A Baby Shower to Remember: Tips for Throwing an unforgettable babyshower

It happens to even the best hosts and hostesses who organize baby showers. 
You plan the games that you think will entertain guests. You arrange all the decorating and snacks. Everything seems to be perfect. Then, on the day of the shower, everyone just sits around and stares at each other. It’s possible to think outside of the box when it comes to baby showers. 
Here are some suggestions on how to host one that isn’t a dreaded event but a fun time for all.

Theme it up

Themed parties set the tone for a memorable baby shower. The decorations, favors and invitation should follow the theme. You also can ask people to dress up for a little more excitement. Costumes can be excellent conversation starters. Real Simple offers examples of themed baby shower parties such as Bun in the Oven, Bumble of Joy and A Day at the Circus.

Invite the Guys

These days, men are getting more involved in raising their children, and baby showers are no exception. Have a party the guys can get into as well. Many people feel that the shower should be for both parents since both are becoming parents. Also, if the mother has friends who are males who want to participate in the shower, it would not be a problem. Make sure to include everyone by passing out gender-neutral party favors such as candles that aren’t traditional blue or pink, or edible treats that everyone will enjoy. Sites like partypail.com offer baby shower favors to fit any theme.

Create a Photo Booth

Constructing a photo booth can be as simple as hanging a background on the wall. Ask someone with relatively decent photography skills to bring a camera and tripod. Don’t forget about props. You could have some traditional props such as a mustache, kissing lips and glasses. You also could get creative with the pregnancy theme and include a pacifier, adult diapers and bibs. Make sure to bring an oversized picture frame and take a couples’ picture of the parents so they can cherish the photo for years to come.

Host the Party Outside

Baby shower pool parties are always a hit. If you don’t have access to a pool, consider having a barbeque outdoors. Outdoor get-togethers open up the possibilities for more activities, so there is less of a chance that anyone will be stuck in a corner by themselves. You can plan outdoor activities or just relax poolside. Barbeques are usually more enjoyable for the men in the group too since they can bond over sharing grilling techniques while tossing back a cold one.

Donate to the College Fund

Non-parents often struggle with shopping for baby showers. They want to buy something useful but are typically clueless about what babies actually need. Setting up a college fund in lieu of gifts can ease some of that burden. Today, many parents are opening accounts for their child and asking their guest to send donations to help with college costs. Also, no gifts means you don’t have to sit around while the mom-to-be opens a thousand onesies and receiving blankets. You can spend the gift-opening time on fun activities instead.

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