Eco Friday: Made From Earth Skin Line is All Natural Goodness (REVIEW)

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With the winter months come dry, cracked skin, and added need for a moisturizer.

If you are interested in maintaining balance in your face, hands, lips and neck these colder days, while still keeping it all natural, a good bet is the products sold by Made from Earth. Back in the fall, the makers were generous enough to send me some of their wonderful products. They’ve been a God send and I’ve incorporated them all into my daily and weekly cleansing, toning and moisturizing ritual.

At least twice a week, I cleanse my skin with the grapefruit glycolic wash ($29.99) to keep the break outs away.  It’s been working because before, during the warmer months, I was getting pimples regularly.

Also, daily, I moisturize my face and neck with the vitamin c moisturizer. ($36.00)  The organic ingredients and vitamin c are defenses against the sun as well. To keep to my skin tight, I’ve been having success with the vitamin enhanced face firming serum (44.99) . It goes on non-greasy and dries quickly.  On some days, I’ve gone with the vitamin enhanced moisturizer  ($74.55) which has anti-aging properties that I can appreciate given I’m like most women out here fighting the effects of getting older.

Because I am always reading or working on a computer for long periods of time, my eyes get tired often. For five days at a time stretches, I’ve dabbed on some of the chamomile eye therapy cream ($22.95) around my eyes each morning after washing my face. The 5-day regimen does a great job to pick me up and I think it has collagen in it to firm up that area! Good for combating crow’s feet!


I also dig the Cucumber Cooling Gel ($13.49) and wear it regularly because it leaves my face refreshed. It’s also cool that it too has a toning property, and fights against sun damage and bags under the eyes. Good stuff.

Before applying make up, I spray on the skin correcting toner ($17.00). It is tingly and leaves my face feeling refreshed. I love the apricot scent it has too.

Finally, I keep the blueberry lip balm ($4.99) in my purse to moisturizer my lips and keep them from getting chapped. Sometimes I use the beeswax butter balm ($18.99) as a back up but it’s a bit greasy for the lips. Not my fave.

All of the ingredients, according to the makers, are organic, paraben free, eco-friendly and environmentally-conscious in ingredients, testing and manufacture!

Nice! If you’re looking for earth-friendly beauty products check out Made From Earth on its website!

JJ- approved

JJ- approved

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