Utah Fertility Clinic worker swapped out his own semen in place of clients’ (VIDEO)

This is the type of stuff you’d expect to see in a TV criminal drama like Law and Order  or in a Vince Vaughn movie like Delivery Man, but nope this is real life.
A Utah fertility clinic worker swapped his sperm for those of clients using in vitro fertilization and other methods to conceive a child.
Recently, a woman named Pam Branum and her family thought it would be fun to do genetic testing to trace the family’s lineage. During the process, she discovered that her daughter Annie was fathered with semen from Tom Lippert, a former employee of the Reproductive Medical Technologies clinic at the University of Utah. 

Lippert was a  convicted felon who lied about his criminal past when he applied for a job as a college professor and clinic worker.
Apparently, unbeknownst to the the college, Lippert, clearly a deranged individual, was convicted in 1975 of keeping a woman in a black box for three weeks while using electroshock therapy on her. 

Unfortunately, more answers will be hard to come by because the clinic closed in 1992 and Lippert died a few years later in 1999.
But Branum’s discovery sparked the current investigation.
“I commented on the dozens of baby pictures up there,” Branum told a local TV station. “He smiled and looked at those and said those are all the babies that I’ve helped couples have.”
The university set up a hotline for other families worried about potential tampering.
“I’m kind of glad he’s dead,” Branum said. “It kind of puts that part of it to rest.”
Creepy. *shivers*
Watch a local Utah station’s news account of the story:

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