Celeb Review: The VTech Safe & Sound Video & Audio Baby Monitor

We asked new 2nd-time mom, Grammy-nominated World Music songstress Wayna to test out the new VTEch Safe & Sound® Pan & Tilt Full-Color Video & Audio Monitor (retail: $129.99) shortly after giving birth to her second child, daughter Zema,  last month with husband Kyle Stephen. The results were a glowing review. 
Here is what the mom to 3-year old daughter, Beza, and much buzzed-about singer-songwriter had to say:

“When I had my first child 4 years ago, a video monitor was the first baby shower item I asked my loved ones to splurge on. 

Hearing my newborn daughter on a traditional monitor  wasn’t enough, I wanted the assurance of watching her — of seeing first hand if her swaddle had come undone or if her back was arched from gas bubbles or if her face revealed whether the noises coming from her nursery were sweet baby dreams or the early signs of a cry for food. The more information I had, the better, and the better I could care for her while peacefully carrying out whatever multi-task I was busy doing.

When I hooked up my fancy video monitor with the even fancier price tag, I was surprised to see that the video feed was nothing like the image on the box. Sadly, it looked more like an infrared video than a TV commercial. But I was even more disappointed when the unit broke after only a few weeks use. Granted, it was tipped off the edge of the crib, but it was only one drop and had landed on double-padded carpet!

Given this experience, my expectations when trying out the V Tech video monitor were measured.  

I was surprised, however, to find that all my previous hopes were fulfilled in this device and then some.  I was impressed by the perfectly clear, color TV-like video feed; the ability to adjust the camera angle from the receiver to get the best possible view if the baby had moved; the battery-saving mode that enables you to leave the receiver unplugged for longer; the amplified sound that, like a rear view mirror, makes voices appear louder than they are, helping you get to the scene of an accident before it actually happens; and finally and probably best of all, the ability to convert your video monitor into a walkie talkie and converse with someone in the nursery.  

On the subject of durability, my toddler knocked the V Tech video monitor over at least 3 times on hard wood floor, and it still functions perfectly! 

With all this functionality, flexibility, and extra features, the question isn’t should you buy the V Tech monitor and use it in your nursery. The question is: will it work in a college dormitory? To be determined!

How fun! Thanks Wayna for a great review! We’re gonna have to give that a try with our little ones around here. 

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