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Trump’s New Policies Target Pregnant Women from Non European Nations

The Trump Administration has instituted a new policy that essentially instructs airlines to assume heavily pregnant women from mainly non-European nations are coming to the US for the purpose of giving  birth and having a US citizen child, according to a new policy directive from the US State Department.

It also appears that airlines that fly into the United States are being threatened with a fine for allowing inadmissible people on flights to America.

According to unclassified but not yet public State Department cables obtained by media outlets, US  consular offices abroad to demand women meet the burden  of proving they are not traveling to America to have a baby.

Only women who provide additional evidence to rebut that presumption they are going to the US to give birth will be granted visas to travel here.

The new policy applies to B1/B2 visas, which are for tourism and business travel.

Recall that last November, a Japanese woman who airline workers thought looked pregnant was prohibited from boarding a plane in Hong Kong to a US property land until she took a pregnancy test.

The policy is to head off “birth tourism” and a belief that citizens of other nations are using babies to anchor themselves to the US.

The pejorative and highly divisive terms “anchor babies” and “chain migration” come to mind.

The former refers to the knowledge that a baby born on US soil is a US Citizen, under the US Constitution, and the latter term refers to the concept that said baby could later petition his or her non-citizen parents, who, when they become a citizen, can then later file and get other foreign  relatives to join them in America and eventually be permanent residents or citizens themselves.

Hence the term “chain” migration.

There is a fear among “nativists” that the growing diversity and multiculturalism or  “browning of America” over the years is due partially to chain migration by immigrants from Asian, African, South and Central American countries.

The policy seems to anchor on this fear.

Consider the fact that the new policy only applies to B-visas, therefore, the 22 visa waiver countries, whose citizens are not required to obtain a visa to visit, and who are also more often North European and wealthy, are not to be screened.

Nations that do not require Visas to visit the US

If the concern really was about birth tourism, there should be a policy to stop any and all foreign pregnant women not just those from non European and a few Asian nations (South Korea, Singapore and Japan) and one South American country (Chile).

On the fear of “anchor babies” from brown and black nations, there is a flaw because a baby cannot petition for a parent until that baby grows to be 21-years old.

Therefore, the process of anchoring oneself to the US via a baby is a long and arduous one that would take decades.

It is easier for an adult like First Lady Melania Trump to have gotten US Citizenship to her parents following Melania’s marriage and naturalization via her husband Donald J. Trump than a baby born in America to foreign parentage today.

The new policy opens the door for racial profiling on the level seen before in the past when a lawsuit claimed that consular  officers used racial and economic profiling to refuse visas, asserting  that an applicant “looks poor,” as well as “talks poor” and “looks scary,” and on this basis alone would deny a visa applicant

The lawsuit revealed that consular officers regularly engaged in “gut assessments” when denying visas. They made a subjective judgment about applicants based on their appearance, employing letters to indicate their findings.

Finally, as New England Law professor Dina Francesca Hayne writes in a recent opinion piece in The Hill, the new policy targets one gender, women and subjects them to heightened scrutiny, and potential embarrassment and possible harassment.

Hayne writes:

A male visa holder would never bear this burden; even though, as was proven by the story leading off this opinion piece, it is apparently easy to guess incorrectly about whether or not a woman is pregnant.

One of the first rules of etiquette is to never ask a woman if she is pregnant, because the likelihood of being wrong is both so high, and so traumatizing, as the Japanese woman at the outset of this piece stated.


Ivanka Trump, Daughter, Mom and Wife at Inauguration


This weekend, our Bellyitch Bumpwatch alum Ivanka Trump witnessed her dad Donald J. Trump get sworn in as the 45th President of the United States of America.

The business mogul and The Apprentice reality TV show star carried her children Arabella Rose, Theordore James and Joseph Frederick with her to the swearing in ceremony at the US Capitol building  this past Friday, January 20, 2017.  She was captured leaving the President’s room of the US Senate after her dad formally signed his cabinet nominations into law. She wore a gorgeous white pant suit.

Heading to the parade! ?? #inauguration

A photo posted by Ivanka Trump (@ivankatrump) on

That night, she stunned in a jeweled and beaded long sleeve Caroline Herrera gown and took a dance at the Freedom Ball at the Washington Convention Center with her husband Jared Kushner who recently got cleared to serve as a special adviser to the president.


What a special moment for her and the family. They all looked great at the Lincoln Memorial the night before the inauguration witnessed a celebratory concert.



Look at NBC’s Shade-Filled Post about Donald Trump’s Unspoken Position on Pregnancy in the Workplace

trump ivanka

Mainstream popular media organizations can give shade too, now.

Case in point: today NBC published an article about GOP Presidential Nominee Donald J. Trump which attempts to decode the presidential hopeful’s position on pregnancy in the workplace. The piece really backs into, but stops short of saying the man is hostile to pregnant women in business.

Note: Trump has never given an official position on this topic but this piece attempts to help the reader decode what that would be based on his past remarks.

Writer Ali Vitali leads with an interview with NBC’s Dateline in 2004 where Trump said pregnancy “it’s a wonderful thing for the husband, it’s certainly an inconvenience for a business. And whether people want to say that or not, the fact is it is an inconvenience for a person that is running a business.”

Hmmmm. Curious.

Watch the video from that interview for yourself and decide:

Then, the piece jumps several years to 2015 when the standard bearer for the Republican party told Fox BusinessStuart Varney, “you have to be careful with” paid family leave because it could impact keeping “our country very competitive” but “certainly there are a lot of people discussing it.”

The Curioser and curiouser.

Finally, Vitali brings up the March 2016 praise the business man had for his own daughter Ivanka Trump  after she rushed to appear at a campaign stop with him only 10 days after giving birth to her third child.

“You know, she had a baby like 5 days ago,” Trump praised her during the rally, which was actually held 10 days after Ivanka gave birth. “She did a good job. So I should not say Ivanka, you’re fired, right? I promise.”

Well, when you say it like that!

To cap off the unspoken and indirect prognostication, Vitali quotes Trump saying that women love him but follows up with a quote from its own joint poll with the Wall Street Journal which has 63% of those polled saying that Hillary Clinton would be best at dealing with issues of concern to women, while only 16% of voters felt that way about Trump.

But don’t be swayed. Make up your own mind. (smile)

Sneaky. Sneaky. ha!

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