How to dress for Office, Day and Formal while pregnant

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Finding out that you’re expecting is one of the greatest

joys in life, but it’s certainly does not come without its nuisances. In

addition to dealing with the sickness and not feeling like yourself, you also have

to deal with a growing and changing body. For expectant mothers this is

extremely frustrating and many fall into a trap of thinking that they’ll only

be comfortable in bulky t-shirts and sweats. This myth can make moms-to-be

dread getting all dolled up for otherwise exciting affairs; take stock in the

fact that you don’t have to choose between comfort and fashion. When dressing

your pregnant body for a special occasion, there are few fundamental staples

that will keep you from getting overwhelmed. Here are a few tips to get you out

of a fashion rut—and into being a hot mama!

Business Meeting
In the corporate world, much of the way you are viewed is in

how you present yourself. Let your colleagues know that you’re still at the top

of your game. The first step to take is to make a few investments and buy

maternity pants and skirts that fit. Most come with a stretchy band that will provide

you with comfort and support and make room for your ever growing belly. You’ll

feel much more confident inside if you don’t feel like you’re going to burst

out of your pants at any minute. To mix up your look try out different patterns,

but for the corporate environment, always opt for a darker color palette, as this

will help you to appear slimmer and professional. Look for longer shirts that

will nicely cover your front, and take into account your expanding bust; loose

button-ups like the one found at the Gap 

will accommodate your growing frame and, as your breasts become enlarged, you

can wear  tank top underneath and leave

the top button or two accommodatingly unfastened. Finish off your look by adding

a tailored jacket or blazer to give you a polished finish. Layering, when done

right, helps to present a pulled-together ensemble and no one will know if you’re

feeling less the perfect.
Daytime Event
A wrap dress draws in your center giving you a more defined

waist line, while providing a flattering V-neckline that will draw attention upwards

towards your slender neck and glowing face.  Don’t be afraid of color! When in doubt, reach

for a maxi dress. They will give you full-coverage and ease of wearing to keep

you comfortable throughout the night. For swollen feet, reach for a pair of

low-heeled wedge booties. Like these from DSW,

they are a trendy addition to your wardrobe and will add flair to your outfit.

Additionally, ask your doctor about potentially investing in insoles, as your

arches will be carrying more weight than they are use to. One of the best ways

to add pizazz to any outfit is by punching up your use of accessories. Opt for

a cute scarf to tie your look together or stack a bunch of bracelets on your


Christmas Party
With the upcoming holiday season, finding the perfect dress

for a semi-formal event can be a chore. One thing to remember is to show off

that bump with semi-tight clothes that accentuate your curves. Try a form

fitting dress in a stretchy fabric. Staying away from baggy clothing will help

to prevent you from appearing larger than you are. Pair that look with a chunky

or low heel and add some bling to your look, like this necklace from Modcloth.

Formal Event
Many pregnant women are tasked with having to go to various

formal events. The biggest take away is to steer away for bright patterns and

satin fabrics that will create an unflattering shininess across larger areas.

Opt for a dress with an empire waist, a silhouette that disguises your waist,

allowing the fabric to flow over your curves. The shape of the dress helps to

lengthen your appearance and draws the eyes upward and away from your middle.
What if you’re the bride? There are many options for

maternity wedding dresses, available at sores like David’sBridal. When dressing for your own wedding find a dress shape that flatters

you. Try out a dress with an empire waist. Wear your hair up to show off your

glowing face, and rock some sparkly jewels.

no garment is sexier than an air of confidence – take measures to feel

genuinely good about yourself! Whether it is with a set of silky undergarments,

the occasional trip to the spa or pursuing your favorite ego-boosting activity,

don’t forget to take time to celebrate the sexy mama that you are!

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