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Celeb RoundUp: Knocked Up Talk Show Hosts, Kim K Defends Herself Again & More


We stalk follow your fave celeb so you don’t have to. Here is a round up of those expecting, those coping with social media bullying and in between:

One of our fave stars Julia Stiles is expecting her first child with her fiance since Christmas 2015, Preston J. Cook. (E!Online)

Kim Kardashian West is fervently defending (she posted three times) those who criticized her for dressing daughter North in a corset, so they thought. It was a costume and not a real corset. (Celebrity Baby Scoop)

Daytime panel TV Talk show hosts are expanding their families as well…

Sarah Hines of The View is expecting baby umber 2! (E! Online)

Also, Daphne Oz of CBS‘s The Chew is pregnant with her third child. Her pops Dr. Oz is probably so excited as well.  (E!Online)

The View Mixes up New Season Cast w/plenty Bellyitch Bumpwatch Alums

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After a very bumpy and rocky Season 18, the ABC round table daytime talk show The View returns  for Season 19 this September with several of our Bellyitch Bumpwatch alums in signature positions.

Full House  star Candace Cameron Bure, who will reprieve her role as DJ Tanner in a much-anticipated Netflix b revival of the 90s show, will be one of the main panelists.

She will join a returning Joy Behar along with cast regular Whoopie Goldberg, Michelle Collins, and Raven-Symone and another new member Paula Faris of ABC News.

Other Bumpwatch alums include former host Sherri Shepherd, Top Chef’Padma Lakshmi and actress model Molly Sims, who will fill in occasionally as a rotating team of contributors. Also rotating will be What Not to Wear vet host Stacy London, Republican strategist Ana Navarro.

What a diverse cast!

Season 18 cast members Jenny McCarthy, Rosie O’Donnell, Rosie Perez and Nicolle Wallace never lasted the entire season either because they left or was asked to leave (McCarthy).


h/t EOnline


Sherri Shepherd: She agreed to Surrogacy so Ex wouldn’t Leave her 


The View alum Sherri Shepherd is opening up about her controversial surrogacy and divorce.

Four months ago, a judge ordered the comedic actress to pay child support for the surrogate child she and her ex husband Lamar Sally arranged to bring into this earth but was born after the couple split.

In a new interview with PEOPLE, Shepherd suggests she agreed to the surrogacy in the first place out of fear Sally might have left her if she didn’t.

“My situation was a sense of, I didn’t state what I needed and what I wanted and what I didn’t want for being scared of somebody leaving the relationship,” Sherri told the magazine at a recent charity event. “There are consequences to everything, but I was scared to say, ‘That’s not going to work for me. I don’t want that.’”

Sherri has plans to file an appeal to the Pennsylvania judge’s ruling.

“He’s happy,” adds Sherri. “There nothing I can do. It’s out of my hands. You move on and I have a son. I have to take care of him so everything is good.”

Sherri also has a son named Jeffrey from her marriage to ex-husband Jeff Tarpley.

Lisa Ling’s 2-year old daughter speaks 3 languages already

Journalist Lisa Ling just wrapped taping of her CNN globe-trotting show This is Life and in between that and balancing other projects, she managed to teach her daughter Jett three languages! Wowza!
She revealed that wonderful tidbit during a recent interview with Celebrity Baby Scoop.
“Jett is so smart it’s scary,”The View alum says of her 2-year old. “She loves books.”
That explains why a 2-year old is multi-lingual already. 

Ling, who recently revealed that she was diagnosed with ADD as an adult, says motherhood has expanded the depth of her work.

“I have always focused on girl empowerment, but now I really focus on topics I can be a voice for that help the equality of women,” Lisa says.


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Rosie O’Donnell & Ex exchange ugly jabs over daughter’s custody

Rosie O’Donnell and her estranged wife since 2012 Michelle Rounds are engaged in an ugly battle over the custody of their 2-year old daughter Dakota.
Rounds says she wants their child to lead a “normal life.”
But O’Donnell’s rep told PEOPLE magazine that Rounds wanted sole custody as a “desperate attempt to use a child for her own gain.”
O’Donnell even threw shade at Rounds and brought their daughter in the mix by Instagraming a photo of Dakota with a message, “Excuse me – do i get a vote?”

Not true says Rounds. 
“Right now she has 24/7 nannies over there at Rosie’s house,” Rounds told Entertainment Tonight. “I don’t want my child to have a nanny. I want her to be outside playing, I want to be with her. I want to go to all the parent conferences … and that’s just not what it’s about over there.”
Rounds says she is a better parent. 
“I’m at my daughter’s every beck and call,” Rounds said. “I give her mild discipline instead of like carte blanche, do whatever you want, which is more or less how Rosie likes to do things.”
She also refuted suggestions that she is after Rosie’s money.
“I made my first million before the age of 39, that was before I met Rosie,” she said. “I don’t need Rosie’s money, I don’t want Rosie’s money. … The prenup money means nothing to me. I will walk away from the prenup if Rosie will give me full custody.”
The View alum has four other kids with former partner Kelli Carpenter.

TV host Debbie Matenopoulos welcomes daughter Alexandra

Congratulations to Home and Family  host Debbie Matenopoulos on the birth of her first child

The former The View co-host and her husband, Jon Falcone, welcomed a daughter, Alexandra Kalliope, on Oct. 29, People reported.

“There are no words to describe how overwhelmed with love and joy we are over our beautiful little miracle,” the couple told the magazine. “This is the most incredible experience I have ever had in my life. I am so excited to be a new mom.”

In June, Matenopoulos told us in in an exclusive interview that she would not push her daughter to get into show business.

” I will encourage my son or daughter to be whatever it is they want to be when they grow up as long as it brings them joy and happiness, I will be happy too,” she told us. ” I think it’s important to be supportive of your kids when they show an interest in something. I will always want to help them achieve their goals no matter what they are.”


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EXCLUSIVE: Mom-to-be TV’s Debbie Matenopoulos answers our 20 Questions

© 2014 Crown Media United States, LLCAlexx Henry Studios, LLC / Jeremy Lee
We love love love Debbie Matenopoulos of the Hallmark Channel‘s  Home and Family daytime talk show and have been a fan of the beautiful, upbeat TV host since her days on ABC’s The View. And now the veteran broadcast journalist is expecting her first child with her brand new hubby photographer Jon Falcone. 
The Endsville actress made a LIVE announcement to her Home and Family cast-mates about eloping during the show’s season break and at the same time surprised them with news that she was four months pregnant much to their genuine shock and surprise. 
Watch the announcement:

The show airs on the Hallmark Channel from 10 to noon ET/PT.
And on top of all that excitement, Matenopolous is also in the middle of promoting her new Greek cookbook, “It’s All Greek to Me“. Fortunately for us, we were able to pin down the busy mom-to-be and get her to answer some questions and Here they are answers to our 20 Questions:
1.  What cravings, if any, are you having? Did you have? I’m not having any cravings really, I just get really hungry in general now where I didn’t used to get ravenously hungry before.
2. Do you have aversions , e.g. foods you used to love that now cannot stand? No real aversions to food either, except that I cannot stomach the smell of milk. It nearly sends me over the edge every time. I didn’t like milk before, but now it’s on a whole other level.
3. What has been the pregnancy experience been like so far?  It has been really nice actually. It’s a new experience every day. Between the ultrasounds and listening to the baby’s heart beat on my home heart monitor and my growing belly bump, it’s never a dull moment. It is truly amazing what our bodies can do. It really IS a miracle.
4.  Have you found it is as wonderful as all have said, or miserable because no one told you what it would be like? I’ve definitely had my moments where I’ve said, why doesn’t anyone tell you this is going to happen?  But then I just laugh it off.  Overall I think pregnancy is beautiful.
5. Are you one of those new moms-to-be who read everything and are overprepared for baby? I’m definitely not over prepared. I don’t think you can actually be over prepared for something like welcoming a new life into the world.  The only book I am reading is What To Expect When Expecting.  It’s right on the money with everything. It’s a great book.
6.  Have you picked out a name? We have a boy’s name but not a girl’s name yet. If it’s a boy we are going to name it after my father who passed away a little over 2 years ago.  His name was Niko. He was and still is my hero.
7. How has it been working while pregnant? It has been great working while pregnant. Working on Home and Family is such a loving and warm environment.  I am very fortunate to be working on such a welcoming set. Everyone has been so excited about the pregnancy that it is making it extra special and fun for me.
8.  How has it been working on promoting your new project while pregnant? What has been the biggest challenge? Promoting my book, It’s All Greek To Me has been a lot of fun. Being pregnant while doing so hasn’t been that challenging really. The only thing that has been a bit taxing has been the back to back busy schedule.  I seem to need a little more sleep these days than I did before.
9.  Talk about how supportive your husband has been during this this journey.  My hubby Jon has been super supportive.  He has been great.   He massages me every day when I get home from work, makes dinner, makes sure I am eating the right things and am fully hydrated. He has been amazing.
10. Did Jon gain any sympathy weight? He has been gaining a little sympathy weight. Lol. He ate three jars of pickles in the first trimester and has been eating lots of mint chocolate chip ice cream too. I haven’t craved either of those things. Haha
11.   Did you gain a lot of weight or are you on track?  And what do you think of all your fellow pregnant celebrities posing in bikinis? I’m pretty much on track for weight gain. I’ve been eating super healthy. I’ve always stuck to a pretty healthy diet my whole life but now I’ve been even more conscious about what I put in my body. I want to make sure that I am getting all of the right nutrients for the baby.  I love that all these girls are posing in bikinis after having babies. More power to them. They inspire me to get back into my pre baby shape.
12.  Are you going to go on a babymoon? If so, where? When? We’re going to try to get to Greece this summer for a babymoon. My whole family is there so it will be nice to go get away and see everyone for a bit before the baby arrives. Besides we both love Greece so much. It’s where we got married last summer so it’s special for us.
13. Who is throwing your shower?  I’m having a few different showers. One will be in Virginia where I grew up. My mom, sister, sister in law and best friend from grade school are throwing me one there. Then I’m having another one at Home and Family so that one is going to be really fun and exciting with my TV family. And then finally, my girlfriends Lisa Stanley, Jillian Barberie, and Linda Thompson are throwing me one in Malibu at Linda’s house over the summer as well. I feel very fortunate to have so many lovely friends and family who are as excited as I am about the baby. 😉
14. Do you have a nursery theme selected? How is it coming along?  As far as nursery themes go we have narrowed it down to either safari animals or a sea theme. My hubby is a diver so he likes the sea theme and both of those themes are unisex so either one works.
15. What’s the oddest piece of advice anyone has ever given you so far? Someone suggested I eat my placenta. I thought it sounded pretty strange but then I did some research and was quite astonished at what I learned.  I likely won’t be partaking but I learned some things about the placenta that are fascinating. It’s quite an amazing organ.
16. Have you had strangers come up and rub your belly yet? If so, what was your reaction? My belly is just now starting to pop. So no strangers have come up to rub it as of yet. My friends have though, all the time. And I quite enjoy it. I think it’s good for the baby. 😉
17.  Will you have your child be in the “biz”? If not , why not? I will encourage my son or daughter to be whatever it is they want to be when they grow up. As long as it brings them joy and happiness, I will be happy too.  I think it’s important to be supportive of your kids when they show an interest in something. I will always want to help them achieve their goals no matter what they are.
18. How many more babies do you want? I’m happy just having one healthy baby and then we’ll see what happens from there. But I do think 2 is a good number. My hubby definitely wants at least 2.
19 What did you do for this past Father’s day? We went diving and spear fishing because that’s what my hubby likes to do. Well, I should say, HE went and I watched. Lol. And then we hiked and came home and made fish tacos with the fish he caught. It was really chill and perfect actually.
20.  Were you rooting for Greece in the World Cup? And the US too? I am keeping up with the World Cup. I love soccer. I am so proud and excited that Greece made it in. This is the first time in history they have qualified. It’s really quite special. And of course I am rooting for the US as well and so proud they qualified too. If it came down to it I’d love to see the US play Greece for the final game. That way no matter who wins I’d be thrilled.
Perfect!  Such a refreshing, positive and inspiring attitude. We’re not surprised one bit! Good luck Debbie!

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Savannah Guthrie shows off bump at events all weekend, Katie Couric rumored to be her maternity leave replacement

First time mom-to-be TODAY show host Savannah Guthrie has been having a ball showing off her growing baby bump at events recently. 
This weekend was a busy one. Today, the seasoned journo wore a black floral dress to the Fed Up  premiere at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. Just this past weekend, she was all smiles while posing with co-host Matt Lauer at the White House Correspondents Association Dinner at the Hilton in DC all pretty in pink, and went floral again the night before at the annual New Yorker pre-WHCD party at the W Hotel  in DC.  
And just last month, she was being honored  at The Hollywood Reporter’s  35 Most Powerful People In Media Celebration at The Four Seasons Restaurant on April 16, 2014 in New York City.
Sharing the spotlight today was the news that former host Katie Couric has been rumored to possibly sit in Guthrie’s stead when she departs for maternity leave after giving birth to her first child with new husband of a few months Michael Feldman. 
Among other big names floated around to sub include another alum Meredith Vieria, the former panelist host on The View who took over after Couric left TODAY the first time in 2006.
Interesting…. Who do you think they should select?

photos: Getty

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Ciara stuns in W magazine fashion shoot (PHOTOS)

courtesy Carlos Cerrao for W

 Ciara looks stunning in photos published this week in W magazine featuring her 8-month pregnant belly.

The former model turned pop songstress explained in an article accompanying the photo spread that she has been active on photographing herself during her pregnancy to create a new tradition and to make sure she documents most of it.

wearing: Junya Watanabe Comme des Garçons jacket and Eres swimsuit.

“My mom and I don’t have a lot of photos of my early years,” she explained to W. “So I decided we should document everything. This is one of those moments you can’t repeat.”

The first time mom-to-be who reveals her due date is any day now, told the magazine that maternity wear has been tough for her this pregnancy.

wearing: Theyskens’ Theory dress, Eres swimsuit and Ciara’s Cartier bracelets.

“Pregnancy has been a great fashion challenge because you can’t wear things that you used to wear but you still want to feel like who you are,” Ciara told W. “I have to pay some credit to my fiancé’s closet, because I have worn probably all of his clothes.”

Ciara announced this January on “The View” that she was pregnant with fiance Future’s baby.

And she has also been going to one of her besties for advice: Kim Kardashian, noting that she’s gotten advice from KimK on “everything from breastfeeding to how a stroller works.”

Ciara adds,“you don’t know your child until they get here, you don’t know their personality.There is a lot of learning to do. I loved that advice.”

In gratitude for the shoot, the “Body Party” singer thanked the mag in a recent social media share.

“Thank You [W Mag] For Documenting One Of The Most Special Times In My Life, In The Most Beautiful Way Possible.” Ciara captioned a photo from the shoot she posted on Instagram.

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Tamar Braxton and Tamera Mowry-Housley’s “The Real” returns September 15 ( VIDEO TRAILER)

Sadly, our Bellyitch Bumpwatch alum Bethenny Frankel lost her FOX channel reality TV show when it didn’t get renewed for a second season.

But on an upside, our other alums Tamar Braxton Herbert and Tamera Mowry-Housley will debut a full season of their new talk show The Real on the same network this September 15.

The new moms and their co-hosts had a successful  short test run in limited and select markets this past summer 2013 (NY, Philly, LA, D.C Phoenix, Houston and Tampa) that was ratings gold. The show got picked up for a full season and will have a nationwide run starting late Summer.

Actress and Singer Adrienne Bailon (The Cheetah Girls),  comedian Loni Love and  TV host Jeannie Mai (How do I Look) round off the other ladies in the multicultural and younger answer to ABC  channel’s The View. 

According  to a press release announcing the premiere date:

These women are all going through varied life experiences, including new motherhood, new marriages, dating or singledom, that relate to every woman’s own trials and tribulations. Unlike other talk shows, each of the five hosts is admittedly a “work in progress” and fearlessly invites the home audience into their lives. Their fresh points of view, youthful energy and passion will turn the traditional talk show on its head. 

Fun! Are you excited about the new show launching? Catch a promo reel hear:

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