How Ciara lost 60lbs in baby weight after four months

By now, readers of this blog know my severe disdain for commercial, media and brand messaging that push an unrealistic ideal when it comes to post-baby weight loss. It’s destructive because it sets up regular women who have jobs, other kids at home, family obligations and who don’t have the resources and funds to afford private chefs, personal trainers and home delivery meals into thinking that if they haven’t done the same, they are failures.
Well singer Ciara was the latest celebrity to make a massive post-baby weight loss claim directly, not through a salacious tabloid, as we usually see.  She seems to be promoting a campaign to push Calvin Klein underwear, in a couple of super hot photos she posted on her Instagram account Friday. 
Ciara is a longtime celebrity spokesperson/model for the brand.
“After Delivering My Son I Feel Like There’s Nothing I Can’t Do. I Feel Like I Can Conquer The World. #ANewMe #NewMusic. So Proud To Rock #mycalvins 60lbs later!!” she wrote in the caption space about the above photo.
Ciara gave birth to son Future Zahir Wilburn on May 19th and apparently spent all her life in the gym after to get her body back to tip top shape, and drop that much amount of weight that fast. That is tremendous even if the average woman instantly loses about 10 or so from the baby, placenta, and fluids from post-delivery drop in water from  bloating.


I feel so proud to say that 4 months after delivering a 9 lbs. 10 oz. baby, I can finally rock My Calvin’s! #mycalvins

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 “I feel so proud to say that 4 months after delivering a 9 lbs. 10 oz. baby, I can finally rock My Calvin’s! #mycalvins,” the “Get Up” singer captioned this one.
She gave some insight into her motivation to US Weekly
“You go from the mommy gym at home to the real gym and then you go to the stage,” she said. “For me it’s all about not only getting back into the place that I was in before. I had a baby but now, going even further.” 
She added, “I want to be one of those moms and women that when I look back, I know that I always stayed focused. And I think it’s about keeping your eyes on the prize.”
Her celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson shared some of her secrets.
“When you say she’s working out every day, that sounds like it’s crazy but it’s not,” he told People magazine last month. “It’s a ritual. She’s showering every day too. She’s not destroying herself.”
He added: “She’s working hard, she’s getting it done, she’s eating properly, she’s getting sleep while she can, and so she’s getting leaner and stronger.”
The fitness guru explained that her workouts are far from the ordinary.
 “Depending on where we are in the week, there’s a focus on pushing movements, pulling movements; there’s lower body, there’s working different planes of motion, whether it’s front to back, side to side rotation,” he stated. “It’s about keeping her moving…There are a lot of intervals in there. It doesn’t make for a happy camper, but [it produces] great results. You see the body, she’s already right there.”
Based on this commentary, it looks as if she really did it the hard way and not through post birth surgery as with Kim Zolciak, and others. 
Bonus: If you watch the WE TV show, you may know that Bellyitch Bumpwatch alum Tamar Braxton-Herbert’s  sister Trina accused her of getting post baby liposuction and it erupted in a  major fight with Tamar denying the allegation. phew! 

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