Parents launch Kickstarter to fund Baby Essentials vending machine

In 2011, we featured a neat invention, The Nanny Caddy, a vending machine for parents who may have forgotten or used up some baby essentials while traveling through airports, shopping at the mall, or visiting zoos or amusement parks. 
Fast forward a couple years and you have parents Vanessa and Phil Carrington who’ve updated the concept. Think: touch pad interface, credit card swipe to prevent theft, printed or email receipt, adjustable trays, refrigerated options, digital ads pace and shopping cart feature for multiple purchases, among other neat features. The Carringtons are launching their own version called WeGoBabies!
“We wanted something better than a ‘potato chip’ machine (not that there is anything wrong with those but we weren’t selling potato chips.), ” they write in their Kickstarter fundraising campaign site. “We wanted to integrate all of the technology we have become accustomed to using every day, into the automated retail world”.
The Pitch:

Forgot your baby’s​ formula, diapers, portable DVD player for his favorite

Yo Gabba Gabba movie?? ​ No worries with the new innovation WeGoBabies! It’s a

common problem parent’s face when they’re away from home with their kids…a

“doh!”​moment when they reach for something their little one needs

and realize they forgot to pack it. That’s when WeGoBabies comes to their rescue. WeGoBabies

is a supped-up, state-of-the-art​vending machine stocked with everyday items

for babies and young children, including: formula, milk, healthy snacks,

juice, diapers/wipes, toys, bottles, pacifiers, teethers, and even larger items​like

hand-held electronics and booster seats! 

​This ​is not your ordinary vending machine!  WeGoBabies technology is

like nothing you’ve ever seen with all the bells and whistles, such as:​
  • Dual system vending:

    refrigerated and non-refrigerated all-in-one
  • Inventory, advertising, and

    machine functionality monitored from remote location – so it’s always well

  • ​Large user-friendly touch

    pad selection screen
  • Receipt printer for proof of

    purchase and easy exchange/refund options, and many more features…
The Ask: And to get more of theses machines into more airports, malls and venues where harried parents frequent, the Carringtons are turning to the public for help and have launched a Kickstarter campaign, this past May 5 to help raise $50,000 for working capital.
If you can, and care to help the cause, read more and if you like and want to help make it come into fruition, then SUPPORT!

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