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It’s Been a Few Months, Time for Sarah Stage to Wow Us Again with 8Mo Pregnant Bump

Every once in a while, fitness model Sarah Stage shares a belly bump progression photo. The second-time mom-to-be gets lots of attention each time she is expecting because she manages to maintain a six pack over her growing abdomen.

The gorgeous brunette has done it again. This time,  at 8 Months Pregnant, she shared beautiful nude pregnancy portraits on her Instagram page and is getting the usual shaming comments from the usual suspects.

She has a healthy and normal size son, from the looks of family photos she has posted, so we’re going to go out on a limb here and say, she’s most likely doing every thing right…this time too.

h/t Newidea.com.au

Can You Believe Fitness Model Sarah Sage is 6 Months Pregnant with That Flat Tummy?


When fitness model Sarah Stage was pregnant with her son back in 2015, a lot of people on social media sent hate darts her way after she posted lingerie pics of herself 9 months pregnant and still bearing a six-pack. She got some heat also when she posted a super svelte and fit pic a few weeks after giving birth. 

So, we thought she couldn’t outdo herself with her very super physique and very very unique pregnant body, but she did.

She posted a photo of herself at six months pregnant with nary a bump in sight. “Good morning little baby ?? #HumpDay #BumpDay #24weekspregnant#6monthspregnant ALSO, so happy that you ladies are loving my Fitness Ebook, tag me in your progress pics ?,” she captioned a photo of herself in a Calvin Klein sports bra and panty.


Again, people came for her and called her all sorts of names to which Stage replied:

“I’m at a place in my life where happiness, peace and joy are my priority,” she wrote. “Especially being #6monthspregnant, there’s no room for any negativity, so please take it elsewhere,” adding that the baby is “healthy and measuring just fine.”

Good to know. Carry on, Ms. Sage. She’s definitely one to put on “bump watch” for sure. (* wink *)

h/t New York Post


The New Normal: Ridiculous Before & After Celebrity Pregnancy Photos


Emile Livingston’s Pre and Post Baby body two weeks after giving birth

*le sigh.*

So it looks like this is a trend…a mildly disturbing one at that; women in the public eye who are naturally thin posting before and after pregnancy photos that are waaaaay beyond reasonableness for the average woman.

It begs the questions, what is the point? Are you seeking validation? Do you want other women to feel jealous? Are you interested in further skewing the minds of the average person who has never been pregnant before or douchebag dudes who expect women all women to snap back and who call those who don’t fat and lazy?

This time, actor Jeff Goldblum‘s wife Emile Livingston posted an Instagram photo to commemorate the two weeks since giving birth by posting a before and after photo. The incredibly thin Livingston barely looks as if she had given birth.  Livingston and Goldblum welcomed their son Charlie Ocean on July 4th.

It reminds me of fitness Blogger and Health Reporter Caroline Berg Eriksen and her before at 38 weeks pregnant  and after 4 days post birth photo that she posted in 2013 on Instagram.


Caroline Berg-Eriksen

And just this April, lingerie model Sarah Stage, mad popular for bearing a six pack overtop her baby bump, shocked the net when she too posted shockingly thin and flat-bellied pic 4 days after giving birth.

lingerie model

Sarah Stage

I realize it is their normal because either they work out a lot and/or are genetically predisposed to be thin and to bounce back quickly. Also, many of us probably have heard unsubstantiated rumors of some Hollywood actresses getting their surgeons to conduct tummy tucks right there after their C-section. Of course that would be grossly unethical and it hasn’t ever been proven.

Notwithstanding all of that, it seems the rush to quickly show off a skinny post-baby photo is just ridiculously wrong and misplaced given that time should be spent nurturing a newborn and not mom’s ego.

At least fitness professional Hilaria Baldwin is taking a different approach by deliberately posting her belly post partum but whilst it is still bulbous and slowly shrinking.  She’s still amazingly thin elsewhere so while I get the gesture, she too is not a realistic. And she too is taking a lot of heat from the public as well.

It’s all a bit too much and many people blame social media and our new selfie-obsessed culture.




9-months pregnant lingerie model shocks the Internet AGAIN!

The only thing new you need to know about the latest photo of lingerie model Sarah Stage flaunting a six pack over her 9-month pregnant belly is that it is not normal. It’s her normal, however, because she is super fit and very healthy and has great genes, as we’ve blogged about HERE before… but yes, she is  far from average.
Fellahs, don’t ever shame a woman for not maintaining her physique like this woman. You women who plan to become pregnant one day, don’t expect to look like this and definitely don’t starve yourself or baby if you can’t achieve this look. That would be pregorexia, a horrible and dangerous trend that has surged especially because of coverage of celebrities who manage to stay super svelte even while pregnant. 
We’ve blogged about pregorexia Here. 
There’s nothing more really to the story other than  it promotes an unrealistic standard and unintentionally may contribute to shaming of average pregnant women who actually gain weight during pregnancy, including celebrity women and others. 
No hate here. We wish her a very safe delivery as her baby is due in 10 days and we are sending her “healthy recovery and pregnancy” vibes. We have a sneaky suspicion she will bounce back into shape in no time! *jealous snark* 
The End.

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