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Dominique Dawes and Jaime Pressley Are Latest Celeb Women Over 40 to Welcome Twins

We just noticed this but US Olympics gymnastics gold medalist Dominique Dawes and My Name Is Earl star Jaime Pressly became the latest in the growing list of celebrity women to welcome twins over the age of 40.

 Dawes and her husband welcomed their third and fourth children, a set of fraternal twins, son Lincoln and daughter Dakota in late January.

 Pressly welcomed her twin boys Leo and Lenon on October 14, 2017. Dawes was 41 when she welcomed her children and Pressly was already 40.

Other women in the club include Jennifer Lopez, Mariah Carey, Julia Roberts, Marcia Cross and several others.

Dawes and her Catholic school teacher husband Jeff Thompson are parents to 4-year old daughter Kateri and 2-year old daughter Quinn. Dawes now works as a brand ambassador, a motivational speaker and sometimes gymnastics commentator.

Pressly’s twin boys are the first children the actress and longtime boyfriend Hamzi Hijazi have together. Pressly is also mom to 10-year-old son Dezi James from a previous relationship.


Olympic Gold Medalist Dominique Dawes is Expecting Twins!

Congratulations to retired Olympic Gold Medalist gymnast Dominique Dawes who expecting twins this January, joining our long list of celebrity moms to twins.

The brand ambassador shared the news on her birthday last week.

“Well, a lot to say here on my BIRTHDAY post,” Dawes, who is also a motivational speaker, captioned a photo of herself with her two daughters 3-year old Kateri and 1-year old Quinn. “Now being 41 couldn’t feel better- unless you’re extremely pregnant- with TWINS, due this January!” How exciting!

This is welcome news for the stay-at-home mom who sadly suffered a miscarriage this past February that she also shared with her followers and fans on Instagram and Facebook.

“I’ve been overwhelmed with love and support by you all, concerning my miscarriage earlier this year,” she wrote in her pregnancy announcement. “I couldn’t tell you how much it meant to read your kind words and reading the stories you’ve shared about your personal struggle as well, with dealing with a miscarriage. It’s surreal to know that this pregnancy has been tough, as most are, but extremely joyful- my husband and 2 little daughters are anxiously awaiting the arrival of our new daughter and son!”

I love Dawes because I believe she is my spirit twin. We’re both around the same age, are from Maryland, are 5’2 and converted to Catholicism after marrying our spouse. Dawes and her husband, The Heights school religion teacher Jeff Thompson, married in 2013. Love her and her openness and positive vibe.

Congrats to them.

A little more about her tragic loss from earlier this year which she discussed in the most optimistic and faithful way…


As for turning 40 at the end of 2016, 2017 truly has proven to be my toughest year to date….. (Yes even those Olympic training years are included). My little family has been stricken with the norovirus, conjunctivitis, now pneumonia & also my impending miscarriage. Yes, I am putting myself out there and saying this is the toughest thing I’ve ever been through, acknowledging the fact that we lost a child in utero. I know so many women out there have been through this, but it doesn’t make it easier. First, I was in complete DENIAL& ASHAMED…I’ve been holding onto HOPE that there is still a fighting chance that this isn’t true, but I’m facing the certain reality that it is the hard truth. ACCEPTANCE! Every pregnancy is so intimate and personal. It still hurts. But, having God, a loving husband (who has totally stepped up and cleans the dishes every night now) and my 2 most precious and prized gifts–my two baby girls to comfort me and stand with me through these tough days. Knowing the reality and accepting this miscarriage, has brought me to a better place. At first I was ashamed and blamed myself, like I did something wrong. Now I’m looking forward with HOPE for the future! I know there are women out there who have and are going through this reality. Put faith in God first, lean on loved ones and everything will work out the way it was meant to. God Bless…

A post shared by Dominique Dawes (@daweser) on

Newly Catholic Dominique Dawes is expecting a baby girl, talks pregnancy, Sochi & her husband (EWTN VIDEO)

Ten-year US Olympic Women Gymnastics team member and Olympic Gold-medalist Dominique Dawes opened up about her career and life to Catholic TV network EWTN’s Raymond Arroyo this week.
The mom-to-be, who is a newly converted Catholic and is weeks from delivering her first child, said she considers herself a mommy right now and  is learning to change her previously perfectionist ways.
“I’m learning to ‘Let go and Let God”,’ the 1996 US Olympic Women’s Floor Exercise Bronze champion said on the show World Over. “I’m learning to not focus on being a perfectionist and I’m learning to just relax and not set these unrealistic expectations… It’s been a struggle for me.”
She added, “you do really need to put pride and your ego aside at times and learn to accept sometimes that ‘good’ is sometimes ‘good enough.'”

Dawes revealed that although she seemed calm and poised while performing on the world stage, she was battling self-doubt and was a pessimist, but knew how to “fake it til you make it.” Her teammates, fans and family kept her going though inside she was quite a “nervous Ninny,” she said.”It was calming myself, getting at peace, affirmations,” she said of what helped propel her to success when visualization techniques didn’t work.

“I created a motto for myself as a young child. I called it D3: Determination, Dedication, Desire, so I would repeat these affirmations and even scriptures like Phillipians 4:13, ‘through all things God who strengthens me'” Dawes said. “Whenever those moments of doubt or negative thoughts would come in, I would push it out with these words.”

Dawes, who was the first African American woman to win an individual Olympics gymnastics medal, added that pregnancy is scary but it’s something she has always desired. Before admitting that she felt she was “called” to be a gymnast, she said she’s open to her new role as a mom.
“Right now, my child is very much in control and I’ve always known that God is in control so it’s just me learning to let go and to embrace this experience and embrace the fact that I have a new and different body,” she said, adding that she is learning to “embrace the emotional roller coast” she has gone through as a pregnant woman and embrace what is going to happen when she becomes a new mom.”
Dawes, who shared on the show that she is an introvert, revealed back on December 10 on her Instagram account that she is expecting a baby girl.
“I wanted to introduce my baby girl to a place I will always cherish. Olympic Park…17 yrs after making history,” she captioned this Instagarm photo during a trip to Atlanta’s Centennial Park last December. ” Fond memories!”

Since spilling the beans about being pregnant in a big way this past December, Dawes has been more open about her personal  life.

Dawes married The Heights School’s religion teacher and adviser Jeff Thompson last Spring.

Dawes and a Potomac, Maryland religion teacher Jeff Thompson married 9 days after Dawes joined the Catholic church last year 2013 during the Easter Vigil. Dawes was born Baptist but joined the faith of her late paternal grandmother who was a Piscataway tribe member, she told Arroyo.

And though that wasn’t public news, the petite mom-to-be mentioned him last week while watching The Gabby Douglas Story on Lifetime last week for the first time EVER, tweeting:
And during the EWTN interview she revealed that she changed her stance about not wanting her child to become a gymnast after visiting a venue and seeing teenie tiny leotards and telling her husband who she said is 6 foot 3 that she couldn’t wait to put their daughter in that.
Though she is open to the fact that having a tall husband may make it so they won’t have a “gymnastics-shaped” child. Funny!
Despite all the buzz about terrorist threats with the current Olympic Winter Games in Russia, Dawes said if she were an athlete she would go to the Olympics game in Sochi.  Dawes competed at the Atlanta games which was marred by a bombing on July 26, 1996 which claimed a life and injured over a hundred people, but still.
Given how long you’ve trained, since a child, most athletes wouldn’t walk away from a competition over threats, she said.
Watch the complete enlightening video from the segment on YouTube here:

Personal note: I’m thinking Dawes is my sister from another mother (and father). We both converted to Catholicism late in life within a year of becoming a mother for the first time, as an adult after marrying Catholic men. We  both went to the University of Maryland at College Park.  We both have a Type-A personality, are both 5 foot 3 inches tall but married men who are 6 feet 3 and both are entrepreneurial business women. Twinsies! 🙂  I just need to go get an Olympic medal and the circle would be complete! LOL!

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