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10 Ways Parenting Will Be Different in the New Decade {Predictions}



Now that I’ve reviewed the parenting trends of the past, from a celebrity perspective, let’s take a look at the top parenting trends that we can expect in the coming decade.

From Helicopter to Free Range Parenting, child raising techniques and patterns change over time, with each generation and with scholarship and research.

There really is no right way to accomplish this fine craft and art of raising decent human beings from newborns to young adult.

However, each generation adopts varying habits and patterns that mark their eras in distinctive ways.

The Millennial Generation has already established itself as separate and almost the anti-Generation of its Gen X and Baby Boomer generations that precedes it.

One report indicates that 82% of babies born each year is to Millennial moms, so here is how this new generation of parents are creating new trends for the next decade.

1.More traveling with baby and small children

Parents will be less timid about taking their babies and small children with them while traveling the world.

The concept of traveling with children is not new but was limited to trips to Disney world or roadtrips in the Summer to the Grand Canyon.  Of course, we always had those bold wanderlust or Peace Corp types of parents who were never fearful about picking up their toddler and heading to the Andes but they were in the minority.

A new report by Resonance Consultancy points to the increasing importance of Millennials to the family travel market.

Travel Agents Report states that “44 percent of Millennial travelers take their vacations with the kids in tow,” according to the firm’s new Future of U.S. Millennial Travel report.

More than half (58%) of U.S. Millennials who traveled overnight last year have children under the age of 18 in the household, Resonance learned.

Once kids enter the picture, Millennial parents continue to travel.

Now and in the future, millennial parents will not even hesitate to do so. Many are open to the idea of home schooling their children while living and working as digital nomads abroad. They do not think a child necessarily needs in-school instructions. As a result, we will see more children grow up as students of the world.

The well traveled child is the future.

2. Making home made baby food

In the last decade alone, American spending on baby food has dropped dramatically, and there’s a growing emphasis on making baby food at home.

Millennial parents have grown up in the age of information, and generally speaking, it shows.

They’re not feeding their kids the super-processed, questionably-nutritious baby and kid food of yore, and they want to maintain their principles of eco-minded, earth- and animal-friendly living once they become parents.

And according to Forbes, newer baby food brands are catering to them by partnering up with nutritionists and food engineers to offer sustainable biodynamic food sourcing and processes.

Because Millennial parents of all economic classes want nutritious, organic, science-backed food for their babies , their babies Generation Alpha will be the best fed kids.

3. More Baby wearing, Less investment in multiple strollers

Not long ago, the stroller was a status symbol. Posh parents would have purchased more than two strollers by the time their child reached Kindergarten: a baby carriage or infant car system, a jogging stroller and a toddler stroller.

Nowadays, it’s all about baby-wearing. Also, newer parents have less income and are interested in sustainable living, less waste and extravagance. They do not rely on things like strollers to make a statement.

The term “babywearing” was coined by William Sears, a California-based pediatrician who in 1992 wrote “The Baby Book,” which popularized the concept of “attachment parenting.”

Along with co-sleeping and extended breast-feeding, baby carrying is a core tenet of that parenting approach, which is supposed to nurture a closer attachment between parent and baby and ultimately a healthier child.

The future of parenting is more engaged and connected parents and baby wearing is part of that.

4. Single by Choice/More cohabitation before marriage or without plans to ever marry

Beginning with Generation X, women have been willing to have babies on their own, or elect to just co-habitate with a partner and skip getting married altogether. However, most eventually bowed to societal pressure to find the one, exchange vows and have kids.

Future parents are not willing to be handcuffed by societal rules and tradition.

In 2009, the oldest millennials were in their 20s and as The Wall Street Journal reports, of those older millennials who did have kids, most were unmarried.

And generally, what is norm has changed.

A Pew report finds that just 46% of kids in 2016 were living in a household with two married parents in their first marriage, compared to 61% in 1980.

Generation Z is coming up behind the Millenial generation and are said to be more financially savvy,  the next era of parents will be even less constrained by standards of traditional practices.

Their family planning practices will reflect this prediction.

5. More demanding about Parental Leave

Dads in the Generation Y are also leading the charge in changing gender-based roles in the home, and likewise will change policies related to parental leave.

Millennial dads are more likely to take paternity leave after their spouses or partners have a child.  They are also more likely to be stay at home dads and to baby wear.

A Business Insider report states that “millennial dads are far more likely than their fathers were to take time off work after the birth of a baby” and quotes a 2016 Cornell University study  which asserts that dads who take longer paternal leave tend to be more engaged and involved with their kids in the long run.

That same report indicated that “in 1989, only 10% of these stay-at-home parents were dads, whereas today, stay-at-home fathers account for 17% of such caregivers” and noted that while “women still account for the vast majority of parents in this role, but the numbers are on a course toward more balance.”

Further,it states that in many dual-income millennial homes in which both parents work full time (that’s 46% of households, according to Pew), the mother is the primary earner.

They are making private companies and the government adjust to this new dynamic.

Millennial parents have influenced employers such as Microsoft and Netflix to announce significant expansions to their paid parental leave benefits.

As more private companies start to offer extended family leave and generous paternity leave, future parents from up and down the socioeconomic ladder will start expecting and even demanding adequate time off after welcoming a child to the family.

They will also be more likely to support laws or support candidates that propose new laws standardizing and expanding parental leave policies and laws.

6. More Social Media – Less Friends/Family as Advice Source

Parents will be more comfortable about sharing photos of their children in social media and some with actually brand their children from birth, similar to the way celebrities do now.

About 4 in 5 millennials admit to posting a picture of their kid online at least once, according to a poll conducted by TIME and Survey Monkey. Half of baby boomers, meanwhile, have never posted a photo of their kids online, as well as 30% of Gen X parents.

A Business Insider report about how Millennials use their children as status symbols state they are spending up to $100,000 on things like Instagram-worthy nurseries.

Month-by-Month posts for the first  year of a baby’s life and fabulous color coordinated themed first birthday parties are a thing that Instagram following are made of!

Being that the new generation of parents are more digital conscious and aware, they will continue to skip friends and family for advice and turn to Google.

A recent New York Times article states that millennial parents go to Google, chat rooms, and apps for parenting advice and as one expert told the paper, “Google is the new grandparent, the new neighbor, the new nanny.”

7. Creative Names and Less Formal Names with History and Meaning

“Finding a name that has authentic roots, but is completely undiscovered, is the ultimate baby name status symbol,” Pamela Redmond Satran, a founder of the site Nameberry and author of “The Nameberry Guide to Off-the-Grid Baby Names,” told Alex Williams of The New York Times.

The future of parenting will include names that are not necessarily connected to a family or tradition.

In fact, more Millennial parents are reportedly looking for a name that is not already attached to a domain.

Also, that New York Times article mentions that many millennial parents are giving their kids personal hashtags and YouTube channels.

8. Raising Gender Neutral Children

With more awareness of LGBTQ issues and variances of how members of that community identify, modern and Millennial parents are cognizant about how they label their children. In year’s past, we followed strict gender identity and roles. To put it bluntly, children were either male or female. However, in the coming years, more parents will be open with raising children without subjecting them to or assigning them gender identity.  Future parents may be more likely to let their kids determine for themselves how they want to identify.

A Euromonitor international report states that middle class parents in developed world, especially older Millennials who are becoming parents, are taking a more gender-neutral approach to child raising, using neutral colors and with names suitable for either gender proving popular.

9. Less Religious – More Spiritual or Non Religious

A lot of holidays in secular society have become so homogenized and commercial that it is very easy for a child raised in a non-religious household to not feel left out. Christmas, Easter even Halloween and Day of the Dead which have cultural and spiritual origins are practiced and recognized by people who do not go to Church or follow the initial practices of each holiday.

Four in ten millennials now say they are religiously unaffiliated, according to the Pew Research Center. In fact, millennials (those between the ages of 23 and 38) are now almost as likely to say they have no religion as they are to identify as Christian.

10. They will do what feels right to them 

If any of the aforementioned are clues, the next generation of parenting will go with their gut and not abide by what books, society, the media, the government or advertisers tell them.

In fact, they will be the one dictating what these ancient institutions do!

The next era of parents will be more empowered.

The future is here and it’s going to be quite different!


Apple’s New Period Tracker Can Help You Get Pregnant

Because I am Team iPhone and I am aware of the ongoing beef/battle with Samsung Android users, I am happy to report that Apple has beat Samsung with developing a period tracker that can help women that are trying to conceive have a baby!

Apple announced that beginning September 16, the watchOS 6 update will add a functionality to allow women to track their menstrual cycle. Apple Watch app, called Cycle Tracking, will quickly log information about your cycle, including the timing, flow level, symptoms, and results from ovulation prediction kits.

It is a standalone app on the Apple Watch ($384 at Amazon)and is built into the Health app on the iPhone ($1,000 at Amazon).

Using the data produced, your Apple Watch can alert you when your period is coming, and estimate the window when you are most fertile.

Tracking your cycle is essential also when you have your next annual OB/GYN check up, you will be able to give your doctor

For starters, it can give you a sense of when your last menstrual began and ended, so you can give your Ob/Gyn healthcare provider  the precise length of your cycle and provide clues for conditions such as endometriosis or polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS).

Also, during your period, you can log your flow level and symptoms like cramps or headaches.

I see Samsung users community are waiting for it to be available on those devices. In the meantime, there are numerous apps available in the Google Play store that can do the trick, until then. (smile)

Former Google Employee’s Pregnancy Discrimination Suit Moves Foreward

A former Google employee whose memo alleging discrimination against pregnant women went viral is moving forward with her claim against the company.

“As a Google employee I witnessed pregnancy discrimination, and then was faced with it in my own life,” Chelsey Glasson, who worked at the Mountain View, Calif. company for more than five years as a user research lead and manager, said in a statement Wednesday. “And, like so many women, I felt threatened by retaliation for reporting the discrimination. This memo, which I published internally at Google and has been read by over 11,000 Google employees, states clearly why we must continue to fight this bias.”

Glasson added that employees who bring up pregnancy discrimination are often silenced or forced to suffer consequences that damage their careers in the long term.

“With a goal of shedding light on pregnancy discrimination and advocating for needed public policy and other changes, I will move forward with legal action,” she writes.

Two Google employees who helped to organize the 20,000-strong global walkout also alleged that the tech giant retaliated against them — a claim that the search giant has denied. The massive walkout was in response to issues of sexual harassment, as well as pay inequity and racial justice.

continue reading

This Is The Toy You Get to Calm A Fussy Baby at Night (REVIEW)

You’ve heard the tales of brand new parents using a hairdryer to pacify the incessant cries of their babies because of the commonly known fact that you can sooth an inconsolable newborn with familiar sounds like songs he heard while in utero. It’s that white noise that calms them right down. I’m a firm believer. 

We’ve always credited parents for coming up with the most inventive and innovative solutions!

Two moms with a combined 5 children among them found an automatic solution to having to put on white noise emitting sounds to soothe a baby in the middle of the night: Whisbear is a plush bear that emits the same swooshing sound that surrounds a baby while in his mom’s tummy.

The super soft grey humming Bear is also considered an intelligent toy that helps new parents overcome one of the biggest challenges of early stage parenting — lack of sleep.

The bear is inspired by creatures in children’s books. It has a cute big old bobble head and four long legs lined in crinkly material that a baby can pull and tug on. It’s a Bearhead. The crinkly legs make the bear a sensory toy as well that promotes both  fine motor and sensory development skills.

Two magnets sewn inside the forefeet connect over a crib, car seat or stroller so the bear itself doesn’t’ become a suffocation hazard and can do its job safely from above.

Sisters Zuzanna Sielicka-Kalczynska and Julia Sielicka-Jastrz came up with Whisbear in late 2014 and quickly brought it to market in their native Warsaw, Poland starting with their own family and personal circle.

“We have used Whisbear with our own children, the children of our friends and many more people. Whisbear really works,”

They even gifted a bear to Princess Charlotte when she was born. Kate thanked them personally when she formally presented the sisters an award for their invention a few years back.

How Does It Work

Insert the innovative circular disc holding the shushing sound inside the bear and it shushes for 40 minutes straight. If you push the on button until you hear a beep, you activate the CRYsensor mode. In that mode, the bear only comes on when it “hears” the baby fuss, wail or cry.  To adjust the level of the shushing, press and hold until you get to just the right volume of the humming for you and your baby’s comfort, then release the button.  It gets it just right!

In 2016, after winning numerous toy awards, the sister makers of the toy took their success to the United States when they were selected by Google-backed Blackbox.vc Accelerator for international start-ups in Palo Alto, California and now the bears are available to American moms too!

Our Thoughts

We were generously gifted a complimentary bear to review. My sister’s in law got a bear for her brand new boy, Micah, born in January and she loved it! Mom Tashae said, “miraculously, it works!” Whisbear calms him right down when he wakes in the middle of the night and gets him to go back to sleep before she can even get up to check on him. So it turns out this toy is a sleep saver for moms and dads too!

T’s sending us a photo of it in action to share soon. We’ll post it on our Insta when it’s ready! Although we didn’t pay for ours, Micah’s mom said she would gladly pay the $49.99 retail price.  She said the bear gave her peace of mind and is actually cost-saving for the amount of productivity she (and dad) got when they could sleep for longer periods of time, thanks to the bear.

Another great plus is that the bear comes with a lifetime guarantee! (when you register your purchase) Sweet! The toy also has excellent reviews over on Amazon.

And remember recently when we blogged about how the top beauty bloggers are becoming moms and are switching up their online social media content to include baby-related imagery, news and reviews? It turns out a few have even used Whisbear for their little ones and found success. We say this based on the pics we peeped on Whisbear’s Insta:

View this post on Instagram

?GIVEAWAY CLOSED! Congrats @jmleong2!? I’m giving away a Whisbear (the Humming Bear) to one lucky follower! It comes with a sound device AKA the cry sensor so when it hears your baby cry, it will shush your baby back to sleep?? It’s been working on Liam and he loves playing with it when he’s awake too! . TO ENTER: 1. Follow me @rainaelegado 2. Follow @whisbear_usa 3. Tag a friend in the comments (one tag is an entry, feel free to tag more for more entries) 4. Giveaway will end tomorrow at noon (1/23)! . Thanks! . . . . . #giveaway #whisbear #snugglemeorganic #cosleeper #carters #cartersbaby #cosleeping #5months #organicbaby #childhoodunplugged #justbaby #kidsmoom #childreningram #babiesofig #motherhoodsimplified #ig_motherhood #uniteinmotherhood #momswithcameras #joyfulmamas #babynumber3 #ilovemyson #mamasboy #momblog #momblogger #dearestviewfinder #stunning_shots

A post shared by Raina Elegado – The Mama Queen (@rainaelegado) on

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A lot of you asked for a review of this after I posted on my stories so here goes…If you’re one of my long suffering friend then I’ll already have droned on about how white noise it my number one baby survival tool. If you’ve been especially unlucky, I’ll have bored you with the theory behind why it works so well. ? Anyway lets just say this @whisbear_official gift from the gods was made for me. White noise disguised in a cute teddy that clips onto anything by magnetic legs. I was sold already but the cherry on top is the cry sensor, so as soon as Remy stirs, moans, (& in our case the last 2 nights) coughs, the noise kicks in. Meaning I don’t even have to move my lazy butt across the bed to start it up. ?? I don’t even wake up! It’s going to be a god send when he’s in his own room next month! (I’ll add a video of it in action today to my stories). Interested to know who already uses white noise, because I’m always surprised by how many people haven’t heard of it?

A post shared by Zoë (@zoe.and.littles) on

Very cool!

Find the makers on Instagram.  Follow them on Facebook too!

The Most Googled Super Bowl Snack Recipe

The Super Bowl Sunday is this Sunday, the culmination of the National Football League‘s season.  As with each year, in recent years, Google has revealed the most uniquely searched Super Bowl recipes by state in the U.S. over the past week.

According to a Google spokesperson, the company looked for searches that are over-represented in each state (as opposed to the U.S. overall). It then reported each state’s most popular unique search term.

Below is a sample listing from Google’s findings. I’ve listed the states up to my home state of Maryland. Naturally, because the state is known for crab cakes, crab dip is the number one most searched. If you’re looking, you can access the popular Joe’s Crab Shack restaurant’s crab dip recipe here  or click the image below to be taken to the scrumptious recipe by the website Littlespicejar.com.

Also, if you are in the search for recipes for this Sunday,  Google Home’s recipe can help you find a recipe, then give you a walk you through


Chicken recipe


Dill pickle dip with dried beef


Green chicken enchilada recipe


Five bean chili


Fried rice recipe


Baked chicken wings recipe


Buffalo chicken dip recipe


Stuffed peppers recipe


Pizza bites recipe


Shrimp recipe


Ham bologna turkey sub recipe


Nacho recipe


Potato recipe


Philly cheesesteak recipe


Chicken recipe


Stromboli recipe


Calzone recipe


Fondue recipe


Pork tenderloin recipe


Chicken wing recipe


Crab dip recipe


Chili recipe

Google launches new YouTube App just for little kids

Each of my kids have been addicted to YouTube and YouTube videos beginning at age 6, but as a parent I am always concerned that they could easily navigate away from family-friendly cartoons and mine-craft play and onto the more nefarious and R-rated content that can be found freely on the social media video sharing site. 
Good news! Google has built, from the ground up, the first ever YouTube Kids app for kids ages 2-8. It’s available for FREE in the Google Play and Apple Store in the United States now.
The app features a fun, bright and playful design and is packed and pre-loaded with age-appropriate videos, channels and playlists. To add an educational component, there is also a focus on early literacy. The icons are larger, bolder and brighter to appeal to young audiences.
And parents remain in control with its parental control options:
o    Timer: Let the app be the bad guy with a built-in timer that limits kids’ screen time. The app alerts them when the session is over so you don’t have to.
o    Sound Settings:  Parents have an option to turn off background music and sound effects, so your kids can keep watching quietly while you catch up on chores or simply take a break in peace.
o    Search Settings: If you’d rather limit your children to just the pre-selected videos available on the home screen, you can turn off the search feature.
o    Product feedback: The goal is to continuously  improve YouTube Kids App, so there’s also a space for you to give YouTube your feedback.
Sweet! The app has different categories, depending on the interest of each kid in your family. I have a nature and animal lover, a tech kid and a pony and little figurine fan. 
Among the favorites are: Jim Henson TV, Mother Goose Club, Talking Tom and Friends, National Geographic Kids, Reading Rainbow and Thomas the Tank Engine, and discover new videos coming soon from beloved YouTubers like the Vlogbrothers and Stampylonghead.
It was great to see that a non-profit watchdog group I know and love has also approved and highly recommends it!
Common Sense Media said, the app is “an exceptionally fun way for kids to browse online videos and for adults to guide their viewing.”
Cool beans!
“It’s a serious contender as a family’s go-to way for kids to watch videos online,” according to the non-profit organization which provides education and advocacy to families to promote safe technology and media for children. “There’s something for everyone on YouTube Kids. Toddlers to big kids will be able to find a show, some music, or some educational content that fits their interests.”
Check it out, friends! Here is a promo vid:

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