Are you losing the weight loss battle with fad diets? (INFOGRAPHIC)

So our  friends at Pritkin Longevity Center created a new infographic for me to share with you that is my story. *sigh*. The perpetual fad dieter.
It says that the months of February an March are common for people failing or cheating on their diets.
When trying to shed weight, many of us turn to fad diets and drastic calorie cutting and with the positive energy of new years resolutions in the past and the cold winter months still in full force, it is not surprising that February and March are the most common months for diet failure and “cheating” to occur.
Experts at nationally recognized Pritikin Longevity Center have found that fad diets leave us not only hungry and miserable but often lead to setbacks and cheating that cause additional weight gain. dang!
Check out the infographic below “Are You Losing the Diet Game?” which visually outlines ways that your weight loss journey can be effected by your dieting and lifestyle decisions and reveals the true impact that common dieting mistakes can have on your weight loss and overall health.

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