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Halloween 2018: Superheroes Were Celeb Families’ Top Choice

Here are some additional amazing celebrity family Halloween costumes from this year that rocked! And one thing I’ve noticed while pulling this together using their respective Instagram photo shares is that the Super Heroes theme was the preferred costume.

On top of that list, about 4 families did the Incredibles this years. In years past, Mariah Carey and The Baldwins among other families had gone with that group costume option. Here is a quick run down of other fabulous costumes including some amazing over-the top ones that are not super heroes but are from popular movies and other pop culture figures.

Adrienne and Chris Bosh and family as The Incredibles

Fergie and her son Axl were are super heroes Power Rangers

Kevin Hart and family as Minions

Wonder Woman Tamar Braxton and her son Logan as Batman

Kandi Burruss and family also as Super heroes

Vanessa Lachey and her kids were also The Incredibles.


Singer Melanie Fiona and her family were also The Incredibles

And finally so was Cyn Santanna and fam

Monica Brown and her family are usually on the top 5 list when it comes to Halloween costumes and so to no surprise her daughter Laiyah Brown‘s Edward Scissorhands is [email protected]


No doubt Ayesha Curry as Snow White and her 4-month old son Canon as a Dwarf were the cutest!

Not a family costume but here is Marcus Scribner as Erik Killmonger, Tracee Ellis Ross as Nakia, and Anthony Anderson as T’Challa from Black Panther


More Superheroes from Tia Mowry, Cory Hardrict and family

Her sister Tamera Mowry-Housley and her daughter were lady bugs with husband Adam Housley as a cave man and their son Aden a dinosaur.

Gisele Bundchen and her daughter were unicorns.

As was Jessica Alba and her daughter while her hubby Cash Warren and their other kids were giraffes.

Toya Wright was Cruella DeVille and her daughter a dalmatian

Lisa Ling and her daughter Jett were mermaids

Ray J and wife Princess Love and their daughter were Holy figures, a priest, Nun and angel.

Hoda Kotb and her daughter were bumble bees.

Our Celebrity ‘Bumpwatch’ Mom of The Year Is…


In year’s past, we’ve recognized the celebrities that we followed most and we’ve even awarded superlatives. This year, while reviewing a year’s worth of posts, we are prepared to award the Bellyitch Bumpwatch Celebrity Mom-to-Be of the Year.

The honor goes to…. The Over 40 Celebrity!

Several stars including Savannah Guthrie, 45, Tyra Banks (via surrogate) 43, Lisa Ling, 43, Tameka “Tiny” Cottles 40, Eva Mendes, 42, Keri Russell, 40, Alanis Morissette, 42 and Janet Jackson, 50 welcomed or announced a pregnancy this year.

Why do they deserve special recognition over the 20 and 30-something millennial celebrities who also gave birth in 2016, you ask?

As women age, it becomes even more challenging to conceive without medical intervention and to carry a baby to term. Therefore, when it happens, there is even more reason to celebrate given the odds and hurdles that must be overcome to achieve success.

Gestational carrier, surrogacy, adoption and other medical methods like IVF and donor egg have made it possible for some. A few have been successful without medical assistance. Either way, our hats off to those who balanced career and family and still had the time, ability and inclination to want to welcome a new addition in 2016.

You guys are the real MVP!

over 40

And more veteran moms over 40 have been keeping up and showing out the younger ones by showing off super fit bods. Fergie, Gwen Stefani, Kelly RipaMel B. and Halle Berry shared photos of themselves in social media with super toned and ripped physiques.

Granted, we know celebrity women have access to personal chefs, trainers and a team of assistants to help them out with their children so they can hit the gym regularly and often. Also, they work in an industry where it is essential for them to have their bodies snatched back into fit and trim shape, but it still takes harder work and more dedication to stay fit when your metabolism slows and it gets harder to shed pounds and keep it off.

Check out some other celeb over 40 women with bad bods at Pop Sugar here!


Veteran TV Journalist Lisa Ling joins the Pregnant over 40 club 

Veteran journalist Lisa Ling is making her first appearance on the celebrity “over 40 and pregnant club“.

The 42-year old host of the hit CNN show This is Life with Lisa Ling and her husband, Dr. Paul Song, 50, will be welcoming their second child this summer.

The View alum revealed the news to US Weekly last December.

They’ve been married since 2007 and suffered through a miscarriage two years before welcoming their first child, daughter Jett Ling Song, three years ago.

The former host of Our America with Lisa Ling on OWN TV has been an advocate for miscarriage and pregnancy loss support and launched a website to raise awareness.

Lisa Ling’s 2-year old daughter speaks 3 languages already

Journalist Lisa Ling just wrapped taping of her CNN globe-trotting show This is Life and in between that and balancing other projects, she managed to teach her daughter Jett three languages! Wowza!
She revealed that wonderful tidbit during a recent interview with Celebrity Baby Scoop.
“Jett is so smart it’s scary,”The View alum says of her 2-year old. “She loves books.”
That explains why a 2-year old is multi-lingual already. 

Ling, who recently revealed that she was diagnosed with ADD as an adult, says motherhood has expanded the depth of her work.

“I have always focused on girl empowerment, but now I really focus on topics I can be a voice for that help the equality of women,” Lisa says.


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New mom Lisa Ling gets diagnosed with ADD at age 40; 3 Myths about ADD in Girls

This week, our Bellyitch Bumpwatch alum and veteran journalist Lisa Ling revealed that she was recently diagnosed with having Attention Deficit Disorder at age 40. 
While working on an investigative piece for her OWN channel show Our America with Lisa Ling, the former The View  co-host  got tested herself and learned that her focus issues since a child were in fact caused by the condition that went undiagnosed/
Her revelelation provides a unique opportunity for us to share PsychCentral.com‘s listing of common myths associated with ADD, one of them being that girls don’t get it considering that boys are usually diagnosed with ADD and ADHD (Attention Deficity Hyperactive Disorder):
Ling and her husband Dr. Paul Song welcomed a daughter, their first child,  Jett last May.
Myths about girls with ADHD abound. Here are three more myths followed by the facts.
1. Myth: If girls do have ADHD, they only have the inattentive type.
Fact: The inattentive type of ADHD does seem to be more common in girls with ADHD. But, as Matlen said, “they are out there!” “They might instead be considered “tomboys,” as they cartwheel their way to school and climb trees after school,” she said.
Socialization may explain why girls don’t exhibit hyperactivity in the classroom, according to Sarkis. “It is thought that one reason girls exhibit less hyperactivity in class may not have to do with the disorder itself – rather, girls may have been socially conditioned to speak out less in class and be less ‘disruptive,’” she said. Matlen agreed. “Society allows for girls to be passive and quiet,” she said.
It’s also important to note that “[inattentive] girls suffer as much as hyperactive boys who, with their external behaviors, are picked up more quickly by school staff and parents,” she added.
2. Myth: Girls with the inattentive type of ADHD don’t need stimulants.
Fact: Many medical professionals think that stimulants only treat hyperactivity, Matlen said. However, stimulants can help with symptoms of inattention and distractibility, she said. Treating any disorder with medication requires careful consideration. But it’s important for parents and practitioners to know that stimulants can successfully treat these very disruptive symptoms of ADHD.
3. Myth: Girls are less likely to have oppositional defiant disorder (ODD) than boys.
Fact: According to Sarkis, there is actually a 50 percent rate of co-occurrence between ODD and ADHD. And “that rate is the same regardless of gender,” she said. For instance, she cited this study, which found no gender differences for ODD – and no differences for general anxiety disorder, major depressive disorder, dysthymia and separation anxiety disorder.
Warning Signs in Girls with ADHD
Because ADHD can manifest differently in girls, Matlen shared several warning signs that a girl might have the disorder.
At school, girls might excessively daydream; have poor grades even though they’re capable of better work; and forget or not finish up assignments, especially projects that have many parts. Hyperactive girls might exhibit “Chatty Cathy” behaviors, such as “non-stop talking and bossiness.”
Girls might also have few friends and be described as “loners.” They might easily tune out and be “spacey,” she said. They might have a messy bedroom and experience more emotional outbursts than kids their age. They’re also more likely to “feel overwhelmed and internalize that into anxiety [and] fears,” Matlen said.
While there’s been much progress in understanding and treating girls with ADHD, there’s still more work to be done. Whether you’re a teacher, parent or mental health professional, getting educated on how ADHD manifests in girls can help you provide truly helpful support.

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