Bellyitch Bumpwatch alums and their spouses who were Sex Addicts

The American Association for Family and Marriage estimate that between 12 and 14 million Americans have a sex addiction.
Some of our Bellyitch Bumpwatch and adoptive moms have been on the other end of the addiction, married to men who claimed an insatiable appetite or obsession with sex ruined their relationships.
Most recently, Tori Spelling’s dilemma with her sex addicted husband Dean McDermott has been playing itself out on a Lifetime television reality series. Others like Tea Leoni who was married to addict David Duchovny; Katherine Zeta Jones, married to former sex-addict Michael Douglass and Angelina Jolie, whose ex Billy Bob Thornton, admitted to be an addict, have kept it out of the limelight. 
Some, like Sandra Bullock, couldn’t help it but the media made her hubby Jessie James’ sex-addicted cheating ways very public and tabloid fodder. Halle Berry‘s ex husband Eric Benet was widely reported to be an addict too. Benet later retracted the claim. Similarly, Tiger Woods also claimed an addiction for the reason he cheated on his wife and even went to rehab for it. 
Charlie Sheen is infamously linked to admittedly cheating on his exes including Denise Richards, partially because of a sex addiction.
Kanye West has admitted to being a sex addict and says it is was fuels his success. Wonder how Kim Kardashian, the mom of his daughter Nori, is coping. 
While the condition is a legitimate ailment, it is often questioned and presumed to be an excuse for a guy who cannot or will not stay faithful. 

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