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Father’s Day: 3 Amazing New Products for DAD (WIN THEM $269 GIVEAWAY)

Father’s Day is this Sunday and we’re offering our readers a chance to pick up some last minute gift items for dad in our Father’s Day giveaway, featuring some pretty wonderful new products.

Celebrity interior designer Robin Wilson has partnered with consumer products giant Panasonic to promote its latest line of cutting edge products for the home.  We spotted Robin’s pick for dad: Panasonic ES-ST25KS Arc3 Men’s Shaver for its innovative design and shape. Upon further inspection, we’ve learned that the new razor features a 3-Blade Cutting System with a 13,000 CPM linear motor drive to deliver a fast, clean shave.  
The unique, time-saving shave sensor technology automatically detects beard density and adjusts motor speed for a gentle, effective shave experience.  Its Multi-Fit Arc Foil allows the shaver to glide uniformly around the chin and jaw and move in a circular motion and 30-degree Nanotech™ Blades offer an extremely close, smooth shave without irritating skin. 
The razor retails for $149.99 and would make a superb gift for dad.
For about a month now, we’ve had a chance to test out Sol Republic’s RELAYS  ($69.99). It is the first crossover headphone that includes the Patent-pending FreeFlex™ Technology to fit super snug in the ear.  The ear buds deliver superior quality sound and filters out noise as we tested it out running, spinning, biking, and lifting weights.  It is adaptable most Apple, Android and Windows devices and comes in colors black, black and white, blue, yellow and red. 
They are sweat and moisture resistant, come with a slim carrying case and have a 3-button mic for audio and a 3-button control that can pause, resume, skip songs and be used to answer a phone or hang up on a call so everything is seamless.  The $69.99 is worth it for this top of the line super quality headphone. Dad will appreciate it for working out, chilling on the sidelines during trips to soccer practice with the kids, while washing the car or out mowing the lawn or about. 
British Sterling men’s cologne, popular in the 1970s, is making a comeback. Two new scents are now available H.I.M Reserve and H.I.M. Private stock and both at a reasonable price point of $24.99. If you’re still hunting for a last minute gift for dad for Father’s Day, consider picking up one or both. Check out a fun video from the brand launching featuring spokesperson Brooke Sterling, the fragrance’s spokesperson, who is teaching men how to make #SterlingChoices in her first “instructional” video here.
We are offering three Bellyitch Readers a chance to win one of the following three items in a quick last-minute giveaway from now until Friday, June 13 at 5pm. We ship so you can get it in time for Father’s Day this Sunday! Open to the US ONLY! Enter below. Many chances to Enter:

Father’s Day: 10 Gift Ideas for every type of Dad

If you are racking your brain trying to figure out what to get for your dad, husband or partner this upcoming Father’s Day, here are some gift ideas you can consider putting together or gifting him:

  1. The Academic: A basket filled with a collection of books and book marks and/or downloads of his favorite titles on Nook, Kindle or Audible.com.
  2. The Sports Dad: Two tickets to a game or his favorite team’s jersey and cap.
  3. The Movie Loving Dad: A movie prize pack including theater ticket vouchers, a sample of movies, microwave popcorn and/or candy assembled in a basket.
  4. The Cigar Loving Dad: A couple of his favorite cigars and/or a cigar holder, engraved with his initials if you still have time to get that done.
  5. The Jazz Loving Dad: An old jazz album of his that you put in a frame that you can pick up from Target or Walmart and/or tickets to a local jazz performance or club
  6. The Outdoorsy Dad: A collection of common accessories items he needs for a day out hiking, or bike riding or kayaking  that has gotten worn down and need replacing. Assemble a few items of each with some sporting magazines in a basket.
  7. The Businessman Dad: Cuff links, suspenders, a tie tack and/or the traditional tie would be perfect. Anything that can be quickly monogrammed is a plus.
  8. The Nascar loving dad: A poster, cap and other car accessories featuring the logos of his favorite driver
  9. The Hipster dad: A coffee mug with a Starbucks gift card and an iTunes gift card (and or a music mix on a jump drive or CD of his favorite songs)
  10. The Wine Loving dad: A basket with an assortment of his favorite wines, a pack of gourmet crackers, a wedge of aged cheese and a wine bottle opener

Good luck!

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Father’s Day: Top 50 TV Dads of All Time

The Internet Movie Database lists Bill Cosby from the 80s hit The Cosby Show as the top TV dad. Here are the others on its list.  The TV Dads from Modern Family, The Middle, and a few other more recent ones are missing. Who else should be there? Comment below.

2.Ben Cartwright -Bonanza (1959 TV Series), Lorne Greene

3.John Walton -The Waltons (1971 TV Series), Andrew Duggan

4.Charles Ingalls-Little House on the Prairie (1974 TV Series), Michael Landon

5.Danny Williams-Make Room for Daddy (1953 TV Series), Danny Thomas

6.Jim Anderson-Father Knows Best (1954 TV Series), Robert Young

7.Steve Douglas-My Three Sons (1960 TV Series), Fred MacMurray

8.Sheriff Andy Taylor-The Andy Griffith Show (1960 TV Series), Andy Griffith

9.Howard Cunningham-Happy Days (1974 TV Series), Tom Bosley

10.Ray Barone-Everybody Loves Raymond (1996 TV Series), Ray Romano

11.Eric Camden-7th Heaven (1996 TV Series), Stephen Collins

12.Steven Keaton-Family Ties (1982 TV Series), Michael Gross

13.Dan Conner-Roseanne (1988 TV Series), John Goodman

14.Mike Brady-The Brady Bunch (1969 TV Series), Robert Reed

15.Tom Corbett-The Courtship of Eddie’s Father (1963), Glenn Ford

16.Dr. Alex Stone-The Donna Reed Show (1958 TV Series), Carl Betz

17.Forrest Bedford-I’ll Fly Away (1991 TV Series), Sam Waterston

18.George Lopez-George Lopez (2002 TV Series), George Lopez

19.Herman Munster-The Munsters (1964 TV Series), Fred Gwynne

20.Tim Taylor-Home Improvement (1991 TV Series), Tim Allen

21.Ozzie Nelson-The Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet (1952 TV Series), Ozzie Nelson

22.Rob Petrie-The Dick Van Dyke Show (1961 TV Series), Dick Van Dyke

23.Tony Micelli-Who’s the Boss? (1984 TV Series), Tony Danza

24.Archie Bunker-All in the Family (1971 TV Series), Carroll O’Connor

25.Sandy Cohen-The O.C. (2003 TV Series), Peter Gallagher

26.Doug Lawrence-Family (1976 TV Series), James Broderick

27.Michael Kyle-My Wife and Kids (2001 TV Series), Damon Wayans

28.Ward Cleaver-Leave It to Beaver (1957 TV Series), Hugh Beaumont

29.Jack Bristow-Alias (2001 TV Series), Victor Garber

30.Chester A. Riley-The Life of Riley (1949 TV Series), Jackie Gleason

31.Det. Andy Sipowicz-NYPD Blue (1993 TV Series), Dennis Franz

32.Lucas McCain-The Rifleman (1958 TV Series), Chuck Connors

33.Tom Bradford-Eight Is Enough (1977 TV Series), Dick Van Patten

34.Philip Banks-The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (1990 TV Series), James Avery

35.Homer Simpson-The Simpsons (1989 TV Series), Dan Castellaneta

36.Rick Sammler-Once and Again (1999 TV Series), Billy Campbell

37.Dr. Jason Seaver-Growing Pains (1985 TV Series), Alan Thicke

38.Prof. John Robinson-Lost in Space (1965 TV Series), Guy Williams

39.Martin Lane-Roseanne (1988 TV Series), William Schallert

40.Will Girardi-Joan of Arcadia (2003 TV Series), Joe Mantegna

41.Jim Walsh-Beverly Hills, 90210 (1990 TV Series), James Eckhouse

42.Fred Sanford-Sanford and Son (1972 TV Series), Redd Foxx

43.Dr. Andrew ‘Andy’ Brown

44.George Jefferson-The Jeffersons (1975 TV Series), Sherman Hemsley

45.Joseph ‘Rocky’ Rockford #2-The Rockford Files (1974 TV Series), Robert Donley

46.Michael Steadman-thirtysomething (1987 TV Series), Ken Olin

47.Bernie Mac-The Bernie Mac Show (2001 TV Series), Bernie Mac

48.Paul Hennessy-8 Simple Rules (2002 TV Series), John Ritter

49.Graham Chase-My So-Called Life (1994 TV Series), Tom Irwin

50.Captain Benjamin Sisko-Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (1993 TV Series), Avery Brooks

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Let your Father’s Day gift also work to bring a healthy baby into the world with March of Dimes’ ‘imbornto’ initiative

As you start planning for Father’s Day this year, consider also doing something to support strong and healthy babies from the start and the March of Dimes imbornto national marketing initiative. The campaign celebrates the fantastic things babies were born to do and thanks the mothers and fathers who brought them into the world.
While out and about shopping, thru Father’s Day, consider purchasing a gift with the imbornto logo on partner products including, those from Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, Inc., The Bon-Ton Stores, Inc., Mud Pie, Scentsy, e.p.t. TM Family Planning Solutions, Oral-B®, Kmart and eBay.

Proceeds from the sale or a direct donation at a site where the imbornto logo is visible will help the mission of the leading nonprofit organization for pregnancy and baby health
“Together, with our partners, March of Dimes continues to help moms have full-term  pregnancies and ensure the birth of healthy, strong babies,” says Dr. Jennifer L. Howse,  president of March of Dimes. “This annual imbornto campaign honors the people ultimately responsible for the opportunities each and every baby has. Please join every baby in thanking  moms and dads for everything they do.” 
Visit www.imbornto.com for more information and for the latest resources and information, visit marchofdimes.org or nacersano.org.

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Father’s Day: 5 tips for helping dads prepare for labor & delivery

As we start thinking about getting dads gifts for this Father’s Day, it’s also a good time to remember and consider how crucial dads are for helping moms-to-be deal with pregnancy and get through labor and delivery of a child with ease and as little problems as possible. Fathers are great that way and are even better when they are prepared. Lamaze International offers these 5 tips to help dads prepare for and provide support through pregnancy, labor and birth:

1) Take a childbirth education class with your partner.
The benefits of a good childbirth education class can often be overlooked. A class can help dads, and other support people, learn about the different options and interventions, and get the tools and knowledge to push for the best care during pregnancy, labor and birth. It can also spark the conversation between and among couples, so you can learn from one another and interact with other expectant parents in your shoes.

2) Work with mom to plan.
Talk things through with one another and with your care provider. Chances are greater for a positive birth outcome if support begins early on in pregnancy. Discuss the different options for a safe and healthy birth, and map a pathway to get there. Labor and birth can be a dynamic process so it’s vital to work with mom to create Plan A, Plan B and Plan C.


3) Learn how to be an advocate for mom. Birth is an intense process, emotionally and physically. It’s important for dads to be informed and know how to advocate for her wishes. She may come under pressure from family members or healthcare providers and the father’s voice is important in pushing for the safest, healthiest care.

4) Find out about techniques to help minimize the pain.
There are many natural ways, such as relaxation, to find greater comfort in childbirth and help labor progress. Every woman is unique and has her own ways of feeling safe, comfortable and relaxed. Whether she uses a hot shower or bath, hip squeezes and pressure points, or birth ball exercises, dads can help mom identify the pain-relief tools that are best suited for her individual needs.

5) Be prepared to welcome baby into the world (and help mom recover).  Birth can be exhausting for both mom and baby, and dad can help to support both after birth. He can help mom by managing visitor times, rocking baby to sleep after feeding, and making sure mom is fed and gets enough rest.

Expectant dads can find out even more at www.PushForYourBaby.com.

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