Baby delivered on side of Atlanta highway during snowstorm

Yesterday, a snowstorm that hit the southern states in the US crippled many highways and roadways, causing some many accidents, some fatal, and leaving many people stranded for hours at a standstill in their cars. 
One young lady couldn’t wait for her mom and dad to get to the hospital to deliver her. Baby Grace made her appearance to the world on the side of I-285 near Riverside Drive shortly after 5pm yesterday, January 29.
Her dad and a Sandy Springs Police Department cop, Officer Tim Sheffield delivered her inside the car in the middle of the icy and cold outdoor conditions.  Paramedics arrived on the scene and took the family to the nearest hospital. Grace is a fitting name considering there could have been complications during the birth which could have made this story have a sad ending.
Thankfully, Baby Grace and mom are fine now,  Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports. 

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