TTC Couples: Apply for this Online Fertility Study; Get Year VIP FertilityFriend Membership

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Researchers at the University of Boston  in Massachusetts want to study the current downward trend in fertility in that New England state and nationwide. With National Institute of Health funding, it is conducting an Internet-based study of 2,500 North American women over the next 12 months.  The initiative, Pregnancy Study Online (PRESTO), seeks to identify what lifestyle factors affect the chances of successful pregnancy. It will also examine predictors of miscarriage, preterm birth, and low birth weight.

Those who qualify for the study must be:
  • Age 21-45
  • Not currently using any methods to prevent pregnancy
  • Not using fertility treatments
  • In a stable relationship with a male partner
  • Thinking about becoming pregnant in the next 6 months and are not currently pregnant
  • Willing to participate in a 12-month study.

Selected participants will simply have to fill out an online questionnaire every two months or until they get pregnant. Male partners can also participate. 
To compensate participants for their time, half enrolled will get a free VIP membership at FertilityFriend.com, an online software program that charts your menstrual cycles and records your fertility signs (note: promotion is not available to current Fertilityfriend.com members).
To learn more, listen to more about the study HERE. To sign up to participate go HERE.

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