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Doc McStuffins Featured a Lesbian Family But Didn’t Make It A Big Deal…For A reason

Without much fanfare, The Disney Channel broadcast an episode of its popular show Doc McStuffins featuring an interracial lesbian couple last month. The episode titled Doc McStuffins titled “The Emergency Plan” was voiced by real life lesbian actresses Portia di Rossi and actress/comedian Wanda Sykes.

To perhaps make it less of a big deal and more normal, the show was not about the same sex couple being lesbians but taught kids how to prepare for an earthquake.

The lack of fanfare toward this inclusivity appears to be the first step in reflecting the world as it is, a Mashable report on the episode aptly summarized.

“I always envision Doc McStuffins as a show about what it means to accept everyone as part of our communities,” said the show’s executive producer Chris Nee in a GLAAD blogpost. “As part of a two-mom family, I’m proud to have an episode that reflects my son’s world, and shows everyone that love is love in McStuffinsville,” said Nee, who also wrote the episode.”

h/t Mashable

For Real this Time: Disney Introduces Its First 100% Latina Princess (TRAILER)


Disney’s first Latina princess is here and so is the trailer to the television series she stars in: Elena of Avalor.

Princess Elena Castillo Flores is empowered, a skilled sword fighter and is set to gain political control over her kingdom. No, she is not the typical damsel in distress princesses of yesteryear who waited in a tower to be rescued by Prince Charming. (No offense Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella and Snow White). Really, ever since Brave, princesses haven’t been the same [See Brave‘s Merida, Rapunzel and Frozen‘s Anna] (smile)

On the cusp of ascending to the throne as Queen, Elena, the rebel does the dirty work to protect her land. She’s pretty bad a*#@!

Yeah, we said it!

Elena will be voiced by actress Aimee Carrero (Young & Hungry), who was born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic before moving to Miami, Florida.

aimee carrero
Unlike other Disney Princesses introduced in a motion picture, Elena of Avalor is a TV series which starts July 22nd.

And unlike “Sofia the First“, Disney’s first attempt at a Latina princess before facing backlash that she was too white, Elena is 100% Latina and has deep olive skin tone, and is not of mixed heritage as Disney was forced to reveal about Sofia amid the firestorm. (Read about that controversy HERE)

Others lending their voice include: Jenny Ortega (Jane the Virgin); Chris Parnell (Saturday Night Live); Yvette Nicole Brown (Community), Carlos Alazraqui (Disney Junior’s Sheriff Callie’s Wild Wese), Emiliano Diez (George Lopez) and more.

Watch the trailer here:


Check out Why We’re Obsessed With Disney’s New Latina Princess

by Monica Marino at Mode

The models who inspired your kid’s fave Disney characters

Have you ever wanted to see the real life reference models that Disney’s animation team used to create some of the physical appearances, facial expressions and mannerisms of some of your favorite Disney characters?
Zimbo put together a pictorial with background insight into the women who helped bring these characters to life, including Maleficent from Snow White above:
Sleeping Beauty

Snow White


See the complete list and read the back story HERE!


Best Snow Day Announcement: ‘School is Closed’ set to Frozen’s ‘Let it Go’ (VIDEO)

When our kids’ school is out, we get an email or an automated call or perhaps we get the word watching the local news.

Moses Brown High School principal Matt Glendinning of Rhode Island took a creative and fun route by capturing the news in a hilariously funny YouTube video to the very popular Oscar-winning tune “Let it Go” from the blockbuster Disney animated film  Frozen. 

Too funny! Check it out: “School is Closed”:

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A non-vaccinated kid at Disney responsible for recent measles outbreak

Officials are blaming the recent measles outbreak at Disneyland parks on a kid of “anti-vaxxers”, parents who refuse to immunize their children from deadly diseases, 
Apparently, as the theory goes, somebody’s non- vaccinated kid caught the measles while traveling abroad then went to one of the Disney Parks in California and sneezed.  It was the little action needed for all the other anti-vaxxer kids at that park to be exposed and come down with the deadly disease. 
A total of 64 children since December in California have contracted the highly contagious disease, a likely impact of the anti-immunization movement, the Washington Post reports. 
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention state that measles is so contagious that if “one person has it, 90% of the people close to that person who are not immune will also become infected.”
And there you have it. We knew it was coming.
The outbreak has gotten so bad, California officials issued a warning telling anyone under 12 who is not vaccinated to avoid Disney, the Los Angeles Times reported. 
Disney has told its employees in contact with measles-sickened co-workers to stay home until they can prove they’ve been vaccinated and undergo a blood test. 
It’s a case of too much education, a new study says, finding that anti-vaxxers are affluent, educated and cluster in certain communities and infect each others’ thinking on the issue.
It’s unfortunate. As I’ve blogged before, I could have died from catching German Measles while a small child living in my native Sierra Leone, West Africa decades ago. Vaccinations were a premium and privilege that all kids did not get back when I was growing up.
My best friend and I contracted the disease at the same time and he died. 
It is for this reason, I am always baffled by those who decide against vaccinating their kids, and to take their chances, believing they are protecting their kids, and not putting them as risk for early death. A report in 2011, found that the study that catapulted the modern anti-vaxx movement was a big fraud. 
Baffles the mind!
Sound off in the comments. Risk worth taking or reckless option to not vaccinate?

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10 ways to save money at Disney parks

Nearly every kid dreams of going to one of the Disney theme parks during their childhood years, but parents are usually a little more hesitant to book the trip because of the hefty price tag that accompanies it. If you are thinking about taking a trip to a Disney park and are looking to save money, check out the following ways to save hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on your trip.  Keep in mind that Disney would like you to think that buying their packages is the best way to save money, but often you can save more by buying things separately.
  1.     Stay off the Disney campus.  Surrounding hotels have lower pricing to entice travelers away from staying at Disney.  Keep in mind that you will need to have a way to travel back and forth from Disney if you stay off campus.
  2.     Book your trip during the off season.  Disney has many seasons ranging from “Value” to “Peak”.  Unfortunately there isn’t a 3 month period that is considered to be the off season.  Weekdays during the fall months are cheaper, and the period after Thanksgiving and before December 21st, when “Holiday Season” starts, is cheaper to book as well.
  3.     Book a hotel that includes breakfast.  While breakfast is one of the least expensive meals to eat out, it can save you a surprising amount of money by eating at the hotel.  Before heading back to your room, grab some extra fruit for a snack later in the day.
  4.     Bring along a soft sided cooler.  You are allowed to bring in soft sided coolers to the park, and the ones that will fit in a backpack or are a backpack are ideal.  This allows you to bring in both snacks and lunch.  Plan to stop at a discount store or a grocery store to stock up on some food to take in for when family members start to get hungry.
  5.     Plan to eat your evening meal outside of the park.  By dinner time you’ve spent the majority of the day at Disney and everyone is probably ready for a break.  Take this opportunity to head back to your hotel and let everyone rest a bit and freshen up.  Then, before going back to the park, stop and eat something.
  6.     Bring a refillable water bottle and flavored packets.  There are water sources around the park that you can fill up a water bottle with, but it’s well water and doesn’t taste very good, so plan on bringing some flavored packets to sweeten up the water.  Staying hydrated at the park is very important since you will be outside much of the time.
  7.     Check out local ticket hubs for discounted tickets.  Disney wants you to think that you can’t buy tickets anywhere except through Disney and their affiliates, but this isn’t true.  Keep your eyes open for ongoing deals.  Sometimes you can make a donation to an Orlando hospital and the hospital will give you tickets to Disney for your family.  Different programs like this pop up all year long so keep your eyes open for deals.  Local ticket hubs can save you 5 to 10%, which may not seem like much, but once you do the math it starts to add up.
  8.     Join the Cirque club to receive 35% off of tickets.  Joining the club is free and you must buy your tickets 30 days in advance to receive the discount.  The discount is only offered for the Cirque de Soleil performances that are during the Tuesday through Saturday shows.  Check the online club for applicable dates.
  9.     Go to Disney Quest for half price.  If you’d like to check out Disney Quest (a virtual-reality theme park in downtown Disney) you can check for a manager’s special.  Often if you go within 2 hours or less of closing you can save half off the ticket price.  It would be something different to do and if you can go for half price it might be worth it.  This discount isn’t always offered so check while you are there.
  10.     When renting a car don’t get stuck on size.  If you plan on renting a car once you reach Disney make sure to check rental sites often, because specials do change.  Rebooking your reservation could save you a bundle.  Compact cars tend to rent out first so check the next size up; you can still end up saving because the rental companies may have a bunch of bigger cars they need to rent out and as such will give you a free upgrade.
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Vanessa Hudgens as pregnant teen in “Gimme Shelter” Opens Today – WIN a Pair of Movie Tickets! (TRAILER)

I don’t think we’re on the High School Musical set anymore.

Former Disney star Vanessa Hudgens makes a dramatic departure from the role she is best known for as a high school cheerleader in her latest project Gimme Shelter.  In it, she stars, 16-year old Agnes “Apple” Bailey, a pregnant teen who leaves the home of her abusive mom on a trek to find her biological father.

Based on a true story, the movie follows Apple’s journey which  becomes one of survival. There are underlying themes about homelessness, shelters, teen angst, abortion and life that are dealt with in this movie but not in a heavy handed way, we hear.

Here’s an idea, why don’t you enter to win a pair of tickets and let us know what you think about the movie?
To enter, simply tweet about the film in social media the hashtag #GimmeShelter and +Bellyitch in GooglePlus, @Bellyitch  on Twitter or Pinterest.  Or enter below by leaving a comment sharing why you think being a mother is the toughest job in the world.

Each household is only eligible to win ONE (1) Pack of Two (2) AMC Movie Tickets via blog reviews and giveaways. Only one entrant per mailing address per giveaway. If you have won the same prize on another blog, you will not be eligible to win it again. Winner is subject to eligibility verification.

Watch the Trailer
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