25 sites to help you pick your Baby’s Name

There is a lot of hand-wringing that goes on when parents pick the name for their baby.  
A  2010 study in the UK revealed that 1 in 5 parents regret the name they chose for their child. Your kid’s name can have consequences beyond the playground and onto jobs mostly due to no fault of his or her own. For example, another study found that boys whose parents gave them “girlish” sounding names like Ashley or Shannon were more likely to have behavioral problems in class. Also, it’s been found that people have preconceived notions about which names sound like they’re from lower socio-economic status and treat people with these names differently, especially in school. 
One study listed the top 10 “bad boy” names.  Another found that people react negatively to odd sounding names. On the other end, there have been some reports have addressed whether a bay name can help it succeed.
Before you go for a tech sounding name or a name inspired by Winter, the season your baby is due in, check out these 25 websites and blogs that offered suggestions, tips and insights into baby naming. 
Unique Names
It’s not uncommon to want a name that is different than all the others for your child.  Few want their child to be one of several kids with the same name at school. 

Biblical Those parents with a deep faith may lean towards a biblical name.  There are many kids out there with names like Jacob, Elijah, and Luke whose names come from the Bible. 
Historical Figures Naming your child after a great leader or a historical figure you really admire is a creative way to choose a name and the process has a story behind it.  

Unisex Names –Parents may want to avoid all gender associations from their kids and opt for a unisex name
After Cities Many couples like naming their kids after the place where they were conceived.  This may not work well for some people, but it does for others. 

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