Memorial Day: 16 Things NOT to say to a Military Spouse

Memorial Day is this Monday and generally, in addition to honoring and remembering fallen soldiers who gave the ultimate sacrifice, people also have come to use the holiday to also express their gratitude to alive, wounded and actively serving members of the military. 
This holiday, Mom.me‘s Rebecca Yarros reminds us all of the top 16 things to NOT say to a military spouse. Often times, people are well-intentioned but end up sticking their feet in their mouths and insulting those women (and men) who are married to servicemen.
Here is a snapshot of the items on the list:
1. “But, that war is over.”
2. “Do you really think the military is the right environment to raise a child?”
3. “Can’t you just go visit him?”
4. “You must think men in uniform are sexy!”
5. “Don’t all military wives cheat when their husbands are gone?”
6. “Oh, ‘Army Wives,’ just like the TV show?”
7. “Man, I wish my husband would deploy.”
8. “Where can I get that pretty gold star pin?”
9. “ I know just how you feel, my boyfriend has business trips all the time.” 

10. “Marriage must be so much easier when he’s not home to annoy you!”
11. “So, has he killed people?”
12. “Have you thought about getting in shape during deployment and surprising him?”
13. “Aren’t you scared he’ll die?”
14. “Will he ever get that scar fixed?”
15. “You knew what you were getting into.”
16. “I could never do that.”
To read why these words are “no-nos” head over to Me.com and check out Yarros’ piece there.

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