Tips for a Fuzz-Free Pregnancy

So we feel your pain, Ms. Preggers. You want, correction need, to excavate the growing wilderness that has amassed since you no longer could see your legs, let alone shave them.
You heard them say that the hormones in your body will help you grow a luscious and more fuller body of hair. They never told you that this thicker hair was limited to your head. 
Adding to the stress of shaving being more difficult because of your changing body size that includes a protruding tummy, many of the chemicals found in hair removal products can cause or trigger an allergic reaction. This problem is more likely to happen during pregnancy because your skin is more sensitive. 
Ouch! Additionally, there is no proof as to how the absorption of these chemicals can affect your pregnancy.
So, it sum, you’ve got to be careful. Natashah Torki, Beauty Director at Beauty by Dolly, a premiere hair removal studio, offers a the following tips for moms-to-be:

  • Use a product specifically formulated for sensitive skin.
  • Research products such as threading or sugaring (made from only water, sugar, glycerin and lemon) that eliminate the skin’s contact with chemicals.
  • Avoid products with suspect ingredients, including: dyes, chemicals and parabens.
  • Always ask your hair removal specialist to do a patch test to prevent any unwanted reactions.

Good luck mamas! Go brave!

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