Jogger finds baby car jacker abandoned near a trail alive

You know that popular meme and t-shirt about not trusting joggers because they’re the ones that always find the dead bodies? Well as a jogger, I’m proud to know that a jogger discovered an abandoned 8-month old baby who was missing after the car she was in got stolen by a car thief.

Early this morning, Houston police issued an Amber Alert for Genesis Haley who was sound asleep in her mom’s 2004 4-door Saturn at a Texaco gas station when a car jacker took off with the vehicle probably not realizing there was a baby still in it.
Later that day, as a jogger was out for an early morning run, the baby was discovered still sound asleep in a field near a trail. Thank goodness. 
The cops later found the car and are still on the lookout for the suspect who committed the crimes. 
Call Houston police at 713-308-3600. 

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