Mother’s Day: 24 Websites with DIY Gift Ideas for Mom

Mother’s Day is around the corner. If you are thinking of ideas including some DIY and homemade gift ideas, you might want to check out one of these 24 sites via AuPairJobs.com for suggestions. Good luck!

Wearable Art
Mom would be proud to

wear a butterfly ring that her child made her or maybe a funky necklace with

interchangeable felt roses to match every outfit.  Grab the kids and a few

craft supplies and make some wearable art for mom.  Your daughter may want

to make one for herself too so that she can match her mom.  These six blog

posts will show you how to do these and more.

DEMO! 3D Fabric Butterfly Ring

Recycled Scraps

Interchangeable Felt Necklace
Is mom into being green

and recycling?  Maybe you should create an eco-friendly Mother’s Day

present for her?  How about stopping by the thrift store and picking up a

candle stick and an old plate to make her a pedestal cake stand?  Grab the

spray paint and give it a good coat of mom’s favorite color and you are home

free.  Maybe that project is a little too involved; you could always

create a room air freshener using stuff you already have around the

house.  Find instructions for these and other eco-friendly gift ideas in

these six blog articles.

Repurposed Candlesticks

Wheel of


Plantable Seeded Paper Flowers
No Crafting Involved
Some dads aren’t that

crafty and that is okay.  You can still help your child come up with a

heartfelt gift for mom.  Print out some Mother’s Day coupons using free

printables or a geometric word art piece with words to describe mom put into a

frame.  These ideas still make gifts that mom will be excited to receive

and you didn’t even have to break out the glue.  Take a look at these six

blogs for more, non-crafty gift ideas.

15 Dessert Recipes in a Jar
Homemade with Love
Most kids love to craft

so it’s a no brainer to let them make something for mom for Mother’s Day. 

Check out these six blog entries for simple crafting ideas that kids can do

with a little help from dad or other adult.  Make a photo collage for mom

using pictures of the kids.  Moms love to look at pictures of their

babies.  No matter how big or small the gift is mom will love it because

the kids made it especially for her.

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