Michelle Obama’s Mother’s Day message addresses Kidnapped Nigerian girls.

In her weekly address this week, First Lady Michelle Obama paid tribute to all mothers this Mother’s Day weekend and also used the opportunity to express concern for the missing nearly 300+ Nigerian school girls who were abducted from their school dormitory nearly a month ago by the terrorist group Boko Haram.

She said in the message that as parents to two girls, she and President Barack Obama could empathize with the parents who are aching for the return of their daughters. 

In recent weeks, buoyed by social media activity, global voices have called for the international community to assist the Nigerian government recover the girls who are said to be held captive, being raped daily and are slated to be sold for $12 each at the border, per the group’s leader, Abubakar Shekau.

In response to this news, images of the  celebrity men who participated in Ashton Kutcher‘s 2011 “Real Men Don’t Buy Girls” campaign have started to circulate widely again as a message to would-be purchasers.
No telling if the effort will yield results but as of last night, the US was said to be sending troops to render military assistance in the effort. 
The Nigerian government only accepted help in recent days so the delay could have complicated the rescue effort as could international intervention and agitation. Notorious terror group reaponsible for the 9-11 attacks Al Qaeda has called the kidnap of the girls to be against their efforts. 
Now when the best known terror group calls your actions excessive, it’s time to turn in the towel and #bringbackourgirls. 

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