New Source of Stress: Inaccuracies in Drugstore Test that tells how pregnant a woman is (VIDEO)

A new pregnancy test which promises to tell women how far along they are in their pregnancy is causing grief among some women in their first trimester.
According to CBS news, some women who have used the ClearBlue Advanced pregnancy test have reported that the tests are indicating they are farther along or not as far compared to what their doctors tell them.  The test, which is supposed to predict whether a woman is 1-2, 2-3 or over 3 weeks pregnant, is causing some to worry that their babies are not developing at a normal rate for their gestational age, or that they are too far along (perhaps an indicator of twins).
It’s causing stress although experts say that women should never take at-home tests like these too literally and to instead rely on their hcg levels until their babies reach the age of viability and when other doctor visit tests can accurately predict their pregnancy progress.

Watch a video about the story here:

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