Study: Working Moms’ kids come out same as kids of stay-at-home moms

Phew! A recent study reveals that children of working mothers born since the mid-1990s are not different in behavior or social skills than children of stay-at-home moms.
The University of London Centre for Longitudinal Study found that changes in maternity leave, greater availability of quality childcare and flexible work hours make it easier for mothers to have balance.
Further, Pew Research data notes that although women work more outside the home than 50 years ago, they still spend more time with their children that moms from the 1960s, and twice as much as fathers today. 
“Look at the things your child is getting because you work: They’re getting a role model; they’re getting exposure to other environments and other care-givers; they’re getting the confidence that they will be OK without their mom being there every single second of the day,” Bethesda, Maryland pediatrician Dana Kornfeld told WTOP.com.
So there you have, it ladies. No need to feel guilty about having to go out to bring home the bacon. Your kids will be and are fine. 
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