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VIRAL: Beginning of the School Year v End of the Year (VIDEO)


By now, for parents of school-aged kids, the weight of permission slips, school plays, bake sales, fundraisers, class pictures, field trips is starting to bear down. All of the extra effort put forth at the beginning of the year when fresh with energy and excitement for the start of a new term has waned.  Plenty of moms and dads are counting down the days to Spring and  Summer break.

They also may be slacking on their enthusiasm as displayed in this hilarious viral video from Buzzfeed release last Spring. It is quite timely indeed.

Funny stuff!

Viral: Grandmom’s Wrong Text Ends in Heartwarming Invitation to Strangers


A 17 year old from Phoenix, Arizona was accidentally included in a group text from a grand mom named Wanda Delch who is of no relation and is a stranger to him.

He replied to the text thinking it was his grandmom but quickly learned it was not.

“I thought it was either a wrong number or my grandma learned how to use a phone correctly,” Jamal Hinton told NBC News.

He sent a selfie and Delch sent one back.

Hinton jokingly replied”you not my grandma. Can I still get a plate tho?”

Delch said yes!

“I said you sure can, that’s what grandma’s do,” Delch told the news site. The pair met Wednesday night — and Delch extended the invitation to Hinton’s entire family.

“I’ve got to figure out how big a turkey I need for 20 people,” Delch added.

Their story, reported by Buzzfeed on Wednesday morning, immediately went viral. The tale was seen by nearly two million people and re-tweeted over 120,000 times. It had clearly touched a nerve for millions of Americans.

“I feel like everybody sees this joy that two people, two strangers can actually connect,” said Hinton. Watch ABC News’ coverage of the heartwarming exchange.

Their story is reminiscent of another mistaken text where a couple sent a wrong birth announcement text and ended up getting visits from the strangers for the baby. Also, there is the story of a grandfather who made homemade burgers for his grandkids but none showed up. Later, he ended up getting lots of visits from dozens of area teens who appreciated a good burger!

A rep from Buzfeed said people love feel good stories like those especially around the holidays when people can forget the seasons for giving and being charitable.

Buzzfeed’s Disney Princess Breastfeeding Illustrations are Weirding Out Its Readers

disney princess buzzfeed

What happens when a Buzzfeed illustrator places illustrations of Disney Princesses and insert them nursing babies in modern public places in an attempt to normalize breastfeeding?

You get a brilliant montage that is also a great think piece! Don’t pay attention to the majority of their readers in the comment section who say they are weirded out by the images.

Will it actually normalize breastfeeding in public? Maybe not. Will it illicit dialogue about it? Yes it will. That’s a win in our book!

Check out the full images at Buzzfeed HERE!

h/t IamNotTheBabySitter

photos: Buzzfeed, Thinkstock and Loryn Brantz


Former Teen Mom creates Post-Pregnancy Friendly Swimsuit Line


former teenmom

A former Florida Teen Mom has released a brand of two piece swimsuits to cover moms’ stretchmarks and C-section scars.

Altrichia Cook says after having her son ten years ago, she struggled finding swimwear to accommodate her post-baby body, Buzzfeed reports.

“I was just looking for a high-waist suit for a vacation with friends to Puerto Rico,” Cook told Yahoo Parenting. “I couldn’t find one, so I took matters into my own hands and designed one.”


Altrichia Cook, center, and models                                   Cendino Teme Photography

When her friends saw the ones she made for herself and began inquiring on how they could get one just like it, Cook realized that she was not alone in her feelings about swimwear and launched  her line, Allusions by A.Lekay.

Her designs are a welcome addition to the market.

“As I have grown, I get so many thank-you emails of women thanking me,” says Cook, who has since reunited with her son Anthony’s father. “One instance, a customer told me that she hadn’t worn a two-piece swimsuit in over 20 years.”

teen mom swim nicki minaj

Her line got a recent boost when rapper Nicki Minaj was photographed in one of her designs from her Rockstar collection on the cover of the July issue of Cosmopolitan magazine.

Now that’s what’s up!

Recently, there has been a movement for mothers to embrace their post-baby bodies including all the marks that come with it.

While Cook agrees its important to “love the skin you’re in,” but still, says  “realistically, no woman wants to share her stretch marks or C-section scars.”

Kudos to her and that line! We’ll pick up a pair for the Bellyitch moms on staff!


Nonprofit invents ‘shoes that grow’ for kids in poor nations

While working in an orphanage in Africa, Kenton Lee, executive director of Because International, said he noticed a little girl in a white dress wearing shoes that were several sizes too small. When he inquired more, Lee learned that the home had gotten a shipment of donated shoes but the kids were stuck wearing what was available. The other alternative would be to go barefoot then risk exposure to ground contaminants.
That’s when Lee came up with the concept for “Shoes That Grow.” 
He partnered with designers and created a shoe with snaps, buttons and a few buckles that hold the shoe together and can be adjusted to grow as the child does. 
The shoes can grow five sizes and can last up to five years. 
  • Small = Grows 5 sizes – From Kindergarten to 4th Grade 
  • Large = Grows 5 sizes – From 5th Grade to 9th Grade. 

Because International has delivered shoes to children in impoverished nations including Haiti, Kenya, Ghana and Ecuador and is considering expanding the program to help poor children in the US.
The organization relies on donations to ship the shoes, which cost $10 each, in bullk. Consider donating a shoe, a duffle bag  or volunteering otherwise here and check out this promotional video about the group and its efforts:

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36 Innovative Inventions for New Parents

We were preparing to update our wildly popular post of “8 Fun and Wacky Inventions” for new parents when we noticed that Buzzfeed beat us to the punch with its recent post of “36 Ingenious Things You’ll Want as a New Parent”. While most of the products on our list were more novelty than functional, the innovative products and devices on Buzzfeed’s list look quite functional and practical.

It’s worth a looksey. Our favorite is the sippy cup that suctions to the bottom of the table. Ingenious!

Check out the other fab items listed HERE!

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