9-months pregnant lingerie model shocks the Internet AGAIN!

The only thing new you need to know about the latest photo of lingerie model Sarah Stage flaunting a six pack over her 9-month pregnant belly is that it is not normal. It’s her normal, however, because she is super fit and very healthy and has great genes, as we’ve blogged about HERE before… but yes, she is  far from average.
Fellahs, don’t ever shame a woman for not maintaining her physique like this woman. You women who plan to become pregnant one day, don’t expect to look like this and definitely don’t starve yourself or baby if you can’t achieve this look. That would be pregorexia, a horrible and dangerous trend that has surged especially because of coverage of celebrities who manage to stay super svelte even while pregnant. 
We’ve blogged about pregorexia Here. 
There’s nothing more really to the story other than  it promotes an unrealistic standard and unintentionally may contribute to shaming of average pregnant women who actually gain weight during pregnancy, including celebrity women and others. 
No hate here. We wish her a very safe delivery as her baby is due in 10 days and we are sending her “healthy recovery and pregnancy” vibes. We have a sneaky suspicion she will bounce back into shape in no time! *jealous snark* 
The End.

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