How to gift your baby a global world view from birth

Parents, there is one sure fire way to make sure your child is aware that the world is massive and will not be limited by the confines of her city blocks, tiny town or small village she is born in: 
Step 1: Upon birth, immediately apply for and get her a passport. By taking the steps to get a passport, you are putting into the universe the notion that travel is in her future.
Step 2:  Set up an interest bearing savings or low risk investment account for travel and adventure and have $10 -$25 of each paycheck deposited into this account.  Travel cost money and at any given moment, there may be financial constraints on your budget that could prohibit it, but not if you plan.
Step 3: Buy him a globe and when he is a little aware and into visual screen stimulation, spin the globe and have him close his eyes and stop it with a finger. Whichever place his finger is on, do a Google images search and show him and her this new part of the world. Let him know that there is an account set up for him to let him travel.
Step 4: When she is old enough to travel, whether before college or instead of or whenever, for an abroad program or student exchange program, she will have enough saved up to afford to go. 
Not only will this exercise help your child expand his world knowledge and awareness, it will help focus him on goals and aspirations because he  or she will have some independent travel to look forward to. That way, if there is something in his/her path that could mess up that future adventure trip away, s/he will think twice about engaging in risky behaviors or doing something to mess it up !
Good luck! 

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