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Creative Holistic Ways to Fight Pregnancy Blues

Getting confirmation that you’re pregnant is usually a moment filled with absolute euphoria. Unfortunately the same can’t be said for each day that follows. Being pregnant and being a parent later on will be filled with amazing moments but also challenges, crises and even a few tears.

What you need is an arsenal of remedies to fight the onslaught of ‘feeling blue’ that’s bound to come your way. Whether it’s momentary feelings or long bouts of depression, knowing there are methods to counter those feelings may get you through the day a little easier.

The good news: Even your favorite topic—fashion—can help with that.

We listed five tips that you can try the next time the day seems darker than usual.

 Watch What Colors You Put On

It’s common knowledge in marketing that colors communicate certain messages. Businesses use this approach to influence customers, partners and even their employees. Red is a popular business color because it communicates power.

You can use this approach by putting on certain colors to spark emotions in your mind:

  • Blue can calm you down
  • Black is all about feeling stylish
  • Green represents growth and could remind you of the wonderful journey of life you’re part of
  • Grey does bring some calm but can also completely dampen your mood, so put those dull pants at the bottom of the cupboard
  • Yellow can spark a feeling of warmth and comfort

A good idea is stocking up on the right colored pregnancy wear as soon as you find out you’re pregnant, so you’re ready for whatever comes.

You Have the Right to Buy Something New

Of course, stocking up doesn’t mean you can’t do some shopping later on. Fatigue often leads to pregnant women and young parents not taking much care with their personal appearance:

  • Wearing worn clothes
  • Not washing their hair
  • Putting on ill-fitting outfits

Unfortunately this often leads to feeling even worse as you’re embarrassed about not looking as good as those around you.

So, why not take yourself on a shopping spree? A new outfit that fits well and is comfortable is just the ticket to get you feeling better. Also, if you’re anything like most people you’ll look forward to putting on that new item. The excitement and the new look may boost your emotions.

Keep it Comfortable but Balanced

Being pregnant often leads to physical discomfort. While you’re on a shopping spree, picking clothes that are more comfortable could solve some of your frustrations. Just be careful: Dressing in baggy clothes that don’t compliment your look all the time could make you feel less positive about yourself.

Manage Others’ Perception of You

Let’s face it: We all want to look good in our own but also other people’s eyes. Putting on weight could be a huge factor in losing faith in your own appearance.

So why not use fashion to your benefit:

  • Use bold jewelry on your wrist and neck to draw attention away from your stomach and hips.
  • Wearing black is always slimming
  • Put makeup on even if you don’t feel like it so people focus on your face.

That’s the power of fashion!

Last Tip: Use the Power of Favorites

If all else fails and the blues really hit you, don’t underestimate the power of a favorite piece of clothing. It can provide the comfort you need or even make you smile when you remember memories associated with other times you wore it.

Use fashion and come to your own rescue. You’ve got this!