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National Yoga Month: Pre- & Post-Natal Yoga Fitness Guide

September is National Yoga Month. Expecting moms too, once cleared by their docs, can use yoga to stay fit and after to peel off the weight.

These tips from yoga instructor and fitness instructor Julie Wilcox  from her latest blog post , reprinted with permission, provide pretty comprehensive guide, including dietary suggestions for the yoga-loving moms-to-be.

Pre-Natal Tips

The first trimester is the most sensitive time for the baby’s development (the brain and nervous system are forming), which means you must always approach your exercise with extra caution.
Buy exercise and yoga clothes that make you feel both comfortable and sexy with your baby bump.
Buy a heart rate monitor so that you can stay within the limit advised by your doctor. General guidelines used to recommend that all pregnant women keep their heart rate below 140 beats per minute however, today there are no specific heart rate limits: The Department Of Health and Human Services recommends 150 minutes per week of moderate-intensity aerobic activity for healthy pregnant women-preferably spread throughout the week without any specific heart rate limits.
Choose safe yet effective workout options such as walking, the elliptical machine, slow jogging, moderate biking (not spinning, unless you are super careful about heart rate elevation), stair master, tai chi, hiking, yoga and swimming. 
Other than during the first trimester when it’s okay to do light abdominal crunches, avoid sit-ups in the second and third trimesters. 
Cat/cows and planks are nice core strengtheners you can do safely throughout your pregnancy. 
The key is to stay off your back because the weight of the uterus when reclined can decrease blood flow to the fetus.  

Establish your weekly cardio/strength training and yoga schedule, alternating between the two day-to-day.

An effective program might look like this:

  • Cardio and Strength Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.
  • Pre-Natal Yoga Tuesdays and Saturdays. Follow these guidelines in your yoga practice:
  • Always keep your legs far apart enough to make room for your baby bump
  • Avoid deep back bending
  • Avoid deep twists
  • Avoid inversions
  • Incorporate restorative yoga in your yoga practice to reduce stress if you are particularly anxious during your pregnancy

Your muscles are more flexible when pregnant due to hormonal changes (more oxytocin). 

Always exercise and practice yoga with this in mind, being extra careful not to stretch too far. It is easy to pull and tear muscles, tendons and ligaments due to their increased elasticity. 
Avoid excessive external environmental heat as well because it too increases the elasticity of soft tissue.

 Lift light weights to keep your muscles strong and toned.  Heavy weights come with the risk of excessive strain on the body. It’s best to do more repetitions with lighter weights during pregnancy.

Make sure to get enough sleep. If you are having trouble sleeping, learn Yoga Nidra, which is the yoga of sleep.

Meditate: Meditation will help keep you and your baby calm.

Make sure to eat healthy and nutritious foods remembering that general guidelines explain that pregnancy only requires approximately 300 more calories per day. According to the NIH, the right amount of calories to eat for most pregnant women is 18000 during the first trimester, 2200 during the second and 2400 during the third.


Below are examples of some great meal options


  • Egg White Omelet (with veggies)
  • Homemade Muesli
  • Steel Cut Oatmeal With Walnuts, Maple Syrup and Cardamom
  • Smoothie (organic all natural fruits with low-fat milk or almond milk) topped With Low-Fat Granola


  • Salads With Protein (stay away from high mercury fish)
  • Vegan Soups (legumes add extra protein) With Whole Grain Toast And Nut Butter


  • Carrots with hummus
  • Popcorn
  • Nuts
  • Kind Bars
  • Green Juice


  • Fish And Lean Meats With Veggies
  • Vegetarian Protein Mains With Vegetable Sides
  • Whole Grains

It’s important to get enough Folic Acid in your diet. Ask your doctor if you need supplements.


Want to get in to incredible post-birth shape? Once your doctor says that you are ready to get back to your ideal body, you can do the following:

1.     Increase the intensity and duration of your cardio workouts (1 hour is a good amount of time for weight loss) as well as the frequency to 5-6 days a week. You can add back more vigorous, various and challenging forms of exercise including spinning, dance classes and HIIT.

2.     Establish a serious abdominal strengthening program, 4 days a week, working all of the different abdominal groups.

3.     Add weight to your strength and toning exercises to maintain and enhance muscle definition.

4.     Get back to regular yoga classes and try flow yoga, which burns more calories than more static forms of yoga (and if you are intermediate to advanced in your practice). Core yoga classes are also great for the post-natal period.

5.     Continue to eat healthy and balanced nutritious foods, again only allowing for about 300 extra calories per day – only if you are breast feeding.

6.     Make sure to use the proper muscles to pick up your baby and make sure to use your muscles evenly (switch sides regularly). This will help avoid low back, neck and shoulder tweaks.

7.     Continue to work on your flexibility. The more flexibly you are, the more you can prevent injury due to new movements your baby will require.

8.     Continue to meditate, practice restorative yoga and yoga nidra, especially if you are sleep deprived. Research shows that meditation can be as effective as sleep in providing rest. Each of these forms of yoga reduces stress and will help you deal with all of your new parenting challenges.

9.     Get weekly bodywork. You deserve regular massages! Bodywork helps reduce stress and also any aches and pains due to your new mommy movements.

Good luck, mamas!

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How Having a Baby Can Revive your Career in Hollywood

In 2011, Mommyish’s did a post about so-called “DList” celebrities who got more famous after having a baby. Actually, it reminded me of a piece we did earlier, in January that year that writer and TV personality Teresa Strasser wrote for us, “Top Celebrity Baby Exploiters of 2010“.

In that piece, Strasser  exalted about how pregnancy can easily launch a reality TV cast member into the public spotlight and on the cover of the top gossip mags. 

That was also the year for the 20th anniversary of Demi Moore’s iconic Vanity Fair cover which we’ve determined was also the start of the public’s infectious interest in celebrity pregnancies.
And it’s gone even more mainstream in recent years.
While watching back episodes of Keeping Up with the Kardashians (again late as usual), I noted Kim Kardashian stating that since she got pregnant, the paparazzi were even more ferocious and viral in search of pics.  So true, as we’ve blogged before here, Kim, Kate Middleton, Victoria Beckham, Snooki and Beyonce‘s respective pregnancies garnered the most stories written by traditional media and other outlets that do not usually cover celebrity parents and pregnancy. 
In year’s past, we’d say such media organizations and writers may have even looked down on gossip blogs and mags that “bumpwatched.”
Not anymore. They’re right here in the pepper pot with the US Weekly, In Touch Weekly, OK!, People, PopSugar, E!Online, CelebLaundry, Perez Hilton  and BellyitchBlog‘s of the world!
Yes, the Celebrity Bumpwatch Phenomenon is alive and thriving.

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Trend: Psychic Pregnancy Readings; Win a Reading NOW!

Psychic Pregnancy readings are a thing now. As we noted here and here, moms and moms-to-be are turning to psychics for readings on their baby’s gender, what the baby’s temperament will be like and whether they will actually conceive in the near or far future.  Even Parents.com held an online psychic reading.
Some may find it creepy and not want to “go there” or even know these answers and would rather find out for themselves. Others see the fun and no harm in a reading.
Do you want one or know of a currently preggers friend who does? If so, you’re in luck! Psychic Source is offering a free session with one of their featured psychics Kristine to one Bellyitch Reader! This page deails the different types of readings available.
To enter to win the reading, simply enter below. Contest open WORLDWIDE and ends next Friday, July 11 at midgnight! Goodluck!
Before we pick a winner and if you don’t win, you can also check out this interactive online psychic reading tool: http://www.psychicsource.com/psychic-advice.
 For entertainment purposes only. 

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Frugal Fashion: Top 5 Affordable Online Stores for Stylish Moms

If you’re a busy mother with a love for life and a desire to look beautiful, you should never sacrifice your passion for fashion and glamour! While you may not have the time or energy to create runway looks, there are tons of online store options that can help you create fantastic outfits. With the right prices and apparel, these stores make it easy to juggle work, kids and/or errands with looking stylish, allowing you to look great on a budget.                           
Here’s our list of the leading budget friendly online stores for moms who want to both look and feel chic and sexy:
10dollarmall is the ideal answer for moms searching for an easy way to look fantastic for under ten dollars! Perhaps you’re a mother who gave birth and still wants to feel sexy, or the woman whose body has changed over time, but still wants to turn heads. Regardless of your scenario, 10dollarmall offers all the latest trends to make you feel like one hot lady!  
All the clothes featured at 10dollarmall are designed with the wearer in mind. So, while the clothes are alluring, they also have a classy touch, which makes them easy and comfortable to wear. As a result, you can feel confident wearing the latest must-haves in a way that feels right. Whether you’re looking for maxi dresses, sheer blouses or black leggings, this online store carries all your fashion cravings at an ultimately low cost.               
10dollarmall is also fantastic for finding affordable, yet stylish handbags. From metallic totes to  slouchy boho satchels, there is a design for every occasion and personality! Women can also indulge in the store’s elegant statement jewelry. You can find necklaces which are inspired by flower motifs and tribal themes as shown on this season’s runways.
2.Overstock  Overstock is an American online retailer selling surplus and returned merchandise at below-wholesale prices. With amazing discounts on designer apparel, the store specializes in providing affordable and stylish clothing for practical wear, allowing the everyday mom to feel luxurious both inside and out. 
This store is especially known for their chic outerwear collection. You can find amazing deals on all the latest crazes like leather jackets, bombers, peacoats and trench coats.  Women can also feel comfortable investing in these items as the pieces are selected from quality designer brands, so you can’t go wrong! This store also offers an outstanding variety of shoes to address dozens of different tastes and preferences. There are sexy strappy stilettos, chunky, edgy platforms and sophisticated sandals, allowing mothers to select the right styles to meet their lifestyle needs.  
3. 6pm.com For ladies who wants to look sexy and classy all at the same time, 6pm is an excellent choice. With free shipping and savings of up to 75% off top brands, this store offers excellent discounts on  shoes, clothing, accessories, and more! 
6pm is adored for its wide range of classic apparel for a timeless touch of style. You can find great pieces like Calvin Klein™ dresses or sexy boots by Donald J Pliner™ or hot shoes from Cole Haan™!  You are also encouraged to complete your outfits with the store’s brand name accessories by illustrious designers like AK Anne Klein™ or Jules Smith™. Overall, this store makes it easy and convenient to stay  true to your personal style at a low cost.
6pm also features a variety of flattering, yet comfortable, casual apparel for everyday lounge or workout purposes. In addition to comfort, the store offers pieces that follow the leading trends in colors, cuts and materials. You may choose from great finds such as nautical stripes, V necks and sheers to keep you both cozy and chic throughout the day!
4. Sammydress.com There’s no reason to pay outrageous prices for beautiful clothes. At sammydress.com, women can find flirty and luxurious apparel for less, allowing you to save a bundle and look great doing it! The store is known particularly for their lavish dresses, offering a huge selection of styles for different occasions.    
For everyday wear, you can find elegant sun dresses in this season’s trendy jewel colors. Many dresses also feature a scoop neckline and high waist cut, which is wonderfully flattering.  For ladies who want to put the sizzle back into date night, the store also sells dresses that are both sexy and elegant. And, of course, they do carry the little black dress!  With these exciting options, sammydress.com can surely help you keep the flames burning in a marriage. 
At sammydress.com, ladies may also find formal wear for less. Inspired by the latest designs, the store’s formal dresses will make every mother still feel like a total smoke show. From sleek pencil dresses to lacy cocktail dresses, this store offers terrific options for glam evenings out. You can also adorn your outfits with jewelry offered at the unbelievably low prices. The store features all the hottest jewelry trends such as geometric pieces, metallic bibs and stone necklaces. With such affordable prices, there’s no reason you can’t cast off your apron and transform into one stylish fox!                 
5. Moddeals.com  If you love looking feminine and  polished, moddeals is your ultimate choice. At the low cost of $10, you can find tons of trendy apparel to fit your budgeting and fashion needs. The store offers a variety of looks to fit  every woman’s unique style. Whether you’re a free spirited wife, a cheerful mommy or a sassy woman, this online store has it all!
For women looking for flattering, yet fashionable pants, you don’t need to look any further! Moddeals feature lots of easy-to-wear options that are both comfortable and affordable. You can choose from cutting-edge styles like animal-print skinny cut, tapered trousers, patterned wide-legs or metallic crop pants. Each piece is designed to bring out your confidence and make you feel hot. 
Moddeals  is also known for their beautiful blouses, which can add elegance to your ensemble. As the pieces are well-designed and comfortable, it’s easy to put outfits together in no time. Moddeals also offers an excellent selection of active wear for women who love to work out. You can choose from different styles such as cozy sweats or fitted yoga pants to suit your exercise needs.  Simply throw on a pair of these puppies, and you’ll feel great giving a warm “welcome home” to your hubby.
Rachel Esco, a stylish Arts & Culture writer, is known for her witty and flavourful articles on entertainment, lifestyle and culture. You can follow her via her fashion, beauty and dating website Ladies World.

10 Reasons Mothers Cannot Get a Break

 Bellyitch Rewind

You wouldn’t expect to work constantly and not get any vacation time or time off and yet motherhood can seem just that way on a daily basis. There are many reasons mothers don’t get much needed alone time. Sometimes it’s the circumstances and sometimes we get in our own way. Here are ten reasons why personal time escapes many mothers.
1. Mothers have to do everything – Some moms believe that nothing, absolutely nothing, will get done without them. They need to oversee every detail of family life and make sure things are running smoothly. As long as they have that outlook and it works for everyone concerned, chances are nothing is going to change.
2. Perfectionism – The perfect mother doesn’t need alone time, or so she thinks. Trying to live up to the unattainable image of the supermom is a sure way to crash and burn.
3. Demanding kids – Sometimes little ones can be extremely demanding; Mom cannot even go to the bathroom alone. Children like this want to know where Mommy is every minute and she’d better not get out of their eyesight. The idea of alone time for such a mom is just a pipe dream.
4. Fathers that don’t support alone time – If you have a husband that doesn’t support your alone time, it might be much harder to get. Some fathers are kind enough to take the kids while Mom goes off and does something she wants to do or maybe even stays home and takes a bubble bath. But for the mother who doesn’t have that kind of support at home, finding the time to be by herself can be like looking for a needle in a haystack.
5. Too busy – Some mothers are workaholics and doing too much all the time to take a break. Every minute is planned and used to the max. This mom gets tons of things accomplished, except perhaps some much needed self care.
6. Over scheduled – Similar to the busy mom this mom is always on the go, but she has some down time. The only problem is that her down time is spent with other people. She’s waiting for the kids to do this or that, she’s at dance rehearsals or foot ball practice. With a little help she could actually manage to get some alone time in there somewhere.
7. Guilt feelings – There are mothers who just feel so guilt ridden about taking private time for themselves, they can’t bring themselves to do it. It feels as if they are stealing time away from the family.
8. Worried about the kids – These moms are worried that something terrible will happen to the kids if they are away, even for a little while. Over protective mothers have a need to hover over their children constantly and really can’t function without them. Chances are many of the hovering moms, in reality, don’t even want time to themselves.
9. Not thinking creatively – All it takes at times is a bit of creative thinking to get a piece of alone time. Most moms could probably figure out how to make it happen if they would take the time to get resourceful with their thinking. You’d be surprised what a little imagination can dream up!
10. Single parents – Mothers who don’t have a backup parent or other family support around them can find it especially difficult to find time for themselves. Trading babysitting favors with other single moms and making time in the early morning or late evenings when the kids are in bed may be options for these moms. Again, creativity is the key.

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Throwback Blogging: First Day Back to Work after Maternity Leave

On this Monday, after Mother’s Day, I am reminded of how blessed I am to be able to work for myself from home, blogging, being a writer, columnist, attorney and Jill of all trades, including the head of my own media company. But I am also reminded of what life was like when I was in the 9-5 employment working world in this throwback post from my first mommy blog, “The Mishciefmakers” which I launched in 2007.
In it, I reflect on my first day back to my job at the international law firm I worked at as a law associate after having my third child in 2007. I rarely blog about my role as a mommy on this blog since it has taken off as a hub for celebrity news and gossip, parenting advice and giveaways. Today is a good day to reflect. 
1. This work thing may not work out. I was BORED out of MY MIND!! It’s always tough the first day you know having a bunch of stuff to read to get caught up to speed and me having a short attention span and all. PURE AND UTTER TORTURE!
2. I had a lunchtime workout. No, not going to the gym in the building, but instead eavesdropping on a couple’s conversation where they were going on about canoing this past weekend, planning a Mt. Everest climb trip for the summer and white water rafting this coming weekend. I was exhausted by the time I polished off my plate of black beans, rice and collard greens from the local Barbecue spot. Whew!
3. This vegan diet I am on will not last in the working world. By the time I walked the four blocks back to my office I was HUNGRY again….AND GASSY! damn. And you say I gotta 20 minute commute home on a crowded train? Double damn!
4. I forgot how noxious the subway system smelled or maybe it was just that 5 ‘o clock end of workday FUNK when everybody’s collective deodorant also QUIT for the day. P.U.!!!
5. Didn’t know a sister could run that fast in 3 inch pumps, but my butt had an anxious nanny waiting to go home and two kids to pick up by 6pm or face daycare late fines! I was this close to pushing a couple of slow walkers out of my way just as my train was about to pull off the platform. It those doors closed, I don’t who I was going to fuss at first.
Now, I have conference call at 8pm and a couple of FCC filings and other deliverables to do for my off site clients, right after I breastfeed this baby and print out the agenda.
yeah, i don’t know how long this will last…

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Report: Katy Perry’s violent scene in ‘Birthday’ video traumatized unsuspecting 5-year olds

During the filming of her new video for her song “Birthday”, pop singer Katy Perry apparently wanted to simulate the real life shock on the faces of guests at a 5-year old’s birthday party by filming a pretty violent scene without cluing in the guests it was all fake.
In the scene, Perry is dressed as a party Clown and is shown hitting a little person assistant also dressed in a clown suit with a bat. She then runs into an adjascent street outside the party, which took place at the Knollwood Country Club outside LA, and causes a head-on auto accident. All of it is for the video and the drivers of the cars were stunt drivers.
However, according to TMZ, children and other guests were traumatized at seeing the scene unfold not knowing it was staged.
Eye witnesses told TMZ, children were crying and one woman stormed away, visibly upset. 
In the video of the scene below, one little girl can be heard saying “mommy, I want to leave.” 
Perry herself told Jimmy Kimmel this Monday on his late-night show where she screened a snippet of the finished video that she was 6 inches off her mark, meaning, a few more inches, she could have gotten hit by the truck and killed. Yikes!
After the fracas, the guests were told it was Perry, she took off her wig and all had a good laugh, 
There are adults who have serious phobias of clowns today over traumatizing run-ins with them when they were children. We can forsee some future cases. Also, for an adult to witness a head on crash can be jarring, imagine what a kid would go through. Yikes!
What are your thoughts? Innocent fun or not cool to traumatize kids potentially for life. 

Watch the clip at TMZ HERE!

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How to pick your baby’s pediatrician

Bellyitch Rewind

Most parents chose a pediatrician for their child before the baby is even born. For first time parents this decision can be confusing. The majority of parents end up switching pediatricians a couple times at least before they find one that they are comfortable with. Prepare yourself before making your first decision and you may avoid having to switch which can be a hassle and also upsetting to your child.
The first aspect you have to consider is the pediatrician’s demeanor and bedside manner. A good pediatrician will be warm and friendly – it’s difficult to get a child to cooperate or settle down when they don’t feel comfortable with the person examining them. It’s important that your pediatrician shares similar views as you on the things that you find most important. Additionally, they should have an open mind towards differing opinions and respect your thoughts and opinions.
The office and staff is just as important to consider when making your decision. Since you will be dealing with the receptionists, nurses, and medical assistants it is imperative that you consider them in your decision. Talk to the staff to see if they are accommodating and warm. Inquire about how long it takes to get an appointment for a sick child. Some offices have a difficult time getting kids in quickly which will become very important for you if your baby is sick. Ask who you talk to when you call with a question – in some offices you can talk immediately with a nurse and in some you leave a message for someone to call you back later. Deciding which system you feel most comfortable with will save frustration later.
Many parents find it important for the office to have two separate waiting rooms – one for kids who are sick and one for kids who are not. Since illnesses are passed so easily from child to child it is nice to avoid these germs when coming in for a well-child checkup.
Set up an interview, don’t be afraid to ask questions, and make the best decision you can with the information you have. Your child’s pediatrician will be a big part of those early years so it is important that you and your child feel comfortable with them.
Some sample questions are:

  • What is your philosophy about child rearing?
  • Who covers the practice when you are out of town?
  • Do you have a 24 hour hotline and a nurse practitioner on call for emergency advice?
  • What is your policy on minor emergency visits without an appointment?
  • What vaccinations do they recommend and what is the schedule?
  • How do they feel about listening to parents about their children’s condition?  Mommy knows best or they are the professionals?
  • Cost and what insurance coverage is accepted?
  • If you wanting to use holistic solutions, how does the pediatrician view this?  How do they feel about breastfeeding?

One of the best gifts for a new mother, is a list of recommended pediatricians from other mothers.

Dr. Cristina Ramirez provides holistic chiropractic care for pregnant women, babies, and kids.

Evelyn Lozada shares gorgeous professional maternity photos

Basketball Wives cast member Evelyn Lozada shared gorgeous photos of a recent maternity photo shoot with LA photographer Josh Madson.
In a caption to the image of the mom-to-be in a beautiful floral bump hugging sun dress looking down and cradling her unborn son, the boutique owner wrote, “Everything grows rounder and wider and weirder, and I sit here in the middle of it all and wonder who in the world you will turn out to be.”

She posted another image in an open knit shirt looking more pensive and captioned it with: 

No doubt you’re a son of mine, You make me feel happy even when I’m sad, because the formation of another life makes me glad. Proud of you I am, I already know how you’ll be, a smart ‘lil’ man for mommy to see, no worries from me a mom to be, to a special baby boy I can’t wait to see. ❤️

Lozada and daughter Shaniece
Aww. Sweet! Lozada and fiance LA Dodgers player Carl Crawford  are expecting their first child together. Lozada has a 20-year old daughter Shaniece Hairston from a previous relationship and Crawford has a 9-year old son and a 5-month old daughter from a previous relationship.

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Pregnancy Haiku

While combing through the Blog’s 6 year archives, I discovered some pretty creative short posts and thought I would share the best 5 here, my Bellyitch Blog Haiku.

poor soon-to-be-middle child.
He insists on sitting on my rapidly vanishing lap. That is his favorite spot for reading a book or coloring while I’m on the computer.
UNFORTUNATELY, LITTLE MUNCHKIN, there is little room on there as Baby#3 grows and grows.
He slips off. He wiggles his little bum BACK BACK to try to squeeze back on…
He slides…He slips.
I have to put him on his own chair to sit on his own bottom.
Mommy’s lap is “Out of Order” for 3 months, I tell him. Come Back in February.
ode to Garlic

Garlic. Oh Garlic. How do I hate your scent? Let me count the ways.
Pungent. Offensive. You make me want to barf. You waif through the air
Attach to my clothes, my skin. No amount of spearmint, peppermint or vanilla mint toothpaste of mouthwash can banish your aroma…
you stank.
so it’s bad enough I’m already clumsy and a bit on the less than graceful side…throw in a bout of pregnancy-induced klutziness and look out world!
sometimes I feel there is a practical joke- busting ghost or spirit walking around just knocking stuff out of my hands for fun.
why else would I drop the entire bowl of cookie dough my son and I were going to bake on Monday or spill a half a cup of coffee on my lap while dropping off my other son yesterday for no apparent reason…really, I keep dropping stuff left and right. Is my equilibrium off or something? Do I need glasses?
geez! I’m feeling quite Steve Urkel these days that’s for sure.
sleep v. the bladder

this time around, i’m not letting my bladder win
even with a gallon of pee resting on my groins, I refuse to get up and interrupt those lovely and vivid dreams pregnant women get
so i get up once a night and not 3 x as with the boys’ pregnancy…i’m gonna ask my doc if I am destroying my bladder doing this and setting myself up for incontinence in the future!
i suppose the first time i wake up in small puddle that would put an end to my stubborn battle…
tee hee….
someone needs a facial
i think of the intro to hip hop star Kelis’ song “Bossy” which starts with “diamonds on my neck, diamonds on my grill…” I LOVE KELIS! (video HERE
but in my version it goes, “I got pimples on my neck…pimples cause this girl…pimples on my neck…”
HAHAHA! i’ve counted 5 pimples on my neck and 4 on my chin in the LAST TWO DAYS! wHAT DA??? I am blessed with pretty good skin so these things set a sister back a bit…I’ve been mudmasking it for two days, but I think i need professional intervention….

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