Surviving all day outdoor exursions with your toddler

Between summer cookouts, beach excursions, and music festivals, it’s

important to keep toddlers on a fairly normal schedule to avoid the meltdowns

caused by sugar crashes and exhaustion. There are ways to keep on napping and

eating schedules while out and about to keep the whole family happy.

Here are tips help keep children on healthy eating, playing and napping

schedules while out on extended days out and about or entertaining at home.

1. Bring an umbrella. An

umbrella can give protection from the rain and sun. It can also be a great place

to set up a quick nap for your little one. A blanket and some shade will

provide the quick slumber necessary to keep them energized throughout the day.

2. Bring the beach toys.

Bring along some water toys, Frisbees and sand castle toys to keep busy. Whether you’re at the beach, the park or the fireworks, toddlers tend

to get into trouble if they don’t have something to keep them distracted.

Plastic toys can get dirty, wet and messy with easy clean-up.

3. Prepare your meals ahead of

While adults can find food at most venues, toddlers are picky and

need to stick to healthier options. Spouted pouches of Greek yogurt and

Superfruits from Sprout Organic

don’t require a cooler and can be re-sealed for easy and mess-free

snacks. Throw organic quick snacks and meals like these in a purse or beach bag

to keep your toddler happy.

4. Keep hydrated. Bringing

water will help to stay cool and refreshed throughout the hot summer day. Water

bottles with filters are a great way to filter water from a drinking fountain

while also being eco-friendly. Your toddler will be dehydrated from the sun and

activity so drink up.

5. Bring soft ear plugs. If

your toddler is able to stay up for the fireworks at night, remember to bring

ear plugs. Their sensitive ears will be protected from the noise while they

enjoy the show.

Following these tips provided by Sprout Organic Foods will hopefully

ensure a relatively pleasant outing with your toddler. Good luck!

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