrow.  Do you want to do it before you go to bed or early in the morning” You may know the most common sense option is to do it now and get it over with. But giving your child the option can ease the tension often felt by parents and teens.

4. Create excitement for the thing you are trying to get your child to cooperate in doing.  You might be so caught up in completing your to-do list that you forget to enjoy the process.  You are motivated to get the tasks complete because you can see the outcome.  Your child could not care less about that outcome, she just wants to have fun.  So if you want her to cooperate with you, you will need to bring a little fun to the to-do list.  If you are running errands, build a little fun break into every other stop.  If you are in the car for a long time, find some games to play, such as I-Spy or 20 questions. Help keep her mind going and you will find she is much more compliant.

5. Make sure all her physical needs are met before asking her to do something you know she will be resistant about. Is your child hungry, thirsty, tired, overstimulated, cold/hot or sick?  It is hard for adults to operate when they have these needs.  Your child will be understandably cranky when she needs food or has simply had too much.  Take a break and don’t expect your child to do too much.

6. Make sure your child has enough time for play in her day.  Parents today have a tendency to overschedule their children, filling their time with sports, art and other activities.  The thought is that an active mind is a healthy mind.  To a degree, this is true.  However, if the mind of a child is not given the opportunity to think creatively and freely, it will begin to shut down.  This is when children become easily agitated, inflexible and unsatisfied.  To ensure that you have a more cooperative and helpful child, make sure that your child is given enough time for free play both with you and by herself.

Parents dream of a child who gets her shoes on the first time they ask or takes the garbage out when it needs to go out.  Though it may not be possible for your child to do this with 100% accuracy, it is possible to improve her cooperation level.

Wedding Season: 5 Things to Consider Before You Agree to Be a Pregnant Bridesmaid


pregnant bridesmaid collage

Given that we are smack dab in the middle of Wedding Season, here is an oldie but goodie post for all you moms-to-be out there who have been asked to be a bridesmaid in an upcoming wedding:

It is a truth universally acknowledged that every bride-to-be shall be in want of a good bridesmaid…or three. And chances are that when a friend comes to you basking in that newly engaged glow and asks you to be one those bridesmaids, you’ll jump at the chance to support her on her big day:

The dancing! The shoes! The dresses! The CAKE!. Before you can say “yellow organza chiffon,” you’ve committed to being a bridesmaid and all that the honor entails. But what if you are expecting to have a big (and getting bigger) event of your own sometime in the next nine months?


While the costs associated with being a bridesmaid can vary from wedding to wedding, one thing is certain: a baby on the way means unexpected expenses will be particularly unwelcome. After all, your priorities are changing, and whether it’s saving for diapers or a college fund, you want to make sure being a bridesmaid won’t mean being expected to pony up for expenses you soon won’t be able to afford. Accordingly, it’s important to clarify just what kinds of expenses will be expected of you ahead of time. A few to inquire after:

A. Will you be responsible for your dress, or will the bride pick up the tab? The same goes for those dyed shoes and your fabulous wedding day up-do and manicure.

B. If travel is involved, how costly will that be? Airfare, cab fare, hotel and eating out should all be considered.

C. How much (if any) will you be expected to contribute to a shower or bachelorette activities?


Since bridesmaids dresses are known for being so lovely and flattering, finding a dress that will work while you are pregnant should be no problem at all! Um, yeah… Back on planet earth, bridesmaids dresses can be itchy, lumpy, scratchy, and pinchy (yes, you know pinchy is a word). But this is not to say that you cannot totally rock the pregnant bridesmaid look as long as you keep a few things in mind.

A. Comfort and Fit: Ultimately, you want a dress that flatters your figure and that you’ll feel great wearing. Look for a flowing empire-waisted gown, or a dress that can be ‘enhanced’ with an extra panel to accommodate that lovely baby bump of yours!

B. Alterations: Make sure you’ve got a good tailor who will be able to make last minute alterations a little bit in advance of the wedding date. As you know, all of those measurements are going to change. And then change some more.

C. Support: Speaking of those changing measurements, the right maternity bra can do wonders for a girl’s mood at a wedding, not to mention her back! Once you reach your third trimester, you will likely need to trade in those lacy bras and reach for something more substantial. Just don’t forget to make sure that your maternity bra works with your dress as the date nears.


Let’s put this right out there: Going into labor at your friend’s wedding is not ideal. If your due date falls very close to the wedding date (or even within a month), you should feel free to humbly decline being in the wedding. Consulting with your doctor is also a good idea, as he or she will have likely dealt with this issue in the past and can make an individualized recommendation. However, if your due date is farther afield from the wedding date, then the most important factor to consider is likely to be travel. While most airlines will allow pregnant women to travel through their eighth month, you need to consider what your own personal comfort level will be.

Tips for safe air travel while pregnant include walking the aisles on your flight to prevent blood clots, drinking lots of water, and wearing your seatbelt under your belly rather than across it. Travelling during pregnancy can be challenging, but if you and your doctor think you are up for it, then you’re a go.

Just one thing though: You know those teeny tiny airplane bathrooms? Need we say more?


She’s the friend who consoled you that time you broke up with that jerk during freshman year…and then consoled you again when you broke up with that other jerk that next year. She’s been with you through thick and thin and late night pizza runs. So of course you want to be the absolute best bridesmaid possible. But take a moment to consider what that might mean: stuffing invitations, licking stamps, shopping for wedding favors, liking her Facebook posts, and talking. Lots and lots of talking. You owe it to yourself and to your friend to think realistically about what you can handle during your pregnancy. No friend wants you to overtax yourself while you should be focusing on your health and the health of your baby. Let her know your concerns and ask in the gentlest way possible what will be expected of you so that you can both make an educated decision.

Going to a Wedding Soon? Need A Dress?


Before you say yes, think about the type of friendship/relationship that you have with the bride. Is it filled with drama or is it mostly peaceful?Communication will be key to making this situation work. She needs to understand that there will be times during this pregnancy that you will be tired, anxious, or painting adorable ducks on a nursery wall, and therefore will be unable to check out her Pinterest board right this moment. And you will have to understand that this is one of the most exciting times in her life, and that she will need your support throughout, even if your feet are swollen and throbbing, and the ducks need painting. If you two have that covered, the rest of the stuff will be a breeze.


Being asked to be a bridesmaid is an honor, for sure, and it’s no wonder you might be tempted to fill such a position for a friend you care about so dearly. But true friendship means knowing your limitations — something your friend should likewise honor and respect. And don’t worry: if you can’t participate as a bridesmaid, there are plenty of other ways to show your friend you care throughout this process. So, consider your next steps carefully and you’re sure to make the decision that will best balance your friendship and your own needs. And by the way, congratulations!

— Alyssa Ennis

Photos: Starcast, Pinterest

Low Heeled Shoes for Pregnant Women


Fourth of July: Life Saving Pool Safety Tips to Avoid Drowning



It’s July 4th weekend which means thousands of families will be heading to the beach and possibly their local pools for some splashing about and fun in the sun. Also, as the summer rolls on, it remains imperative for parents to be vigilante and alert to keep their children safe. Lifeguards have a tough job to watch all the people within their vision and may not be able to recognize when your child is in danger rights away. Also, some home owners also have pools and must be reminded of safety tips.

In 1987, Life Saver Pool Fence coined the phrase “layers of protection” to describe the most effective way to prevent drownings. Almost 30 years later, everyone (including the US Consumer Product Safety Commission to the National Drowning Prevention Alliance) recommends layers of protection.

Five key layers of protection are:

1. Parent supervision

Nothing beats parent supervision. Proactive parent supervision is your most important tool in drowning prevention. When using the pool, active supervision means sitting close to the pool with your full attention on the child/children — no reading, no texting, just watching the pool. At parties/events, we recommend designating a person as a Water Watcher (we offer lanyards and whistles to give to the person to denote them), and change shifts every 15 minutes. Most drownings occur, though, when the child was thought to be in the house, nowhere near the pool area. In 67% of fatal drowning cases, a parent was responsible for supervising the child. So, supervision can and does fail, and that’s why you need additional layers of protection.

2. High locks on all doors and windows.

Locks out of the reach of children should be installed, and used, on every door and window that leads to the pool area. Lots of drownings happen because a parent didn’t know that the child had figured out the door knob, so don’t rely on the door being shut. Also, close up and doggy/pet doors that access the pool. Lots of children who drown got to the pool via a doggy door.

3. Pool Safety Fence

Pool fencing is the only layer of protection that physically isolates the backyard from the pool. Fences should be at least 4′ tall and have a self-closing, self-latching gate. Mesh pool safety fence, like Life Saver Pool Fence, has proven to be an effective layer of protection for over 45 years. It’s very transparent, aesthetically pleasing, and easy to remove when entertaining only adults.

4. Alarms

Drowning is silent. Alarms break that silence. There are door/window alarms, alarms that sit in the pool, and our favorite, the Safety Turtle which is worn on the child. If the child falls into the pool, an alarm inside that house goes off.

5. Swimming Lessons

All children should receive swimming lessons as early as their parents and pediatricians feel comfortable. Swimming lessons can begin earlier than one might think, some organizations training even infants to roll over and float, and to swim to the edge of the pool in the event that they fall in.

5.5 CPR

And if all of the other layers of protection fail, parents should be trained in CPR. Knowledge of CPR can make the difference between life, permanent disability, and death.

Have fun and Stay safe! Here is an Infographic with more tips:

pool tips

8 Solo/Single Parenting Money Saving Tips


When you’re on your own and don’t have two steady income coming in, you’ll have to pinch your pennies and watch your pennies.

It doesn’t mean you can’t have fun and do some cool things. You’ve just got to be strategic and plan around limited resources.

Here are 8 solid and basic tips for single parents, courtesy of Larry Mathis, author of Mom Was Right.

1.Track your expenses – This is key! You need to know where your money is going. Carry a note pad with you and write down every expense and then categorize them, i.e. eating out, school lunches, groceries, gas, etc. Another option is to get receipt and then take a picture of the receipt rather than writing them down. Be sure to write down everything, even if its just a pack of gum!

  1. Use grocery coupons. Then take your coupon savings and our the money in a savings account!

3. Get rid of cable TV!There’s nothing on anyway.

  1. Shop at thrift stores, especially for clothes and furniture. You will be amazed at what some people will throw away! You can also find great deals three on dishes and other household items.
  2. Take your lunch to work. It’s easy to spend $5 – $8 eating fast food. $5.00 is over $100 per two weeks.

6. Pay with cash rather than credit or debit cards. Cash is much harder to let go of.

7. Save you pocket change. At then end of the day put you loose change in a jar. At the end of every onto put it in a savings account.

8. Like to read? Libraries still provide free books! Use a libraries rather than paying for books!

Good luck, parents!

Independence Day: This Study Identified the Top 20 ‘Most Patriotic’ States


With the Fourth of July just days away, the personal-finance website WalletHub released its list of 2016’s Most Patriotic States as a follow-up to its recent look at the Best & Worst Fourth of July Destinations.

To identify the country’s patriotic hotspots, WalletHub compared the 50 states across 12 key metrics such as military engagement, voting habits and civic education.

Top 20 Most Patriotic States
1 Virginia 11 North Carolina
2 Alaska 12 Vermont
3 South Carolina 13 Idaho
4 Colorado 14 Wyoming
5 Georgia 15 Maine
6 Hawaii 16 Mississippi
7 Montana 17 New Mexico
8 Alabama 18 Wisconsin
9 Washington 19 Missouri
10 New Hampshire 20 South Dakota

Key Stats

  • Red states are more patriotic, with an average ranking of 22.5, compared with 28.3 for blue states (1 = Best).
  • Alaska has the highest number of veterans per 1,000 residents, 100.8, which is two times higher than in New York, the state with the lowest, 45.5.
  • Georgia has the highest percentage of residents who enlisted in the military (non-prior service), 0.063%, which is three times higher than in North Dakota, the state with the lowest, 0.022%.
  • Minnesota has the highest percentage of residents who voted in the 2012 presidential election, 74.37%, which is two times higher than in Arizona, the state with the lowest, 37.98%.
  • Utah has the highest volunteer rate, 45.2%, which is three times higher than in Louisiana, the state with the lowest, 18.2%.
  • Vermont has the highest number of Americorps volunteers per 100,000 residents, 58.91, which is eight times higher than in Virginia, the state with the lowest, 7.42.

For the full report and to see where your state ranks, please visit:


The 6 Things to Do if You Think You Might be Pregnant

things to do
So you just found out you are likely  “knocked up” and it may or may not have been planned. Whether you were expecting and hoping for this news or not, there are several things you will have to do immediately as you deal with a surge of emotions and feelings.
Here is a list of 6  things  to do right after discovering you are expecting:
1)     Write Down the Dates: There’s a chance you’ve miscounted days and you’re actually not late, but if you are, it’s important to have accurate information about your missed period. According to a NEW survey from e.p.t, 45 percent of women said their pregnancy was unplanned … so you need to make sure you’re tracking correctly.
2)     Don’t Wait Too Long to Find Out the Truth: If you are pregnant, there are certain things you should / should not be doing (i.e. taking prenatal vitamins, not drinking alcohol) so it’s important to find out as soon as possible. The e.p.t survey found that nearly half of women (47 percent) learn that they are pregnant within the first 4 weeks of their pregnancy. Only a small number (two percent) find out in their second trimester.
3)     Take a Home Pregnancy Test: You don’t need to wait anxiously to find out the truth – you can pick-up a home pregnancy test at your local drug store. In fact, 8 out of 10 women first learned they were pregnant from a home pregnancy test, and nearly half said they took the test immediately after buying it.
4)     Tell Your Significant Other: While 47 percent of women have discovered they were pregnant while with their significant other42 percent of women found out they were pregnant alone. So, you’ll want to share the news with that you’re special someone for support.
5)     Call Your Doctor: Believe it or not, four out of 10 women call their doctor before telling their significant other. You’ll need schedule an appointment with your doctor to confirm your pregnancy, determine your due date, do an exam, and determine if you have any pregnancy risk factors based on your age, health and/or personal and family history.
6)     Get a Handle on Your Emotions: Whether you’re pregnant or not, you’re emotions are in rare form, and not everyone reacts the same way …. According to the e.p.t survey, nearly 4 in 10 women (37 percent) taking a home pregnancy admitted to feeling more scared than excited (28 percent) about finding out whether they were pregnant. While 55 percent were relieved to find out they weren’t pregnant (false alarm!)​
Good luck to you moms-to-be!

July 4th Grilling: Here are 10 Spectacular Cook-Out Recipe and Menu Items for ya


The Fourth of July also means cooking out and grilling! If you are planning to stay in house or get together with other families and/or friends to have a slamming cook-out, it’s time to start planning the menu and decorations. You have a full week and and some change. Consider mixing up the usual and surprising guests with some different menu items. Check out these 10 spectacular dishes from our partners at Mode.com Foodie!

Check out 10 Spectacular Dishes to Put on Your Summer Cookout Menu

by Tend Editor at Mode

Top Summer 4th of July Movies


Independence Day 2 is out in the theaters this weekend. The hubster were thinking of going to see it before realizing that we do not have a sitter on hand. The next best thing to heading to see a brand new release is to settle in for the night and have a movie night in.

How about use the July 4th holiday to re-visit old classics with an Independence Day or patriotic themes?  You can get a movie on demand or head to your local Redbox kiosk and pick up one of these classical movies:



born on 4th of july

Born on the Fourth of July

to kill

To Kill a Mockingbird

top gun2

Top Gun

american graffiti

American Graffiti

Redbox has new releases available in time for the holiday!

  • Capture the Flag (family)
  • The Adventures of Petey & Friends (family)
  • Max (family/drama)
  • Joy (comedy)
  • Zoolander No. 2 (comedy)
  • American Hero (comedy)
  • The Martian (drama)
  • Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation (drama)
  • Tears of the Sun (drama)
  • Spectre (action)