Self Improvement Month: 6 Ways to be a Better Parent

With September being Self-Improvement Month,  parents can use the opportunity to work on being better at parenting and working on themselves too.

Given all the different things that we have to do each week, schedules and other obligations, we sometimes move on auto pilot.

Take this month to learn some valuable tips about how you can simplify your life and become the best parent and role model possible. Gregg Murset, a busy CEO of MyJobChart and father of six, offers 6 tips to help you accomplish that:

1. Make The Time – Sure it’s a busy world and we all have commitments as adults but your kids need you too. Make the time each day to hear about what’s going on with them, what’s new in their world or what struggles they are having. They also don’t mind hearing about what’s going on in your world either.

2. Keep Your Word – Kids need to know that they can count on their parents. If you promise something to your child or make a comitment, do everything you can to keep it.

3. Don’t Bribe Your Kids – A recent survey showed that 61% of parents bride their children in order to achieve good behavior on a regular basis. While bribes could solve the problem at that moment, long-term bribing could develop a child who will only do something for certain payback or incentives.

4. Try Saying “No” More Often… You don’t need to crush every dream your child has for spending money, but the next time your child wants another Lego, video game, ice cream cone or piece of candy from the rack at the store check-out, try saying no. In the long run, you both will be better off for doing so.

5. Talk To Your Kids – No topic should ever be uncomfortable for a parent to discuss with their child. Not money, not drugs, not sex, not what they do on the Internet, not religion and certainly not what’s happening in their lives. However, study after study and survey after survey reveal that parents have issues discussing these topics (any more) with their kids.

6. Get Involved In Community – Show your kids that you are willing to be active in the community to help others. Any time you get the chance to demonstrate the willingness to help others without something in return, you have earned a gold star.

Good luck, parents!

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