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Eco Friday: This Vegan SakRoots Crossbody Is A Mom’s Best Accessory {Review}

It’s been a while since I blogged an Eco-Friday, my series when I used to highlight eco -friendly products.

I’m bringing it back today with my recommendation of the Sakroots Crossbody Bag.

It is totally VEGAN and made of all man-made material.

I think it’s the perfect bag for a new mom or any one  who need their hands free.

The best part of this bag is the compartment in the front that can hold a mobile phone.

It fits my iPhone 11 perfectly.

I wear mine in the front so I can keep an eye on my phone and wallet.

It has loads of compartments inside for holding all your credit cards, business cards, receipts and more.

There is a coin purse in the middle and two sections on the outside where I put my cash.

For me, this is a great option because I can separate cash I set aside for miscellaneous petty spending and for specific purposes like school lunch, game snacks, tutors etc.

There is a wristlet strap so you can also easily and quickly convert it to a wristlet.

Take off both and use it as a clutch.

I love the pattern on the one I got. It features Black women with an Afro along the bottom.

It is soooo me!! There are other patterns too!

And for about $44, you cannot beat it!

Buy yours at Saks’ website or Amazon!

WIN New Entenmann Treats are the Best After School Snack {Review}

When I was a child, I used to look forward to going to my baby sitter’s home because she always had a box of delicious Entenmann’s pastry on her coffee table. If I behaved, I could count on getting a yummy slice of pound cake or a half a donut.

Fast forward to the here and now and the brand is still producing delicious pastries and coming out with new ones.

For example, it has released new Little Bites® Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies. I received a sampling to test out on my brood and a gift card in exchange for our honest assessment and I must say they were a hit!

The cookies are smaller than the regular mini chocoloate chip cookies that are in the box and comes with 6 packages of about 6-8 cookies.

At 200 calories total with 26 carb grams, we’ve been careful to just nibble two at a time but when done the entire package will walk away with 2 grams of protein, 1 gram of dietary fiber and 6% of our recommended dosage of iron (for a 2,000 calorie diet)

My kids (17, 14, and 11) enjoy them as an after school snack!

Learn more about Entenmann’s entire family of snacks and pastries by visiting the links below:

If you’d like to win three $5 coupons to test them out yourself and a $25 VISA Gift card, checkout my Twitter later today.

$15 of Entemman’s Products and $25 Visa Gift Card

Revitalize and Breathe New Life to Your Sofa with a Classic Slipcover {REVIEW}


Even though Spring is usually associated with cleaning and sprucing up the home, actually Fall is a popular time to update, upgrade and redecorate your abode.

One of the easiest ways to breathe new life into a room is to swap out the decorations, add new frames, bring the outdoors in with plants and for furniture, throw on a slipcover onto a sofa or chair.

It’s not easy or cost efficient to go out and purchase an entire new couch but you can add texture, color or design using a slip cover. You can get a custom slipcover but that can be expensive so using a retail one works perfectly to enhance a room.

The Classic Slipcover Company, for example, offers a line of high-end slipcover products that make your furniture look brand new.  From chairs to sofas and even dog furniture, they offer a variety of fits and styles and offered my the opportunity to brighten my front room with one if its quality items.

I was able to use a review sample to update my front room which has an Aztec print.  Classic Slipcover’s twill one piece twill sofa slipcover ($94) Iwith bow ties was relatively easy to set up and keep cover in place and turn the space into a warm and inviting place to read, receive visitors, and kick back and unwind after a long day.

It fits sofas from 84″ to 96.”

I also used the company’s armchair slip cover in the same material and chair to refurbish an old raggedy chair that was in the basement. I brought it upstairs and threw on the cover (I need to affix it better than in this photograph) and it brought my office to life! Love it!

I love their options because they suit my style and tastes: simple, classic, customizable, crisp and clean. Perfect!

Check out the other offerings, including covers for pet beds!!


We Found A Fab Place for Your Luxury Spa Babymoon and It’s In Vegas!


When my baby sister Hawa Jay, one of our blog reviewers and Bellyitch 100 guide model, decided to head to Las Vegas for a Bachelorette Weekend, I accepted the invitation to tag along the girls’ trip to check out some of the destination’s famous amenities and attractions.


Although Las Vegas, Nevada is more well known as “Sin City”, it is also a very family-friendly destination and ranks as a top destination for families in several guides. We’ve listed it tops in a few Bellyitch Blog posts in the past.

Vegas has a lot of family-oriented hotels like Circus, Circus, for example, which features an amusement park, on site Krispy Kreme and popular chain fast food spots right inside.

It’s also a good baby moon destination because there are lots of vice and smoke-free options in the very active city as well.

There’s the High Roller ferris wheel at The LINQ Promenade which rotates slowly to give you a marvelous 360 view of the city from inside a large cabin, some fully stocked with drinks and food. The Eiffel Tower Experience at Paris Las VONS is fun as is The Wildlife Habitat Flamingo which opens daily from dawn to dusk and has daily Pelican feedings.


There are also destination hotels that are on the upscale side as well. The Red Rock Casino and Spa, for example, is nestled in historic Red Rock Canyon, famously known for its native American Nevadan reservations.


The resort is an oasis, equally luxurious as any 5-star hotel you’d find on the strip.


It is perfect for families with children because you can also find on property a bowling alley, a movie theater, an arcade and other smoke-free kid-friendly options.


But for mom and dad who want to indulge in slot play or poker, there’s a casino in the lobby – the best of both worlds.

In a very saturated hotel market, each need to stand out in its own way. 


The Red Rock accomplishes this feat with its completely red-tinted glass entry way, an ode to the crimson shade in its name.


From the inside, you wouldn’t know if it was light or dark, rainy or clear outside. That’s a good thing if you’re looking to get lost in paradise.


The color scheme for the furnishings in the lobby and the large center lounge area surrounded by semi-circle staircase is made up of hues of red and complementary colors. The hotel has several bars, a sports bar, a bowling alley, live entertainment facilities, a pool bar and lobby bar.

It’s surprisingly more modern than I would think for an off-the beaten path location but nothing about the resort can remotely be acquainted with shabby. It gives me a vintage updated 1960s spy movie vibe.


The spot is also a destination for conferences because it has large conference rooms on the third floor with a very comprehensive shipping and business section for their corporate-type guests.

I made my way through the lobby and headed upstairs to the spa for my facial appointment with Ro at The Spa at Red Rock by Well & Being. 


A very friendly spa associate greeted me at the door and pointed me in the direction of the check in. I was running a bit late but they didn’t make me feel bad for arriving a little after my scheduled 11:00 am appointment.


Another attendant took me back to a locker room area lit with soft lighting. I felt relaxed immediately as I took in the scent of lavender and peppermint oil waffling through the room. Aaah!


After a long flight into Vegas the day before, and a very very long day of activities and adjusting to the time zone change, a relaxing facial was what I needed.

The attendant showed me how to operate the personal lockers and set my personalized code, standard for day spas; and after slipping out of my street clothes and into one the plush white spa robes and comfy slippers the spa provides, I was ready for ultimate relaxation.


Before Ro could collect me, I peeked around the corner to check out a brightly lit styling and dressing area.


It was equipped with individual seated stations with soft ottoman benches, a large lit mirror, equipped with a hairdryer, brush and other hot hair styling equipment for customer use.



On the other side was styling mirror along the wall and a stand up vanity area.


The room was divided by a display of the assorted branded products for spa guests to use: hair gel, make up remover, deodorant, hair spray, mouse, cotton bolls and cotton swabs.

When it was time for me to head back, a very friendly and personable Ro emerged and guided me down the hallway where I noticed a supply station fully stocked with personal feminine products, shower caps, towels  and more. Everything you’d need so you can come as you are and be very well taken care of. Loved that!


To get to my room for my facial, we also walked through an area with a hot tub on the left and what looked like a large whirl pool to the right and another seating area with snacks and water.

It was lined with fragrant scented candles on a mirrored shelf above.  


A lot of day spas on the east coast have the showers like they have at the Spa at Red Rock but not the pools and hot springs tubs. Those features set it apart already from a lot of the traditional day spas I have patronized.


And I’ve been in quite a few on both coasts of the nation, in Europe and the Caribbean.


Just outside the door to the services room was a serene waiting area with a tea and coffee station.


A tray of spa-branded water was nestled on the center ottoman, which also was lined with magazines to pass the time while waiting to be called.

Ro did an excellent job. She asked me if I had any issues I was worried about and wanted to work out, then instructed me to ditch the robe and snuggle under the massage bed.



She started by explaining to me the results of her quick skin examination. The results: I have T-zone oily combination skin.

We started with a gentle exfoliation using one of those machine brushes for scrubbing away dead skin and polishing off external residue. Ro followed up with a nice hot steam and then the painful but good part, white head extraction.


In between, I was treated with a gentle and much appreciated neck and shoulder massage. My hands had been heavily moisturized and placed in a plastic mitt. Ro removed the mitts and gave me a hand and arm massage, before completing the facial treatment and applying sunscreen to my lips.

When done, she gave back my robe which was kept warm for me during my services. What a great touch because who wants to leave that experience and have a draft hit you in your face? A heated robe was right on time.


It was a very indulgent and comprehensive treatment and I would say worth the $160 value of the service. It is comparable to the prices at spas at The Strip hotels but unlike those hotels, when you leave to return to your room, you’re not thrown back into the very loud and obnoxious sounds of strip life.

You’re still secluded away from the hustle and bustle and noise.


If you’re in town for a conference, or considering it for a baby moon or a family get away, the Red Rock Canyon location gives you the access to the active Strip but with the serenity of being isolated slightly in the majestic mountain

Your experience will be further enhanced by the spectacular lavish treatment you’ll get from the professionals at The Spa at Red Rock by Well & Being. I highly recommend you add it to your itinerary and get fit in for a facial with Ro or one of the other wonderful professionals there. You’ll be glad you did.

A complimentary facial was provided in exchange for this review but all of my opinions are my own and not dependent or impacted on the value of the service. 

Unboxing: One Year of My Life on Facebook In this Hardback Book

my social book review

Today, a lot of people use Facebook to connect with family, friends and colleagues across the world. The popular social media site is also used to chronicle different part of our lives, including milestones like births, weddings, birthdays and other special events. The problem, however, is that those moments and memories stay on that website.

Instead of real photo albums, many use Facebook’s digital albums as a permanent home for their family archival photos. Folks simply do not order prints of their pictures and place them in photo albums that they put on the coffee table.

My Social Book has stepped in to solve that problem. Using the desktop application, users can identify a time frame of their Facebook life and produce a hardback or softback book from it! It is very cool.

Recently, I was given the opportunity to create my very own Social Book and it came yesterday! Here is my unboxing and immediate response to my book. Check it out. And if you would like to order your own, you can get 25% off the cost (that’s a lot!) ! Prices start at just $14!  There is a special going on now where you can get 25 pages of your 2015 year for just $10.00, compared to $30 that it usually costs. Sweet! Hop on that now!Q

And if you are not satisfied with the outcome, each book comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. Perfect! Here is my unboxing and reaction to my book.

Review: I Loved these 3D-Printed Eyeglasses I Tested Out Recently

aspire review

As a busy momtechpreneur who is constantly in front of a computer and experiences eye strain at times, I was excited to be given the opportunity to test out a pair of 3D printed prescription eyeglasses made by a relatively new brand called Aspire eyewear.

Aspire is the brand of the vision wear company and retail chain ClearVision Optical. After getting an eye exam and faxing the prescription to the brand’s rep, a complimentary review pair of the style “Adventurous” arrived at the office.

Off the bat, I was impressed that frames were fashionable and super light. The frames in this brand are made up of a new nylon polymer material called SDN-4 which is lighter in weight than typical plastic frames.

The beauty of the 3D technology printing option is that the company can quickly develop a new series in 60 minutes compared to the 20 weeks it traditionally takes. Therefore, the company can stay on trend and quickly react to changes in design preferences or with emerging and new innovation.

The brand launched in 2015 with the philosophy for this label  based on the question: “What do you Aspire to Be?

Consequently, the initial designs were based on 12 “personality-driven looks: Memorable, Dedicated, Unique, Outstanding, Expressive, Creative, Free, Independent, Powerful, Special, Stylish and Connected.

Colors and style range from Boho-inspired florals and animal print designs for women, and modern, masculine, suiting inspired designs for men and women.

Later versions included Poetic, Artistic, Romantic, Influential, Real and Wise. We were sent a pair to review and can certainly attest to the fact that they are indeed pliable and flexible.  We tried out the Adventurous model and agreed it is very  lightweight (the glasses are 22% lighter than typical titanium frames).

The frames were extremely thin but durable at the same time.  Throughout the review period of about two weeks, the glasses stood the test of daily wear. They are easy to clean and are attractive and eye catching.  There is an adjustable nose pad as well with each pair.

Aspire Eyewear is available exclusively at ClearVision retail locations. Suggested retail pricing for the brand ranges from $249.99-$289.99. That is a moderate price range and worth the price for the quality.

The only thing that could have been better is the case that it came in is plastic and a bit on the flimsy side. Overall, they certainly are a pretty good bet.


 Many women use shapewear to help smooth out bulges under dresses and snug tops, which is fine.

However, after a baby, you’ll need something that does a little more, like actually help you shrink your tummy back to pre-pregnancy shape.

You can do that with the very popular innovative shorts that Australian company SRC Recovery makes. SRC Recovery shorts are very popular and worn by mothers worldwide to help get back their pre-baby figure faster.

Wear them after birth for 3 months.  They can be worn day and night and are suitable for women who have had vaginal and C-section deliveries.

The patented medical grade compression fabric helps to hold muscles together to promote healing and increase circulation to help your body get rid of excess fluid.


Unlike shapewear which can deactivate the core muscles, making your recovery last longer, the SRC Recovery shorts help to stimulate the muscles and build up core and pelvic floor strength.

If you would like a pair of these miracle shorts, learn more about it by Likeing the @SRCPregnancy Recoveryshorts Facebook page  &  following SRC on Instagram @SRCHEALTH



You Can Too! The makers are letting one Bellyitch reader get her hands on her own pair, again! Wooot!!!! Open to US Only! Thru May 13, 2016! Enter below and you can enter more than once!!  Good LUCK!


Eco Friday: Made From Earth Skin Line is All Natural Goodness (REVIEW)

JJ Ghatt   jjghatt  • Instagram photos and videos

With the winter months come dry, cracked skin, and added need for a moisturizer.

If you are interested in maintaining balance in your face, hands, lips and neck these colder days, while still keeping it all natural, a good bet is the products sold by Made from Earth. Back in the fall, the makers were generous enough to send me some of their wonderful products. They’ve been a God send and I’ve incorporated them all into my daily and weekly cleansing, toning and moisturizing ritual.

At least twice a week, I cleanse my skin with the grapefruit glycolic wash ($29.99) to keep the break outs away.  It’s been working because before, during the warmer months, I was getting pimples regularly.

Also, daily, I moisturize my face and neck with the vitamin c moisturizer. ($36.00)  The organic ingredients and vitamin c are defenses against the sun as well. To keep to my skin tight, I’ve been having success with the vitamin enhanced face firming serum (44.99) . It goes on non-greasy and dries quickly.  On some days, I’ve gone with the vitamin enhanced moisturizer  ($74.55) which has anti-aging properties that I can appreciate given I’m like most women out here fighting the effects of getting older.

Because I am always reading or working on a computer for long periods of time, my eyes get tired often. For five days at a time stretches, I’ve dabbed on some of the chamomile eye therapy cream ($22.95) around my eyes each morning after washing my face. The 5-day regimen does a great job to pick me up and I think it has collagen in it to firm up that area! Good for combating crow’s feet!


I also dig the Cucumber Cooling Gel ($13.49) and wear it regularly because it leaves my face refreshed. It’s also cool that it too has a toning property, and fights against sun damage and bags under the eyes. Good stuff.

Before applying make up, I spray on the skin correcting toner ($17.00). It is tingly and leaves my face feeling refreshed. I love the apricot scent it has too.

Finally, I keep the blueberry lip balm ($4.99) in my purse to moisturizer my lips and keep them from getting chapped. Sometimes I use the beeswax butter balm ($18.99) as a back up but it’s a bit greasy for the lips. Not my fave.

All of the ingredients, according to the makers, are organic, paraben free, eco-friendly and environmentally-conscious in ingredients, testing and manufacture!

Nice! If you’re looking for earth-friendly beauty products check out Made From Earth on its website!

JJ- approved

JJ- approved

Review: SmartyPants Prenatal Gummy Vitamins Are Yummy And Good For You (WIN $70 WORTH)

SmartyPants All in One PreNatal Gummy Vitamins   SmartyPants Vitamins

This review of these eco-conscious prenatal vitamins couldn’t wait for Eco-Friday!

SmartyPants gummy vitamins for adults and kids just released its prenatal version this Spring. And as my 10-year old son who sneaked a few when my back was turned can attest to ….they are deelish.

And they’re good for you.  Each gummy is packed with all the mineral and nutrients a pregnant woman needs: Vitamin C, D, E, B3, B6, folate, B12, and pantothenic acid; along with extra mom-to-be goodness: Vitamin D, B12, the omega-3 fatty acids EPA,  DHA and the MK-7 form of vitamin K2, which is particularly hard to get through diet.

What you won’t find: GMOs. Artificial colors. Artificial flavor or Artificial sweeteners. The only thing that would make them better is if they released a Sugar-Free version next for moms-to-be who have gestational diabetes and are watching their sugar intake.

smartypants vitamins review

This Kid is Totally Like my 10-year old! ha!

Other than that, these vitamins look to be a great alternative to the large horse-pill vitamins I had to take when I was last pregnant over 7 years ago. Our reviewer,  my 7-year old daughter’s expecting 2nd grade teacher, who checked out our review sample (Valued at $34.95 retail)  said she is enjoying them.

The other awesome part is you get to take 6 daily. Yum!

SmartyPants Vitamins — All in One Gummy Vitamins for Kids and Adults with Omega 3 Fish Oil2

Founded by serial entrepreneurial parents, Courtney and Gordon, SmartyPants also has an altruistic mission. It has a on one-for-one nutrient grant to Vitamin Angels for every bottle sold. So far, it has donated more than one million life-saving nutrient grants to women and children worldwide who suffer from undernutrition.

The makers of SmartyPants are giving one lucky Bellyitch reader a TWO- MONTHS SUPPLY!! Woot! That’s a Value of over $70 retail!! You get 360 Gummies to take home. Awesome Sauce!

Now thru next Friday, October 30 – It could be a pre-Halloween gift to the winner. Open to US ONLY.  Many ways to Enter. None Mandatory. Enter Below:

Bellyitch/SmartyPants 2-Months Supply of Pre-Natal Gummies Giveaway

‘Body After Baby’ Shapewear Winner ANNOUNCED!

body after baby bellyitchblog.com



Thanks to all who entered!

Stay tuned for some more amazing giveaways coming up! We’re getting some amazing offers from various products!
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