Bump Watch: Alexis Fields shares belly progression photo on IG

Who’s got next on our Bellytich bumpwatch list? Actress Alexis Fields who got out of bed for a few moments while on bedrest to share this beautiful and awesome belly progression photo to her followers and fans on Instagram! The former Nickelodeon child star captioned the photo:

“My booty won’t get applause like Nicki’s did, but my belly is kinda cool. Look how big it is!!! Underwear by Target. Belly by God. Please don’t degrade this post. Recognize it for what it is. I’m sharing something beautiful that I normally wouldn’t at this stage. #PregnancyIsBeautiful”

So sweet! Yes it is, mama!

Fields, who is best known for her role as Alicia in Moesha,  Sharla Morrison in Nickelodeon‘s Keenan & Kel and Nicole Wilson in the The Secret World of Alex Mack, is expecting her second child with her husband Kevin Jackson. They are already parents to daughter Kaycie.

We covered Kim’s sister’s last pregnancy that resulted in her second son, Quincy’s birth last winter.

We’re looking out for a peaceful and safe bed rest, labor and delivery! Hang in there!

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