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Women in Hollywood Are Getting Baby Foreskin Facials Now

First it was “vampire” facials and now affluent women and celebrities like Kate Beckinsale, Sandra Bullock and Cate Blanchett are going to spas to have the foreskin of circumcised babies applied to their skin for cosmetic reasons. 

How it works is: Dermal fibroblasts–skin cells that are responsible for generating connective tissue–are taken from the circumcised foreskin of infant penises and then used as a culture for growing new stem cells.

Those new cells are then used to make a serum that is applied to the face as part of a specialized facial.

The procedure costs $650 and is offered at the Georgia Louise Atelier in New York City, and has become a go-to among celebrities. 

In a recently deleted Instagram post, actress Kate Beckinsale reportedly admitted she got one of the penis facials.

“After a long flight I do like to lie down and be covered in a mask of liquified cloned foreskins-frankly who doesn’t?” People magazine reports the captioned an Instagram photo “Thank you @georgialouisesk for an amazing facial. I especially liked you reassuring me it would be ‘light on penis’ as it was my first time x.”

Yikes! The reply and backlash was swift and probably is the reason Beckinsale removed the post.  You can read Cafe Mom’s round up of some negative social media commentary HERE!

Earlier this year, Bravo TV scripted television star Jill Kargman tried out the procedure and penned her experience for Hollywood Reporter and even starred in a smiley photo after the treatment. Eeek!

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photo: courtesy Hollywood Reporter

Mark Zuckerberg is Taking Two Months Paternity Leave After Second Daughter’s Birth

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his pediatrician wife Dr. Pricilla Chan welcomed  their second daughter, August, ironically in the month of August. That month, he took a month of paternity leave off and he is off again for another month!

“I’m going on parental leave for December to be with August and Max, so you’ll hear from me a little less,” hecaptioned a photo of himself and older daughter Max and their dog walking away. “We have a couple more Facebook and philanthropy announcements this year and then I’ll see you all in 2018!”

Photographs of Zuckerberg during his time off emerged on Daily Mail, where he is seen relaxing in Hawaii.

Consider the fact that America is the only industrialized nation which doesn’t mandate paid leave for mothers of newborns. Of course, plenty private companies offer the benefit to new moms but it isn’t required by law.  The concept of paternity leave is catching on and mainly among tech companies and other major companies.

Coca-Cola, American Express, and EY all offer paid parental leave. At Facebook, employees, regardless of gender, get four months leave after the birth of a child, a generous benefit by American standards.

While the US does have a federal law that entitles women to 12 weeks off after the birth of a child, there is no law requiring companies pay women during that time. And there is no law relating to working fathers after the birth of a child.

 Read more about the break at Business Insider

Major Network Reality TV Casting: Show About Searching for Your Child’s Dad

If you are a solo parent who has lost track of your child’s father and aren’t shy about expanding your search before the public, you can consider auditioning for a new show by Squeaky Wheel Casting, an agency which has cast for reality TV shows on HGTV, BravoTV, TLC, Spike, Food Network, Oxgyen, Lifetime channels and more.

The new lifestyle series which is being cast on behalf of a “big time network” will take viewers through the process of a single mom or mom-to-be who is trying to track down her child’s dad.

Now this would apply for those who had a one-night stand that resulted in a pregnancy, or someone who got pregnant for a former lover or partner and for one reason or another failed to inform him of his fatherhood. Or maybe, the dad was aware but dipped out of the picture to avoid responsibility.

If this fits your situation and you’re cool about being on TV, you can contact casting agent at info@SqueakyWheelCasting.com or fill out this FORM HERE!!

Do let us know on our socials Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram if you get cast! We would love to follow your story and root you on your journey!


April The Giraffe is Cleared For Another Pregnancy Amidst PETA Opposition

April The Giraffe, who took the Internet by storm earlier this year with the live streaming of the delivery of her baby calf Tajiri, has been cleared for another pregnancy but the news isn’t welcome to everyone.

Last week, Animal Adventure Park in Harpursville, N.Y. posted a photo of  Tajiri’s parents April and Oliver as part of the announcement of the news to its fans on Facebook.

That post has since garnered over 53,000 reactions on Facebook and has been shared more than 10,000 times, as of Monday morning. However, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, better known as PETA and a vocal critic of animal mistreatment, responded negatively to the news.

In a statement, Brittany Peett, PETA Foundation director of Captive Animal Law Enforcement, lambasted the park, accusing it of having “wrung every dollar and video hit that it could out of this giraffe’s pregnancy.” The statement also called on the park to “prioritize animal welfare over fleeting online fame and end its shameful giraffe-breeding program.”

Jordan Patch, the Park’s owner, responded to the accusation by touting the benefits of the live stream to elevating their educational platform and enhancing giraffe conservation.

“We didn’t ask for viewership, we didn’t promote the giraffe cam, and we certainly didn’t plan on a worldwide phenomenon. However, we received it,” Patch told USA Today. “We used the platform and audience to educate on giraffe conservation, dwindling populations and habitat destruction. We’ve been able to couple that message with the donation of tens of thousands of dollars to support the conservation efforts in Africa. We’ve made a difference, tangible change, with our efforts.”

Money raised through a naming contest for the park’s giraffe calf, born April 15, was donated in part to giraffe conservation, in addition to funding the park’s annual Ava’s Little Heroes fundraiser, which supports local families with a child fighting a health battle.

“At the end of the day, we all want what is best for animals,” Patch said. “While PETA fights the small battles, attacking efforts like ours, Animal Adventure and other facilities are taking on the war that is giraffe conservation.”

photo: courtesy Andrew Thayer, (Binghamton, N.Y.) Press & Sun-Bulletin)

h/t: USA Today

Share your #PalmersBelly, Win a Pregnancy Pamper Back


Hey preggers mamas-to-be, Palmer’s, makers of cocoa butter products long loved by pregnant women, is having a contest inviting expecting ladies to personalize a Palmer‘s photo with their own belly picture.

By participating and sharing the image with your family and friends on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook with the hashtag #PalmersBelly, you’re automatically entered  for a chance to win a Palmer’s pregnancy pamper pack!

Each week, 10 lucky winners will be announced on Palmer’s social media sites.

Sweet!  Good luck mamas!

palmers belly

There is No Such Thing As ‘Having it All’ So Quit Asking Women About It


Salon writer Mary Elizabeth Williams wants people to stop asking working moms about “having it all” — and  she wants women to stop answering

Let’s rewind a bit.

It all started with Facebook executive Margaret Gould Stewart‘s opinion piece in USA Today last Friday. In it, Stewart bemoans the obsession with the fertility of female executive, corporate figures and general managers in the workplace.

“When the venue is a tech conference, let’s talk about tech, for goodness sake. Making motherhood a required topic for women leaders minimizes their contributions to the industry…. It minimizes my expertise and accomplishments and those of my fellow women tech leaders.” she  writes in the piece, suggesting one option for conference moderators.  “As I see it, you have two choices: you can either ask everyone these questions about their private lives and their role as a parent, or you should ask no one.”

And the impetus for her column was witnessing a session at the Fortune Brainstorm conference when the interviewer on stage mentioned that the CEO of YouTube Susan Wojcicki, who was being interviewed, just had her fifth child.  He then tells the audience to give her applause for that but didn’t ask them to give praise for her series of accomplishments he rattled off before talking about her children.

“The first four minutes of a 21-minute interview with the person some call the most influential woman in the industry was focused on parenting and pregnancy,” Stewart recalls.

She ends it with a series of pleas to PR people, Conference organizers and moderators to stick to the script, essentially, and not focus on the “work/life balance” so much for female execs in high ranking positions.

TV Producer and creator of wildly popular shows like Scandal  Shonda Rhimes co-signed on Stewart’s article by retweeting it with the comment, “THIS!”

And seeing that, Williams was inspired to write her piece which says that there is no such a thing as having it all.  In fact, that’s what she called it, “Stop asking working moms about “having it all” — and women, stop answering.”

She suggest that the question is really just a means of telling women that they shouldn’t strive for the pinnacles of success in the workplace.

“They’re supposed to come up short and serve as cautionary tales of what happens when women want things, especially things in addition to babies…” Williams wraps up the post.

Love it and couldn’t agree more. Check out her entire column Here!

I’m not in the corporate world, but I am an entrepreneur and run my own business and people ask me all the time “how do I do it.” And the answer always is because I love what I do, but as to having it all- Negative.

When you pour your all into your children, you cannot focus on your relationship with your spouse as much. When you are spending late nights at work or on travel constantly, then you miss important moments in your kid’s life.

I am a mess and as much as I give advice on how to keep it together, I am a far way from having all my ish together my darn self.

Scurrying out the house and in between meets and practices and games and school events and managing my media company and blogging and attending  networking functions and events I cover when I’m freelancing and working on a few clients work, I find I’ve lost myself and don’t have time to enjoy each moment.  

I show up late often and get overwhelmed with all the due dates and everything coming at me at once.

Thus, it is true that there is no such a thing as “having it all” but that shouldn’t stop women from doing what they want, striving to the highest achievement or taking a path less traveled…with or without kids.


Viral: Woman ‘Tootsee Rolls’ her Way through Labor (VIDEO)

The video a dad-to-be took of his pregnant wife dancing her way thru labor pains has gone viral.

In the video, which Connell Cloyd uploaded on his Facebook page, featured his wife Yuki Nishizawa doing the butterfly, The Electric Slide and the popular 90s dance to the title song “Toostee Roll” by the group 69 boyz.

“I just felt pain only and nothing positive,” she told INSIDE EDITION. “I said, ‘Let’s ask nurse if it’s okay for me to dance, you know something fun, something positive for me to go through it.'”

The video, as of this post, has been viewed close to 6 million times and the couple have appeared on several news outlets.

“My mind still can’t fathom how many views the video‘s had,” Cloyd told Inside Edition. 

“This is our little Tootsie Roll,” Cloyd said, holding up his newborn son, Coji.

See the YouTube version of the video here:


The Zuckerbergs Fuel more Open Discussions on the Miscarriage Taboo

zuckerberg pricilla baby bellyitchblog.com

“Most people don’t discuss miscarriages because you worry your problems will distance you or reflect upon you — as if you’re defective or did something to cause this. So you struggle on your own.”

Facebook Co-Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg wrote this about he and his wife Pricilla experiencing multiple miscarriages before finally announcing  a pregnancy that will likely go to term.

Miscarriage is such a big taboo and as we’ve written here  often in Bellyitch. Having people of influence like the Zuckerbergs and other celebrities share their journey makes it easier for others not in the limelight to realize they are not alone. It can be a starting point. Kudos for Mark Zuckerberg and Pricilla Chan for being so open.

Elizabeth Cohen, an award-winning senior medical correspondent for CNN’s health, wellness and medical unit, and author of “The Empowered Patient“, wrote about how the announcement and revelation impacted her and how she feels it will help others.


These are the Top 10 Companies to Work for to get Generous Paternity Leave


Unlike progressive nations like Sweden, the United States doesn’t have federally mandated paternity leave for employers. Only 12 percent of US companies offer it.

Given that Bellyitch is an online digital blog and eMagazine and a proud member of Team Internet, we were quite elated to see that 5 of the top 10 companies with generous paternal leave as identified by TakePart are tech companies:

Change.org tops the list at #1 with its 18 weeks paternity leave offering.

Coming in behind the online petitioning site at #2 is Reddit which offers 17 weeks for birth and adoptive dads.

Facebook is number 3 on the list and it extends its leave policy to contractors as well as employers. Sweet!

Number 5 on the list is Twitter which also has a support group for new and future dads. Imagine!

Finally, rounding up tech companies on the top 5 is Google, which at #7 on the list, offers 12 weeks if Dad is the primary caregiver and then throws in an additional 5 weeks for adoptive and surrogate parents.


dad with baby

The other ten companies on the list are: Bank of America (#3), eco-friendly retailer Patagonia (#4),  international US-based law firm Arnold and Porter (#8), Swiss health firm Roche International‘s US offices (#9); and business management consultants Ernst & Young. (#10)

Read more details here: http://ow.ly/OHhiT

Does this photo of Kandi Burruss’ husband Todd give clues of a pregnancy?


Real Housewives of Atlanta cast member Kandi Burruss was most likely shopping for a friend in Los Angeles this weekend when she snapped her new husband Todd Tucker in the infant section of a shoe store.

Nonetheless, the Facebook share of the photo Tucker captioned “In LA shoe shopping! Hope y’all kickin it today and enjoying something” with his initials sent tongues flapping that the multi-award winning songwriter was expecting her second child.

If it were true, this would be her first with Tucker, a freelance producer who was part of the show’s production team  while filming in South Africa when he started dating his new wife.

Burruss, who is 38, reportedly has said she is eager to start trying to have a child and of course several sites have jumped on this potential story and run with it. I suppose here we are too, huh?

Time will tell.

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