Working While Pregnant: 7 Things you need to do

Most cases you will find pregnant mothers working, many private companies also have special provisions for women who are pregnant. Nobody wants to sacrifice their career at the altar of motherhood, especially today’s women. Those women who have uncomplicated pregnancy can continue their work and take a break before childbirth. Doctor will advise rest or work depending on your health and the kind of work you do. The highest priority is protecting your baby from harm.
Research on Pregnant Mothers
If you have normal pregnancy then you can talk to your doctor about taking a break before labor. If you work with hazardous chemicals you have to inform your doctor, he might ask to stop work till you give birth. Research shows that pregnant women who work for more than 25 hours a day tend to have smaller babies who weigh less than 200g at birth. Pregnant mothers who are teachers and saleswomen have to stand on their feet for longer hours have small children. Small children develop breathing and digestion problems and even learning difficulties later in life.
University Medical Centre in Rotterdam, Netherlands, conducted a survey on 4,680 expectant working mothers who were 30 weeks pregnant. It was found that those who devoted more than 25 hours to work had babies which weighed only 148-198 grams, which is less than average and the circumference of the baby’s head was a centimeter shorter. 
Many argue that pregnant women should take complete rest, while some say that remaining active will ensure smooth delivery. This is debatable.Some say that stress and physically demanding work reduces the blood flow to the placenta thus reducing the amount of oxygen supply to your womb. This is really harmful.The journal Occupational and Environment Medicine says that employers should make the work environment conducive for their women employees who are pregnant, recently women during pregnancy don’t take long break as they use to do earlier.
You can always refer to the guidelines of what to do and avoid during pregnancy to ensure the safety of the baby in your womb. It is very challenging for pregnant women to work during the nine months, but it is a great way to keep boredom away. Here are some tips to show them the correct way to ‘juggle’ responsibilities without affecting your health.
1.       Inform Your Employer About Your Pregnancy: Many pregnant mothers like to take a break after giving birth. It is better to let your employer know that you will be quitting your job or taking a long break during or after pregnancy. This will allow them to find a replacement and give you enough time to finish your important tasks.
2.       Keep Your Options Open before asking for leave: Many offices get confused how to deal with pregnant women, not all are sympathetic. In this case, you have to take charge.  Keep your options open if you are asking for maternity leave, especially if you want to rejoin the same job, this will help to protect your position at work.
3.       Inform At The Earliest:  Pregnant women do not like to reveal their pregnancy in first three months, but what if somebody at office suspects you are pregnant and informs the higher management. It is best to inform your boss at the earliest that you are expecting, otherwise they might think your hiding information and you are not serious about work.
4.       Talk to your employer about working hours: Interact with your employer about making your working hours more flexible. You can also search for work from home options.
5.       Review your company’s maternity policy before asking for leave: If you study the maternity leave policy before talking to your manager or boss, this will help you work out a best deal on your maternity package. Sometimes, there are amazing facilities for young mothers and pregnant women that will enable you to enjoy your job and motherhood.
6.       Talk to your colleague: With maternity, there are many bodily changes and you tend to feel fatigued, often you have to take leaves and breaks to give yourself rest. You adjust your work schedule, time with coworkers who are women and are likely to understand your problem. You can always return favors when they need help.
7.       Stay Away From Hazardous chemicals and radiation: If you are into research and have to work in a laboratory or work in factory, you need to talk to both the doctor and supervisor. Often exposure to radiation and toxic substances due to pregnancy causes miscarriage, prematurely delivery or birth defects in the child.
If you have to travel for work during pregnancy, talk to the doctor and management. It is best to travel during second trimester when all the nausea is over. Also you need to talk to the airlines regarding pregnancy regulations since many restrict travel. Also, you shouldn’t complain too much about pregnancy at office, this can create complications. You can take a powernap when fatigued. Also use a footrest if you need to stand for longer hours. Do some stretching exercise for your back, take breaks and wear comfortable clothes and shoes. Do not feel shy about your bodily changes it is normal.
If you are going to deliver twins or triplets it is best, you go for complete rest. If you have high blood pressure, if you had miscarriage previously and if your baby is not growing properly it is better to take an early break. Your family comes first now so does your health. Morning sickness usually ends at the end of third month but if it is prolonged you have to inform your supervisor for an early Leave. If you are asking for flexible work hours, you have to keep your commitment and do finish your task. Mayo Clinic gives great ideas to tackle with bodily changes during pregnancy at work; since this is the time, you end up in a mess.
The best thing is to ask any of your colleagues who have given birth recently, how they took maternity leave. You can confide, share your fears and ask your queries to get information from the horse’s mouth so to say. Stay positive, take no stress and have a happy and safe pregnancy.

Author Bio: Ananya – Being a voracious reader and harboring a special love for the language, it was quite natural for me to don the writer’s hat. I love demystifying and simplifying different concepts and making them interesting reads for others.

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