Pregnant in Heels’ Rosie Pope takes her ‘Mommy IQ’ to Southern Baby Show

If there is one celebrity mom who is most definitely qualified to be dishing out advice, it’s designer, maternity concierge and mom of four, Rosie Pope!
The former star of the BravoTV show Pregnant in Heels headlines the Southern Baby Show in Charleston, South Carolina this weekend, May 4th, when she takes her famous “Mommy IQ” on the road.
Expect to find the Rosie Pope Maternity founder and author of  Mommy IQ: The Complete Guide to Pregnancyanswering questions about the “bump to baby” experience, including insights from the book like her own delivery experience, why parents are so anxious today, and how to tune out judgmental voices that make new parents doubt themselves. 
The mom to new baby Bridget, born last month, Vivienne, 21 months, Wells, 2½, and J.R., 4½ all with husband Daron, is expected to dismantle fears from the growing business around trying to make you think babies are overly complicated.
It’s touted to be very funny and “momtervational.”  
The Southern Baby Show is one of a few pregnancy expos that have sprouted up in recent years that are quite similar to the very popular bridal expos that have been around for ages in they feature vendors, presentations and loads of advice for expectant and new parents. 

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