The IRS exempted Pregnant women from “Obamacare” tax penalty

Depending on when you get pregnant, if you don’t already

have health insurance, you

may qualify for an expansion of the Medicaid program
in your state.
It is part of the 2010 Affordable Healthcare Law, sometimes

called “Obamacare”  because it was pushed by President Barack Obama and is part of his bellwether accomplishment for his first term in office, and is having widespread implications into his second term.
The elements of the contentious law gradually go into effect over the years.  Despite efforts to repeal or defund it because of claims it would cost jobs and some to lose their existing coverage, the US Supreme Court

has declared it constitutional, the president signed it into law and Congress

voted it into law  four years ago.
You can fight it or if you’re in need, figure out how it can

help you especially if you find yourself knocked up without adequate healthcare.
Last December, the Internal Revenue Service exempted pregnant women,

among other categories of people, from the penalty all Americans who do

not get insurance by April 1 must pay.
But the law also adds a special coverage just for pregnant women,

depending on the timing of the pregnancy. If you qualify, meet certain income

minimums, your care would be covered for FREE.
If you are not eligible for Medicaid, you

may qualify
for a subsidized low-cost health care form a “Qualified

Healthcare Provider
  • Under AHA, all QHP must provide, with No Co-Pay:
  • ·        

    Maternity care
  • ·        

    Labor and delivery
  • ·        

    Prenatal care, and
  • ·        

    all diagnostic screenings.

States still have flexibility to determine what services are

covered so you should examine and compare plans carefully. 

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