Moms make easy crime targets, Tips to help you not become a victim

Unfortunately, the truth is mothers make great crime targets. Why?

1. They’re distracted.

2. They’re willing to do whatever is necessary to protect their kids.

3. They have a lot of stuff.

Those are the reasons offered by Jarrett Arthur, self-defense expert and creator of M.A.M.A. (Mothers Against Malicious Acts). But we can avoid being walking potential crime victims. We moms can prepare ourselves and take better steps to avoid or get out of a dangerous situation if necessary.
 Here are three suggestions Arthur offers:
1) Be aware of your surroundings and limit distractions. Generally speaking, violent criminals look for easy targets. When walking from point A to point B, being on your phone, listening to music with your earphones, sending texts or emails, rummaging through your purse or bag, or simply not being present in the moment (read: thinking about that incident at work, or your ever growing to do list) signals to a bad guy that you might be an ideal victim. 
Jarrett Arthur
2) Reduce the time it takes you to transition into/out of cars and homes. The entering or exiting of vehicles, buildings, and homes is often one of the prime times a violent criminal looks to make a move. Pay extra attention to your surroundings (including behind you) and potential hiding places, close and lock doors immediately, and limit the time it takes you to fully get in or get out of your home or car. Sitting in your car with the driver side door open while you gather or organize your belongings is a particularly dangerous habit to engage in.
3) Use verbal and body language boundary setting if you’re being threatened. You might not have the option to use verbal and body language boundary setting techniques to deescalate a potentially dangerous encounter, but if the incident hasn’t immediately started with a physical assault you could have the opportunity to establish your boundaries using a tall, confident body posture, eye contact, keeping your hand up in front of you in a “stop” signal, and in a clear, loud voice state the actions you want this person to follow, “Stop! Back up! Don’t come closer!”
Remember these suggestions and be safe out there moms!

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