Father’s Day: 3 Amazing New Products for DAD (WIN THEM $269 GIVEAWAY)

Father’s Day is this Sunday and we’re offering our readers a chance to pick up some last minute gift items for dad in our Father’s Day giveaway, featuring some pretty wonderful new products.

Celebrity interior designer Robin Wilson has partnered with consumer products giant Panasonic to promote its latest line of cutting edge products for the home.  We spotted Robin’s pick for dad: Panasonic ES-ST25KS Arc3 Men’s Shaver for its innovative design and shape. Upon further inspection, we’ve learned that the new razor features a 3-Blade Cutting System with a 13,000 CPM linear motor drive to deliver a fast, clean shave.  
The unique, time-saving shave sensor technology automatically detects beard density and adjusts motor speed for a gentle, effective shave experience.  Its Multi-Fit Arc Foil allows the shaver to glide uniformly around the chin and jaw and move in a circular motion and 30-degree Nanotech™ Blades offer an extremely close, smooth shave without irritating skin. 
The razor retails for $149.99 and would make a superb gift for dad.
For about a month now, we’ve had a chance to test out Sol Republic’s RELAYS  ($69.99). It is the first crossover headphone that includes the Patent-pending FreeFlex™ Technology to fit super snug in the ear.  The ear buds deliver superior quality sound and filters out noise as we tested it out running, spinning, biking, and lifting weights.  It is adaptable most Apple, Android and Windows devices and comes in colors black, black and white, blue, yellow and red. 
They are sweat and moisture resistant, come with a slim carrying case and have a 3-button mic for audio and a 3-button control that can pause, resume, skip songs and be used to answer a phone or hang up on a call so everything is seamless.  The $69.99 is worth it for this top of the line super quality headphone. Dad will appreciate it for working out, chilling on the sidelines during trips to soccer practice with the kids, while washing the car or out mowing the lawn or about. 
British Sterling men’s cologne, popular in the 1970s, is making a comeback. Two new scents are now available H.I.M Reserve and H.I.M. Private stock and both at a reasonable price point of $24.99. If you’re still hunting for a last minute gift for dad for Father’s Day, consider picking up one or both. Check out a fun video from the brand launching featuring spokesperson Brooke Sterling, the fragrance’s spokesperson, who is teaching men how to make #SterlingChoices in her first “instructional” video here.
We are offering three Bellyitch Readers a chance to win one of the following three items in a quick last-minute giveaway from now until Friday, June 13 at 5pm. We ship so you can get it in time for Father’s Day this Sunday! Open to the US ONLY! Enter below. Many chances to Enter:

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