Eco-Friday: This New Single Serve Brewing System Is Better for the Environment (Unboxing Video)

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I admit being a coffee addict and that I get a euphoric feeling after having a hearty cup of brew.  Earnestly, I think coffee not gets me through my hectic day which usually starts at 6am. My hectic schedule includes corralling my kids and shipping them off to school, then schlepping back to my home office to blog, work on deliverables for legal or consulting clients, social media networking blog posts, try to squeeze in a trip to the gym, conduct meetings or interview people and then end the day by picking up the kids and taking them to the library before returning home to make dinner, and get them to bed, before working until midnight.

I’ve been known to spend a pretty penny at my local Starbucks as well. People give me Starbucks gift cards as presents because they are aware of my love of coffee. My husband wanted to help me save money from all those Starbuck runs and get me a single serve coffee system for Christmas but I discouraged him because of my concern that the capsules are not too environmentally friendly. Also, the costs for the capsules could be astronomical compared to a traditional coffee maker.

When I was asked to review a newcomer to the industry Touch Coffee, my interest was piqued because it looked to be a more eco-friendly alternative to what is on the market now.

It starts with the fact that unlike the standard Keurig K-Cups® in that popular machine, Touch® T526S brewer’s capsules have been re-engineered to so they are larger and thus can brew a larger cup of coffee. The makers boasts that the system has revolutionized and re-invented the  single-serve coffee platform Touch’s easy-to-use systems brew superior-tasting, coffee shop-quality coffee in significantly less time than current machine

They also boast that compared to most K-Cups®, which only fit up to 12.5 grams of coffee, XBold Cups ™ pack up to 15 grams of coffee and XLARGE CUPS™ provide up to 18 grams of coffee.

Nonetheless, the brewers are still  fully compatible with any cup at all—from existing to generic cups, in addition Touch  XBold Cups™, XLarge Cups™ and reusable Refill Jumbo Cup™.

The Refill cup is also another eco-friendly feature because you can save money and instead of buying replacement capsules, you can simply use grounds and spoon them in that filter! Sweet!

Touch has a Flash Heating system that starts brewing in under 20 seconds even if it has been off all night and it heats up just the water needed for the cup and not the entire tank of water.  It stands out from other machines that take much longer to warm up, a company release notes. Those machines shoot water through the coffee grounds too quickly, so users  then end up throwing away untapped flavor with the used capsule.

No bueno!

The T526S brewer allows you to choose from eight cup sizes (6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, or 18 ounces and carafe)

The fact that you can make up to 18 ounces means that one capsule can create up to 4 cups of coffee makes it more environmentally friendly and I noticed that the machine turns itself off automatically which is an energy-efficient alternative to existing brewers in this market.




“We have incorporated our innovative technology to our single-serve system—and the single-serve cups that accompany it—with one goal in mind: the perfect cup, every time,” its CEO Sam Kim said in the release. “Not only did we succeed at designing a machine that produces coffeehouse-quality coffee, but we have also made it convenient, intuitive, quiet and quick with a high-end design.”

The brewer retails for $249.99 and can be purchased at  www.TouchBeverages.com, Amazon.com, HomeDepot Online,  BestBuy.com, and  select Best Buy stores.

But if you are inclined to purchase one based on my review and unboxing below, I invite you to use my affiliate link HERE to do so! Thanks for supporting a blogger! 🙂

My camerman is my 13-year old son Caleb! We had some fun taping this. Check it out! 

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